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How to Use Jungle Scout for Product Research?

Finding a winning product is critical for your Amazon business success. 

You can use the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder, Product Database, and Category Trends to discover new products worth pursuing in your Amazon Store.

You can also use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension to find and validate product ideas while browsing the Amazon products pages without dipping back into the online dashboard.

Let me show you how to use Jungle Scout’s product research tools and when to use one tool over the other.

Key Takeaways

  • Use Jungle Scout to get products with high demand, low competition, and high profit.
  • Jungle Scout offers four product research tools: Chrome Extension, Product Database, Opportunity Finder, and Category Trends.
  • You can access all Jungle Scout product research tools on all plans.

How Do You Determine a Winning Amazon Product?

Before discovering a profitable product, we must understand what metrics to target for success. While there are a lot of factors to explore when doing product research, these six stand out:

  • High demand
  • Low competition
  • High profitability
  • Potential for improvement
  • No legal or liability issues
  • Relatively easy to sell

As a beginner, you want to find products that qualify for all six factors. However, when you’re more experienced, you can enter competitive markets.

How to Use Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder for Product Research?

One of the best ways to start with product research is by using the Opportunity Finder. 

While it doesn’t give you a specific product, it helps you find profitable product niches with low competition and high demand.

Here’s how to start your product search with Opportunity Finder:

  1. Get a Jungle Scout account. You can save with these one-time discounts before they expire.
  2. Login to your Jungle Scout online dashboard.
  1. Click “Product Research.”
  1. Select “Opportunity Finder.”
  1. Set the search filters according to the opportunity you’re looking for. I’ve added some recommendations below.
  • Exclude “Appliances,” “Computer & Accessories,” “Grocery & Gourmet Food,” “Automotive,” “Clothing Shoes & Jewelry,” “Electronics,” “Musical Instruments,” and “Camera & Photo.” These are usually too competitive for new sellers.
  • Set “Average Monthly Units Sold” minimum to 300.
  • Put “Monthly Search Volume” at 3000 minimum.
  • Set the “30-Day Search Trend” to 10 maximum.
  • Set the “Competition” and “Seasonality” filters to “Very Low – Medium.”
  1. Then, hit “Search.”
  1. Jungle Scout will provide you with a spreadsheet.
  2. Analyze each product suggestion for ideas with high potential.
  3. Click “View” for more information on desired products.
  1. Switch tabs on the chosen product to get more information about the average selling price, seasonality, and other data.

How to Use Jungle Scout Product Database for Product Research?

Jungle Scout’s Product Database is arguably the best product research tool to find some tremendously winning products. Plus, it’s easy to use, as I’ll show you below:

  1. Click “Product Research.”
  1. Then, click “Product Database.”
  1. Set the search filters depending on the products you’re looking for. Here are some recommendations:
  • Select all categories except “Computer & Accessories,” “Grocery & Gourmet Food,” “Camera & Photo,” “Clothing Shoes & Jewelry,” “Electronics,” “Video Games,” and “Software.” These categories may be too competitive for beginners.
  • Set the maximum “Star Rating” to 3.
  • Set “Reviews” to 300 max.
  • Set “Price” between $20 to $70.
  • Check FBA and FBM for “Seller Type.”
  • Set the product tier at “Standard.”
  1. Click the orange “Search” button.

If you did everything correctly, you should be on a page like the one below with hundreds of potentially winning products!

We must filter through the products to avoid trademarked products and those that might be subject to Amazon gating. For example, a baby car chair wouldn’t be a great idea as there could be some safety issues.

Once you’ve found one without legal or regulatory concerns, click on the Amazon logo next to the product title.

Doing so takes you to the Amazon page of the product, where you can validate your product research and gather more relevant data for key decision-making.

How to Use Jungle Scout Category Trends for Product Research?

Another excellent way to find profitable products is with Category Trends.

Think of it as the Best Sellers page on Amazon. Instead, this tool will show you 250+ best-selling products on Amazon for any date you pick.

However, I don’t recommend this product research tool for new sellers as many best-sellers could be trendy. Hence, they may be hard to catch at the right time.

Here’s how to do product research with Category Trends:

  1. Click “Product Research.”
  1. Click “Category Trends.”
  1. Select a niche you want to explore products in.
  1. Select a date over which to explore best-sellers in the chosen niche. Then, click “Apply.”
  1. Explore the best sellers in your niche to see if any product(s) catches your fancy.
  1. Click a preferred product to view its historical rank and other relevant data.
  1. Click the Amazon button to view the product on Amazon. You can also click the “+” button to save the product for later or click the key icon to explore the product with Jungle Scout’s Product Scout.

How to Use Jungle Scout Browser Extension for Product Research?

The Jungle Scout Browser Extension, available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, is an excellent way to find winning products. It gives you a lot of product data, like monthly sales, fees, ratings, and more.

Here’s how you can use the extension for product research:

  1. Install the Jungle Scout extension. You can follow our detailed installation guide to do so.
  2. Open Amazon and search for a product or product keyword. You must use your Chrome or Firefox browser, as they’re the only ones supporting this extension. I’ll use a Google Chrome browser for this example.
  1. Click the orange “JS” logo on the Chrome browser.
  1. Look through the metrics to see if it has the potential to be a winning product. Here are some recommendations:
  • See if the sales are distributed equally. Staying profitable is harder if one or two sellers hold the majority of sales.
  • Check that the product gets at least 300 monthly sales.
  • Ensure the opportunity score is around 6-10.

If there’s potential, it’s time to check if the product is profitable. I recommend you aim for at least 100% ROI. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick one of the products on the list and click its “Net Profit.”
  1. Then, open a new tab and go to Alibaba.
  1. Find a supplier with a similar product to the one you’re researching.
  1. Copy the cost of the product on Alibaba to the FBA Profit Calculator.
  2. Click “Calculate Profit.”

If the results say that ROI is 100% or more, then it’s a fantastic product to sell. 

If less, you should find something more profitable.

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That’s How You Do Product Research With Jungle Scout!

As you can see, Jungle Scout is an excellent product research tool to become a successful Amazon seller!

With it, you can find product niche opportunities with Opportunity Finder, filter through the entire Amazon marketplace with Product Database, and discover product profitability with the Jungle Scout Chrome extension.

So, if you want to make product research a breeze, why not try Jungle Scout? Save up to 81% with these incredible discounts!

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