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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension: Installation & Features

Yes, Jungle Scout has a Chrome extension available to all registered users

The extension offers product research, keyword research, and data export features.

You can download the Jungle Scout Chrome extension by logging into your account or using a direct link.

Key Takeaways

  • Jungle Scout has a Chrome extension available to registered users.
  • The extension has a free version with strict limits.
  • It supports product research, keyword research, and data export.

How to Download and Install the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

You can only access and use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension when logged into your account.

Here’s an easy guide on downloading and setting up the Jungle Scout Chrome extension on your computer:

  1. Create a Jungle Scout account (grab JUICY discounts).
  2. Go to the Jungle Scout online dashboard and log into your account.
  1. Click “The Extension” in the left-side menu.
  1. Select “Download for Chrome.”
  1. You’ll be redirected to Jungle Scout’s extension page on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click “Add to Chrome.”
  1. Select “Add Extension.”
  1. A welcome screen will appear, prompting you to log in or sign up for a new Jungle Scout account.
  1. Log in again to your account, and the extension will load up.
  1. You can now visit an Amazon page to research new products.

How to Use Jungle Scout Extension?

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is a versatile Amazon seller tool that helps sellers research products outside their account dashboard. Here are four major ways to use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension:

Product Research

The Jungle Scout extension allows easy product research from an Amazon page. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on researching a product with the extension.

  1. Go to Amazon and search for a product keyword or keyphrase.
  2. When the search results pop up, the extension automatically adds an info box under each product.
  1. The box includes the ASIN, bestseller rank, monthly and daily sales, net profit per sale, total Amazon fees per sale, brand name, fulfillment method, and date the product first became available.
  1. The box has a settings button to customize what details appear in it.
  1. Next, click the Jungle Scout extension icon on the right to scan the page for more details.
  1. A dialog box shows the top-ranking search results with average monthly sales and revenue, plus Opportunity Score. The Opportunity Score is rated 1 (lowest) through 10 (highest). The higher the Opportunity Score, the higher the likelihood of success in the niche.
  1. From the scanned results, you can add a product to your Product Tracker, select the row to download reviews, and view high-ranking keywords.
  2. You can filter the results to show only the products that meet specific criteria. Click “Filter Results” to set the requirements needed.

Aside from looking at data from several products at a time, the Jungle Scout extension allows you to view data about an individual product. So, to view data on one product, go to a particular product page.

Jungle Scout will load up data about that product, including the ASIN, number of sales, and estimated revenue and profits.

From there, you can view a trends chart that shows how sales and price has changed over a selected period. You can edit the trends chart to measure different metrics.

Keyword Research

There are two ways to search for keywords and keyword trends using the Jungle Scout Chrome extension. The first is to click “Keyword Cloud” on the product scans page.

It brings up a list of top trending keywords plus their search volumes.

It’s easy to see what keywords to include in product listings without sifting through too much data.

The other method is to click “Search Keywords” on a product page.

This redirects you to your Jungle Scout account to do a reverse ASIN search for the relevant keywords.

It shows a 30-day trend, category, PPC bid, and the ease of ranking for that keyword.

Supplier Research

The Jungle Scout Chrome extension also allows you to search for the suppliers of a product. 

For this, click the supplier icon on the product scan page.

The button redirects you to the “Suppliers” page in the Jungle Scout application to load up a list of the possible suppliers of that product.

You can click on each supplier to find the shipment history, including the number of shipped products to date.

Product Tracking and Data Export

Finally, the extension allows you to save desired products to track them later

Once you click the “+” button on the product scan page, the product is added to your Product Tracker.

You can also download the reviews for an individual product inside the extension

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the product page and click the Jungle Scout scan icon.
  1. Click “Downloads and Trends” and select “Download Reviews.”

The reviews will be downloaded as a CSV file.

Is the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Free?

Yes, the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is free. However, you can only access it with a Jungle Scout account. Alternatively, you can create a free Jungle Scout account and use the extension with some limitations.

A free user can only perform product searches, look up ASINs, and run browser extension searches 50 times. Afterward, you’ll have to go on a paid Jungle Scout plan.

Luckily, new users enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee to try Jungle Scout risk-free.

What to Do if the Jungle Scout Extension Suddenly Stops Working?

Sometimes, the Jungle Scout extension suddenly stops working for several reasons. 

This may be interference from other extensions, temporary caches on the computer, or something else.

Here are a few things to try if that happens.

Clear Cache and Cookies

This setting helps clear temporary files that may be interfering with the performance of the Jungle Scout extension. Here’s a step-by-step guide to clearing Chrome cache and cookies:

Restart Computer

Restarting your PC is a common solution to pesky issues. In this situation, close your browser and restart your computer.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Extension

If you’ve cleared your browser’s cache and restarted your PC, but the extension still has issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. You may get an updated version. Either way, you’re starting afresh.

Follow the video guide below to uninstall the extension:

Check for Extension Interference

It’s common for multiple extensions to run simultaneously in a browser. 

Sometimes, other extensions interfere with Jungle Scout, causing performance problems.

To check whether there are interferences, turn off all extensions except Jungle Scout and restart your browser. If the problem goes away and Jungle Scout runs normally, it means that an extension is causing interference.

To find the particular one causing the problem, re-enable the others one after the other, constantly checking whether the Jungle Scout extension still works.

Contact Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the above tips and the extension still won’t work, contact Jungle Scout customer support to report the issue.

Pros and Cons of Using the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Thousands of Amazon sellers use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension to speed up product research. Here are the pros and cons of working with the extension:

Pros Cons
Detailed product research without logging into the web application Doesn’t display data unless you’re on a product or storefront page
Easy ASIN lookup Free version is limited
Easily export data as CSV files  
Quickly add desired products to the Product Tracker  
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download and install the Jungle Scout Chrome extension on your Opera browser, like Google Chrome. Since Opera can install and use Google Chrome extensions seamlessly, visit the Chrome Web Store on your Opera browser to get the extension.

Yes, Jungle Scout has a Firefox extension. To install it, log in to your Jungle Scout account and click the Extension tab. Then, select “Download for Firefox.” You’ll be redirected to the Firefox add-ons page to complete the installation.

You can share the Jungle Scout Chrome extension with multiple users, but never simultaneously. That’s because each time someone logs in to the extension on a different PC, the previous session is automatically logged out.

Supercharge Product Research With the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension is a fantastic tool for accurate and fast Amazon product research. It’s intuitive with a very low learning curve. The best part is that you can try it for free before committing to a paid plan.

So, why not use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension to find unique products to sell? Get started today.

Try Jungle Scout Risk-FREE!

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Adam Wood
Adam Wood is a seasoned E-commerce Strategist and SaaS Analyst, acclaimed for empowering Amazon sellers with actionable strategies and advanced analytics insight. His expertise in leveraging technology for market success makes him a pivotal resource for both budding entrepreneurs and established online merchants. Adam's approach combines rigorous data analysis with a deep understanding of the nuances of e-commerce, positioning him as a leading authority in the Amazon FBA sphere.
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