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Nepeto Review – Is It Worth Using?

Nepeto is an automated product-sourcing tool for Amazon sellers. The tool allows you to compare prices from retailers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, and

The best part is that you can also source products that have recently gone out of stock on Amazon, setting you up as the sole seller in the niche.

Nepeto has an easy-to-use interface and extensive tutorial videos to help you get started.

I tested Nepeto, so you don’t have to, and you can find the results in my Nepeto review.

With Nepeto, you can

  • Find profitable products from suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers.
  • Use Chrome extensions to scan Amazon and Walmart products and get actionable data.
  • Track historical product sales.
⭐ Rating: 4.2 ★★★★★
💵 Price: $17 - $49 per month
🔍 Features: Product and supplier research
🎯 Accuracy: Reliable
👥 Support: Phone, email
🖥️ User Interface: Optimized and easy to use
🔥 Discount: GET 50% OFF

Nepeto Pros & Cons

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Nepeto Detailed Review

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Nepeto provides tools for comparing products and prices between retailers, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers, and However, the data it provides is only relevant to the Amazon United States marketplace, which is a big drawback compared to alternatives like Jungle Scout and Helium 10.

Nevertheless, Nepeto does a great job of delivering fast product comparisons, supporting Amazon sellers only looking for this feature.

Key Features

Nepeto can scan a long list of retail suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers and compare their product prices to what’s obtainable on That way, you can easily find profitable product-selling opportunities.

The biggest difference between the retail interface and the distributor or wholesaler interface is the addition of two columns – Qty and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

These metrics inform sellers of the number of products the distributor has in stock and the minimum amount sellers must purchase in one order.

Likewise, sellers choosing wholesalers should be comfortable with a higher MOQ than those who want to work with distributors. That’s why I recommend that only established Amazon FBA sellers consider these options.

By so doing, you’ll even save costs on:

  • Multiple shipping fees for smaller units.
  • Production charges since the wholesaler/distributor can offer discounts on bulk purchases.

These contribute to a healthier Amazon FBA/FBM account, but you must get the product choice right.

Moving on, Nepeto scans products from known websites like Walmart and Home Depot while constantly adding more stores to its arsenal. You can also filter the results based on a price range, BSR, category, and more.

I liked how the user interface provides a picture of the products on Amazon and the supplier’s website. This helped to remove vagueness in product research to ensure I get the results I want.

Furthermore, the tool provides the profit and ROI to assess if the margin matches your requirements. Also, you can evaluate the competition by looking at the AZOffers column, which indicates the number of suppliers.

Another key Nepeto tool helps you source products currently out of stock on Alternatively, use the Amazon Flips (A2A) Deals tool to find profitable products you can buy on Amazon and resell on the platform.

Nepeto helps you bridge the experience gap in understanding Amazon’s pricing system. 

Hence, you have better insights on when to buy what products and what chances you have of the product prices going up in a few days.

That’s primarily true with adding the Dynamic Keepa Graph to these tools. 

These graphs provide historical information about whether the product was featured on the Buy Box, BSR changes, etc. However, there’s no data about stock numbers, which would have been helpful.

Other Key Features

The cool thing about Nepeto is that it’s constantly growing and expanding, offering existing users its new features at the same entry price they paid for their plan.

I’ve provided a sneak peek into some interesting upcoming Nepeto features alongside some existing notable mentions and what they mean for your business:

Tool Status Function
Chrome Extensions Available Scans products in real time on Amazon and Walmart and gives alerts on product availability
Amazon to Walmart Available Identifies product opportunities to buy on Amazon and flip on Walmart
Telegram Coming soon Scans for deals on Telegram
Bundles Coming soon Find profitable bundles to sell on Amazon
Liquidations Coming soon Buy products at steep liquidation discounts from reliable suppliers

Performance and Effectiveness

While using the Nepeto tools, I didn’t experience any glitches, long loading times, or technical problems. Therefore, the tools work as described, and you can count on them during extensive product/supplier research sessions.

I found the tools to deliver on the core promise – to find profitable Amazon FBA/arbitrage product selling opportunities. They also do their job quickly, given the time-saving profit and ROI columns for uncovering highly profitable products at a glance.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Nepeto has a clean user interface for its tools, and there are a lot of similarities between them. Therefore, learning to use one tool will help you understand how to use the others

Also, each tool has a tutorial video to provide beginners with assistance in using them.

However, the ton of data provided can quickly get overwhelming. This will take some getting used to. But once you’ve gotten past the initial information overload, you’ll see that you need the data presented.

Lest I forget, I liked the picture columns since I could figure out if the suggested product was the same thing I had in mind. It helps with skimming through large amounts of results in a shorter time than having to click through to see the product on another page.


Nepeto provides four pricing plans – Starter, Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise

Here’s a table summarizing the monthly and annual pricing of each one:

  Starter Advanced Pro Enterprise
Monthly $17 per month $39 per month $49 per month Contact Nepeto
Annual $13 per month ($156 charged annually) $31 per month ($372 charged annually) $39 per month ($468 charged annually) Contact Nepeto  
Best Price Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Furthermore, the plans come with a 3-day free trial, giving you access to the features of the selected plan.

Best Nepeto Alternative

Nepeto’s focus on only showing profitable products is an excellent idea to help sellers speed up their research. However, alternatives like Jungle Scout offer more features for Amazon sellers, allowing for a more comprehensive Amazon FBA or arbitrage strategy.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers features similar to Nepeto with its Product And Supplier Databases

These tools help you uncover up to 600 million products and find suppliers.

However, you can’t filter suppliers by whether they cater to retailers or sellers who want higher order volumes at a discount.

If that’s not a dealbreaker, Jungle Scout also offers a free profit calculator to calculate how much you can make on an ASIN. The drawback is that you can’t use the tool for products outside Amazon like Nepeto allows.

But before these make you rule out Jungle Scout, note that it also provides tools for Amazon FBA marketing, keyword research, competitor research, financial analytics, and more. 

These will help you research your chosen products better against a niche, find the best keywords to sell the products, build a well-optimized listing, and stay on top of your PPC campaigns for the product, among other things.

Jungle Scout charges more than Nepeto to accommodate these offerings, but it’s a good value for money. You can see that for yourself by exploring our Jungle Scout pricing guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Nepeto product database is updated daily since the software never stops scanning to ensure the most recent and accurate data is provided.

Nepeto provides tutorials for its tool in the form of YouTube videos. You’ll see how to use the tools with step-by-step instructions.

Nepeto does not work with all Amazon marketplaces, as it only provides data for the Amazon United States marketplace.

Is Nepeto Worth Using?

Nepeto is a good choice for Amazon FBA and arbitrage sellers because of the speed at which you can find profitable products to resell and flip.

Its user interface accurately compares suppliers’ prices against Amazon-available products to speed up product research. However, it doesn’t offer much outside of product sourcing, unless that’s the only feature you need.

Otherwise, try Jungle Scout (get discounts here) for added features like keyword research, PPC analytics, listing management, and product tracking.

Want to find your next profitable product with Nepeto? Grab these Nepeto discounts for savings and enjoy a 3-day free trial.

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