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Nepeto Pricing and Plans: Which One to Pick?

Nepeto offers three pricing plans – Starter, Advanced, and Pro, which cost $34, $78, and $98 monthly, respectively.

The Starter plan offers basic features like access to retail suppliers and unique distributors, while the other plans unlock access to wholesale suppliers, Out-Of-Stock (OOS) products, and data exporting tools.

Furthermore, every new Nepeto user gets a free 3-day trial after adding a credit card to their account.

Let’s discuss Nepeto’s pricing plans in detail, learn how to unlock discounts, and how to choose the best plan for your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Nepeto has three standard pricing options – Starter, Advanced, Pro – and an additional Enterprise plan for users seeking custom solutions.
  • Using my coupon code REVG15 for a Nepeto account grants you an additional 15% off on top of the existing 50% discount.
  • All new users enjoy a free 3-day trial after adding their billing details.
  • Higher pricing plans unlock more advanced features like Amazon flips, CSV product list export, and advanced product data.

What Pricing Plans Does Nepeto Offer?

Nepeto runs a 50% discount sale where you can create a new account for half the original price. But there’s no telling how long that discount offer will last.

In the meantime, here’s an overview of Nepeto’s pricing and plans.

Nepeto Pricing Plan Monthly Price 50% Discount Annual Price (per month) 50% Discount Link to discount
Starter $34/mo $17/mo $26/mo $13/mo Try for free
Advanced $78/mo $39/mo $62/mo $31/mo Try for free
Pro $98/mo $49/mo $78/mo $39/mo Try for free

All pricing tiers can access the main automated product sourcing feature from retailers and unique distributors. However, you’ll need the Advanced plan (at least) to reach wholesale suppliers and find suppliers for unavailable products on Amazon.

As you move up the pricing tiers, you gain access to more tools, including CSV product list exports, Telegram groups, and Amazon flips.

Nepeto also has a custom-priced Enterprise plan for mid-sized to large businesses, but you’ll need to contact the team to get a quote. Users on the Enterprise plan enjoy exporting CSV product lists of up to 10,000 rows, the option to prioritize suppliers, and a personal sales rep.

Finally, all new Nepeto users get a 3-day free trial to explore Nepeto’s offerings. 

However, you must add your credit card to your account to activate this trial period.

How to Create a Nepeto Account?

If you create a Nepeto account with my coupon code, REVG15, you’ll get 15% OFF your subscription. That’s in addition to the 50% discount and the 3-day free trial.

Ready? Here’s how to create a new Nepeto account to get an additional 15% OFF your plan:

  1. Go to Nepeto’s website. Use my discount link for 50% OFF.
  2. Click “Sign up for Free!” or “Free Trial.”
  1. Input your email address and a new password. Alternatively, you can use your Gmail account to sign up by selecting “Continue with Google.”
  1. You’ll be logged into your new Nepeto account and redirected to the homepage.
  2. To start the free trial and enjoy discounts, click “Free Trial” or “Start a Free Trial!” while logged in.
  1. Pick the plan you want. Then, click “Start a Free Trial!” again.
  1. Enter my discount code, REVG15, to get a 15% discount added to your plan.
  2. Finally, click “Start trial.”
  1. Congrats! Now, you can begin to source winning products for your Amazon FBA or FBM business from the best suppliers.

What Payment Methods Does Nepeto Accept?

Nepeto accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards. You can also pay via Payoneer.

Alternatively, you can pay via GPay and Link. Both tools allow you to use pre-stored credit card details to make checkout even more seamless.

Unfortunately, Nepeto does not accept wire transfers or PayPal.

Which Nepeto Pricing Plan Is Best for Your Business?

Nepeto’s three main pricing plans are tiered according to the features they allow you to access. Here’s how to choose the best Nepeto plan for your business:

Features Starter Advanced Pro Enterprise
Retail Suppliers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wholesale Suppliers No Yes Yes Yes
Unique Distributors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Out-Of-Stock (OOS) Product Suppliers No Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Flips (A2A) No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Product Data No Yes Yes Yes
CSV Data Export No No Yes 10,000
Telegram, Bundles, Liquidations (Soon) No No Yes Yes
Amazon to Walmart No No Yes Yes
Pro Data No No Yes Yes
Favorites, Filter By Profit, and Sort By 'Found Time' No No Yes Yes
Product Scanner No No No Yes
Supplier Priority No No No Yes
Discounted Prep Services No No No Yes
Personal Sales Representative No No No Yes


The Starter plan is best for small businesses still testing product ideas and building a customer base.

At this stage of your Amazon FBA or FBM business, you can make do with products from trusted vendors like Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, and a list of 60+ other suppliers. Hence, you quickly find your feet in the market with retail suppliers and distributors most likely to carry ungated Amazon items.

Thankfully, you have a 3-day free trial period to see if this is what you need or whether you’re better off with a slightly higher plan from the outset.


The Advanced plan is the better choice once your business is established in a niche and you have a loyal customer base. Nepeto’s Advanced plan connects you with wholesale distributors who will sell you more product units for less.

What I love the most about this plan is that you’ll get Amazon Out-of-Stock products from exclusive suppliers. This effectively makes you the only seller with the products, even if for a little while. Hence, you’ll get ahead of your competition and boost sales.


The Pro plan is for mid to large-sized businesses looking to expand their customer base and gain dominance. It offers very advanced features like validating Walmart’s demand for Amazon-sourced products. This is essential for sellers who prefer dropshipping or don’t mind flipping items on either platform.

Furthermore, Pro users can sort products by “Found Time.” In other words, you can get new products that have just been scanned into Nepeto and hide them for yourself. 

That’s an unfair advantage against other plan users, and you can milk that to win a lot of sales with such exclusive items.

On top of these, Nepeto is still working on a few features to be released for Pro users – Telegram groups, Bundles, and Liquidations, among others.

How to Save on Your Nepeto Subscription?

Nepeto is already priced at a steal for what it offers. On top of that, it’s currently running a sale – so you should quickly latch onto that before it runs out.

But whether or not you’re able to get in on the sale, here are some more legitimate tips to save on any Nepeto plan:

Use My Coupon Code

Use my exclusive coupon code, REVG15, to get an additional 15% OFF any plan. Using this coupon doesn’t stop you from accessing the currently running 50% OFF Nepeto sales, either.

Choose the Right Plan

Consider your Amazon FBA and FBM needs before choosing a Nepeto plan.

For instance, you don’t need to rush into the Advanced plan when launching a new store or entering a new marketplace. The Starter plan is enough to test the market and see what product works before scaling.

Likewise, this might not be the right time to choose the Pro plan, considering that most of its unique selling points might not be relevant to your growing business. Instead, make do with the relatively cheaper Advanced plan till you need the Pro offerings.

Subscribe to an Annual Plan

Nepeto plans offer you up to 23% discounts on annual plans.

But I also understand that committing to a tool for a year is risky when you’re unsure how it aligns with your business.

So, I recommend paying for the first month to test the tool, then splashing on the annual plan once you’ve determined its compatibility for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nepeto has two free Chrome extensions as add-ons to their pricing plans. 

While you can download them for free on your browser, you can only use these extensions to find product suppliers if you’ve already created a Nepeto account and chosen a plan.

Nepeto’s pricing plans include a series of free video tutorials on its website and YouTube. In fact, you don’t need to create an account to access them.

Use Nepeto to Find Profitable Product Suppliers

Nepeto allows businesses to source retail and wholesale suppliers, find Out-Of-Stock Amazon product suppliers, do Amazon flips, and even export product data to third-party tools for more analysis.

This product-sourcing algorithm puts you in a league of your own, allowing you to match competitors on product quality while undercutting them on price while making a healthy profit.

Ready to grab some market share from your competitors? Sign up to Nepeto with my exclusive discount code and use the coupon code REVG15 to get 15% OFF your plan.

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