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How to Get the ZonBase Free Trial?

ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial on all its pricing plans: Standard, Legendary, and Diamond.

You only need to provide your card details to start, but you won’t be charged until your free trial is over. Likewise, you’ll access all the premium features for your chosen plan during the period.

In the sections below, I’ll discuss the ZonBase free trial, how you can get started, and how to make the most of it. I’ll also get you started on the ZonBase 7-day money-back guarantee.

Key Takeaways

  • ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial with access to the platform’s paid features.
  • You must submit your card details to test ZonBase risk-free for 7 days.
  • ZonBase has a 7-day money-back guarantee, independent of the free trial.

How to Get the ZonBase Free Trial?

Signing up for the ZonBase 7-day free trial is straightforward.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to ZonBase and click “Get Started for Free.”
  1. Specify if you’re a new or existing Amazon seller.
  1. Specify what you plan to use ZonBase for.
  1. Enter your name and click “Continue” to proceed.
  1. Enter your email address and click “Continue.”
  1. Enter your password, then click “Continue.”
  1. Choose your preferred plan. Then, click “Start FREE Trial.”
  1. Enter your phone number, full address, and card details. Click “Start My 7 Days Free Trial Now!”

Congratulations! You now have access to ZonBase’s 7-day free trial. 

As a rule of thumb, remember to cancel your subscription on or before the seventh day to avoid being charged. That’s only if you don’t want to continue with the tool.

What Do You Get With the ZonBase Free Trial?

The features you can access during the free trial vary depending on your plan.

The table below outlines the features and tools available with the ZonBase 7-day free trial for different packages.

Features Standard Legendary Diamond
Amazon FBA Masterclass Course Not available Not available Available
Chrome Extension Not available 250 uses/day 1,000 uses/day
ZonResearch 10 queries/day 250 queries/day 1,000 queries/day
Keyword Base 10 queries/day 250 queries/day 1,000 queries/day
Reverse Keywords 10 queries/day 250 queries/day 1,000 queries/day
ZonTracker 40 queries/day 1,000 queries/day 5,000 queries/day
Sales Estimator 40 queries/day 1,000 queries/day 5,000 queries/day
Hot Products 10 queries/day 250 queries/day 1,000 queries/day
Listify 10 queries/day 250 queries/day 1,000 queries/day
ZonPPC Not available 1 store integration with up to $30k ad spend/ month 3 store integrations with up to $30k ad spend/month
Store Integration Alerts 1 alert 3 alerts 7 alerts
Store Integration Profits 1 integration 3 integrations 7 integrations
ASINs Wholesale for Grading 250 ASINs 1,000 ASINs 10,000 ASINs
Discount Best Price Best Price Best Price

How to Maximize Your ZonBase Free Trial?

The 7-day ZonBase free trial may not be adequate to explore the platform fully. 

Therefore, you must be strategic with utilizing your trial to derive as much value as possible.

Here are some practical ways to maximize your ZonBase free trial:

Choose the Right Plan

You want a plan that gives you access to ZonBase tools with higher usage limits

Before signing up for the free trial, ensure the package offers adequate tools and features for your business requirements.

That way, you can enhance your ability to conduct extensive market research, analyze more products, and streamline your selling strategies.

Define Your Goals From the Get-Go

Set specific objectives for your trial period instead of trying to explore every tool. 

You can, for instance, leverage the trial to assess a product’s viability or optimize your PPC campaigns.

The more laser-focused you are, the easier it is to target ZonBase tools that’ll most impact your business.

Schedule Daily Use

Commit to using ZonBase daily during the trial. That way, you can max out the platform’s resources so you don’t miss any opportunity to collect data.

Allocate at least two hours of your time every day to explore ZonBase’s capabilities.

Hop on the Free Training Call

ZonBase offers a free training call to help you get acquainted with the software faster.

To book the free training call:

  1. Go to ZonBase.
  2. Click “Free Training Call” at the left corner of your screen.
  1. Enter your name, email, and phone number. Then, Click “Join ZonBase Plus Today.”

Leverage the ZonBase Learning Academy

The ZonBase Academy offers structured educational resources with video training on using ZonBase software tools for Amazon selling.

The academy covers various topics, such as product research, sales optimization, keyword research, and listing optimization. You can use the academy to learn to navigate ZonBase, save time, and avoid trial-and-error.

What Happens When Your Free Trial Ends?

The paid Zonbase subscription will kick in automatically once the 7-day paid subscription ends unless you cancel before the free trial period elapses.

However, ZonBase offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The money-back-guarantee means you can cancel your subscription and request a refund within 7 days of purchasing your plan if you’re unhappy with the software.

Send an email to to request a refund.

ZonBase Alternatives With a Free Trial

ZonBase is an excellent tool for Amazon sellers. However, you can check out the following alternatives if the software doesn’t offer the necessary tools to grow your business.

Helium 10

ZonBase and Helium 10 offer robust product research, optimization, keyword research, and analytics tools.

However, Helium 10 has more dedicated features compared to ZonBase. 

For instance, the product research suite has multiple tools: Black Box and Xray

Listing optimization, on the other hand, offers Frankenstein and Scribbles to analyze your products better.

Furthermore, Helium 10 is a good ZonBase alternative if you’re looking for a platform supporting many Amazon marketplaces.

While Helium 10 is relatively more expensive than ZonBase, it has a free plan to test the software before paying for a subscription.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout, like ZonBase, offers tools like the Chrome browser extension, Sales Analytics, Listing Builder, and Alerts.

In addition, the platform has a Supplier Database to find reliable suppliers, a feature you don’t get with ZonBase. Plus, Jungle Scout’s pricing and plans are more affordable than ZonBase’s.

Although Jungle Scout doesn’t have a traditional free trial like ZonBase, it effectively provides one through its 7-day money-back guarantee. This allows you full access to all premium features, risk-free, for a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact ZonBase through its email address — — during the free trial. Alternatively, you can use the live chat feature at the bottom right corner of the provider’s website.

Ready to Get Started With ZonBase?

ZonBase is a highly acclaimed Amazon seller software with rave reviews and high ratings to its name.

You’ll love the video-based academy as it provides everything you need to make the most of the platform. And there’s a robust collection of tools to set up your Amazon business for success.

Does ZonBase sound like the missing link to take your business to the next level? Sign up here to get started. 

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