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SellerApp Chrome Extension for FREE (Ultimate Guide)

Did you know that the SellerApp Chrome Extension is a free tool that will supercharge your seller experience?

Well, now you do.

As an Amazon seller, you’ll need all the tools you can get to know which potential best-selling or profitable products you might want to sell yourself.

You might also want to check if selling that product might involve too much competition from other Amazon sellers.

But how do you do all this without endless hours of research? With the new SellerApp Chrome Extension, of course.

Read our ultimate guide below to learn more about how this tool can be beneficial and convenient for Amazon sellers.

What Is the SellerApp Chrome Extension?

SellerApp Chrome Extension header

The SellerApp Chrome Extension is an Amazon product research and keyword research tool. Amazon sellers can conduct research and instant analytics on products while browsing Amazon’s web pages.

You can also use it to compare different products. Since you can install it as a plugin to the Chrome web browser, you can cross-reference a product’s Amazon data in real-time.

Its main features include

  • Tracker. Track a product’s pricing changes, listing quality, and ratings.
  • Product Keyword. Find the best-selling or most profitable keywords.
  • Profit Calculator. Compute a product’s potential profits.
  • Alerts. Get notified about your competitors and their products.
  • Trends. Check the historical data to spot pricing trends.

Move on to the next section to know more about the SellerApp Chrome Extension’s full benefits to Amazon sellers.

How Does the SellerApp Chrome Extension Help You as an Amazon Seller?

The SellerApp Chrome Extension can help you by combining the accuracy of a product/keyword research tool with the convenience of an easy-to-access Chrome extension.

Here’s how the tool manages to do exactly that.

Allows You to Conduct In-Depth Amazon Product Research

The tool lets you do instant and in-depth Amazon product research by giving you quick access to a product’s analytics data and key metrics like:

  • Estimate Sales
  • Estimate Revenue
  • Star Rating
  • Number of Sellers
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Fees

Within a matter of seconds, you will get an idea of:

  • Whether that product will sell and for how much
  • Whether Amazon sellers are already offering that product
  • Whether the people who bought the product liked it

Enables You to Find the Best-Selling and Most Profitable Products

Best-Selling and Most Profitable Products

You can find the best-selling products by looking up their Best Sellers Rank (BSR) information.

An Amazon product’s BSR tells you how that product fares against other products in the same category. The lower the BSR, the better that product is selling against its competition.

You can also look for the most profitable products by utilizing the Profit Calculator.

The calculator’s interface provides you with a breakdown of the product costs, including shipment fees, warehouse storage fees, referral costs, and others.

It even allows you to compare FBA fees against FBM costs (Fulfillment By Merchant costs).

SellerApp Chrome Extension - Best Tool for Amazon Sellers

Allows You to Perform Keyword Research

The free Seller App Chrome Extension lets you conduct keyword research on any product listed on the go.

You can even filter keyword results according to the type of keywords:

  • Regular keywords
  • Sponsored keywords

Plus, you have the option of exporting the keywords list into a CSV file for more in-depth analysis later.

To know more, watch this SellerApp Chrome Extension Overview video now:

SellerApp Chrome Extension - Amazon FBA Chrome Extension

Next up: Discover the many easy-to-use features of the SellerApp Chrome Extension.

Features of SellerApp Chrome Extension

The SellerApp Chrome Extension comes with the following features:

  • Product Research
  • On-Page, Profit Calculator
  • Tracking Your Competitors
  • Product Keyword Tab
  • Pricing and Review Trends

We’ll go more in-depth about each feature in the following sections.

Product Research

The Product Research feature gives you important data on a product’s marketability and profitability, such as:

  • Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • Estimate Sales
  • Estimate Revenue

You can leverage the Product Research feature to find out which products are really selling and making profits on Amazon. Use that knowledge to grab an opportunity to also sell that product.

If you already have a product, you can use Product Research to validate your product’s marketability.

On-Page, Profit Calculator

The Profit Calculator tab allows you to compute the profits you can expect if you sell a particular product.

You can also check information like the product’s weight and size and how those will affect your shipping costs.

Apart from calculating your net profits, the SellerApp’s Profit Calculator also lets you know your Return on Investment (ROI) and FBA Fees.

Tracking Your Competitors

Listing Quality

You can track your competitors’ keywords with a reverse ASIN search using SellerApp.

You can also set pricing alerts to get notified if you want to know their pricing strategies.

The Extension also examines the quality of the product listing compared to competitors.

It does this via the Listing Quality Index (LQI) score.

For good measure, you can also check the number of sellers and number of sponsored products for a competitor product you’re tracking.

Product Keyword Tab

The Product Keyword tab points out the sections where you will find the product’s keyword locations (title, bullet point, etc.).

This tab also displays data such as the Search Volume and the keyword’s Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rate.

You can even get various suggestions for keywords that can help boost a product’s sales and  profitability.

Pricing and Review Trends

The SellerApp Chrome Extension comes with an Alerts tab.

It allows you to set alerts so that you can receive notifications for improvements in the Listing Quality Index score or the product’s ratings.

The Trends tab allows you to check out:

  • Historical data on a product’s pricing
  • Review trends for the product

Now that you’ve gone through an overview of the features, it’s time we give you a step-by-step guide to using the SellerApp Chrome Extension.

Let’s go!

How to Use the SellerApp Chrome Extension?

The SellerApp Chrome Extension is extremely user-friendly for Amazon sellers. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Find out for yourself by reading and following the steps we’ve outlined below.

Calculate the Sales Potential of the Product

Sales potential

To compute the product’s sales potential, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you already have the SellerApp Chrome Extension installed. If you have not installed it yet, add the extension to Chrome NOW!
  2. Open the product listing page on Amazon using your Chrome web browser.
  3. Click the SellerApp App Chrome Extension icon on the top right corner of your browser.
  4. You should be able to see instant data popping up on your screen, including the Estimated Sales and Estimated Revenue numbers. Those numbers will tell you the sales potential of the product.

Use LQI to Check the Quality of the Listing


Listing Quality Index (LQI) is a weighted score that evaluates how properly optimized a listing is.

To use LQI to check the quality of the listing, follow these steps:

  1. Open the product listing using Chrome.
  2. Launch the SellerApp Chrome Extension icon from the top right corner of your Chrome browser.
  3. Click the Overview tab.

See the Listing Quality score (just under the Overview heading).

PRO TIP When Interpreting LQI Scores

Any LQI score over 80 is above average. An LQI score between 40 to 60 shows optimization but still needs improvement. An LQI score under 40 needs a lot of work.

Get Alerts for Pricing Changes, Listing Quality, Ratings

You can set alerts via the SellerApp Chrome Extension to get notified whenever there are changes to the product you are tracking.

Here’s how you can set alerts for pricing changes, listing quality, and ratings:

  1. View the product listing using Chrome.
  2. Launch the SellerApp Chrome Extension icon from the top right corner of your Chrome browser.
  3. Go to the Alerts tab.
  4. Choose the specific criteria to set alerts for. You can select Price, Listing Quality, Rating, BSR, Review, and many more.
  5. Click the corresponding Set Alarm button immediately beside that criteria.
  6. Input specific parameters. You can either select Less Than, In Between, or Greater Than.

Type the desired range in number.

Understand the FBA Fees Required

FBA fees

The FBA fees consider the costs of packing, warehousing, and shipping, which can vary according to the product’s weight, height, and width.

Using the SellerApp Chrome Extension, you can see the FBA Fees information by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Overview tab and see the money figure just above Fees.
  2. To see the breakdown of that amount, go to the Profit Calculator tab. You should see the different amounts for Monthly Storage and Pick & Pack fees.
  3. Note that the profit Calculator’s total fulfillment cost includes FBA Fees and Amazon Selling Fees.

Identify Profitable Products

You can also use the Profit Calculator to identify the most profitable products.

Here’s how you can identify profitable products:

  1. Go to the Profit Calculator tab.
  2. Input the estimated number of units sold.
  3. Provide the product cost.
  4. Type in the cost of shipping that product to Amazon.
  5. Input the advertisement budget, if applicable.
  6. You should see the completed calculation for Net Profitability (in money figures) and Net Margin (in percentage).

Understand the Buy Box Competition

The Amazon Buy Box refers to Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons shown visibly immediately to the right of a product listing.

Not all Amazon sellers can have that Buy Box in their product listing. They have to win it, and the competition is tough. But if you have a professional account, you are eligible to win it.

The Buy Box is important because most sales on Amazon go through it. Amazon awards it to the seller who has the following:

  • Always adequate inventory
  • Quick shipping times
  • Prompt responses to customers
  • Low prices
  • FBA seller status

Find the Best Keywords That Bring Sales

Best Keywords

To find the best keywords that can generate the most sales, you can take full advantage of the Product Keyword feature. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the product listing using Chrome.
  2. Launch the SellerApp Chrome Extension icon.
  3. Go to the Product Keyword tab.
  4. You should see keywords listed with corresponding data columns for Where Available,  Search Volume, and CPC.
  5. You can sort according to Search Volume.
  6. Click on the Search Volume column to sort by descending order. Those with high or medium Search Volume scores are the most popular keywords used by customers.

You can select keywords you want to export as a keyword list file or Add to Keyword Tracking.

Analyze the Historical Data of the Product

You can analyze the historical data of the product by following these steps:

  1. Open the product listing on Amazon using Chrome.
  2. Click the SellerApp Chrome Extension icon.
  3. Click the Track Product button.
  4. View product trends for the past month by clicking Historical Data.
  5. You can also go to the Trends tab. You can view Price Trends or Reviews Trends here.

Find Verified Product Manufacturers and Suppliers

Find Verified Product Manufacturers and Suppliers

The SellerApp Chrome Extension can verify product manufacturers and suppliers. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. View the product listing on Amazon using Chrome.
  2. Launch the SellerApp Chrome Extension icon.
  3. Go to the Sourcing tab. You will see the top three suppliers for that product.
  4. You can get a complete list of suppliers with more details by clicking the View More on Alibaba button.

You did it!

We’re done with the step-by-step guide, so let’s take a breather by going through some frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve searched across the Internet to compile the most common questions related to the SellerApp Chrome Extension.

What Does the SellerApp Chrome Extension Do?

The SellerApp Chrome Extension provides instant analytics and key metrics data for any Amazon product listing. And you can get this information while browsing the product page. Because you can see the information in a pop-up window, you don’t have to navigate out of the product page to view the data.

Is SellerApp Chrome Extension Tool for New Amazon Sellers or More Experienced Sellers?

The SellerApp Chrome Extension is a tool for new Amazon sellers and more experienced sellers. Whether you are new to the world of Amazon selling or not, you can make use of the tool’s many features to conduct product or keyword research.

What Is the Difference Between SellerApp Web App and SellerApp Chrome Extension?

The difference between the SellerApp web app and the SellerApp Chrome extension is in the data display scope. The web app gives a more comprehensive and detailed analysis, while the Chrome extension shares a quick overview.

Which Marketplaces Does the SellerApp Chrome Extension Support?

The SellerApp Chrome Extension only supports the US Amazon marketplace ( for now. But SellerApp has plans of expanding support to other Amazon marketplaces across the globe.

Perform Instant Amazon Product Searches Using SellerApp Chrome Extension

The SellerApp Chrome Extension is a convenient tool that helps with Amazon product research or keyword research. You can do so without navigating away from the product listing you’re viewing.

It includes features like Product Keyword and Profit Calculator.

You will also have access to Alerts, Trends, and Product and Competitor Tracking.

Equally, you can generate an overview of analytics and key metrics in a matter of seconds.

Try the SellerApp Chrome Extension for FREE today!

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