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Does AMZScout Have a Chrome Extension?

AMZScout has a Chrome extension aimed at Amazon sellers who want to discover profitable products with low competition. The software also offers several Chrome extensions that help sellers supercharge product research and boost sales.

New users can try the AMZScout PRO extension free for the first 16 product searches. 

Other AMZScout extensions also have free trials.

Let’s dive into how to install and use the AMZScout PRO extension. I’ll also discuss other extensions and their unique uses.

Key Takeaways

  • AMZScout has a PRO Chrome extension for product research and supplier research.
  • AMZScout also offers Quick View, FBA Calculator, and Keyword Tracker extensions.
  • New users can access these extensions in free trials.

How to Install and Set up the AMZScout PRO Extension?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on installing and setting up the AMZScout PRO extension:

  1. Go to AMZScout.
  2. Enter your email address to create a free account. Click “Try AMZScout For Free!”
  1. Once redirected to your new dashboard, click “Next” to complete the welcome tutorial.
  1. Then, click “Install PRO extension.”
  1. You’ll be redirected to the AMZScout PRO extension on the Chrome web store.
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” and select “Add extension.”
  1. Once the extension is installed, it loads and redirects you to Amazon, where you can start product research.
  2. It runs your last search on Amazon the first time and automatically pulls up the extension. You can go through the quick tutorial if you wish.
  1. Otherwise, settle back and explore the extension’s dashboard.
  1. And that’s it! You’ve got the PRO extension installed and set up on your device.

Features of AMZScout’s PRO Chrome Extension

AMZScout’s PRO extension was built for product research, supplier research, and competitor tracking. It helps Amazon sellers find profitable low-competition products to sell, plus verified local and global product suppliers from which to source those winning products.

Product Research

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the AMZScout PRO extension for product research:

  1. Once you’ve installed and set the extension up, go to Amazon and search for a product key phrase.
  2. When the search results show up, the PRO extension automatically loads to show sales and product details of all the products on the search results page.
  1. At the top bar, the extension shows average stats, including average monthly sales, average price, and average reviews.
  2. The top bar also shows a Niche Score and Visibility Score. The niche score is rated 1 through 10, indicating the likelihood of success. The visibility score shows how many sellers are currently competing in the niche. The lower the visibility score, the better.
  1. There’s a table of all products showing up for the search phrase. Each row shows a product’s name, brand, rank, price, FBA fees, profit margin, estimated number of sales, reviews, LQS, seller type, and number of sellers. You can add each product to the Product Tracker, research keywords used in the product’s listing, find suppliers, and copy its ASIN.
  1. A menu at the top of the table allows users to perform extra actions.
  2. You can use the View button to select the data points that should be shown in the table.
  1. The Filter button allows you to select the products included in the table.
  1. If you don’t have any products in mind, you can click the “Product Ideas” button to generate product ideas for research.
  1. Finally, a CSV button lets you download data in a CSV file for further analysis.

Supplier Research

AMZScout’s PRO extension also allows you to research suitable suppliers for products you’re interested in.

Here’s how to locate suppliers for a product with the PRO extension:

  1. When the extension has loaded product details, click “Suppliers on Alibaba.”
  1. The extension will load potential suppliers on Alibaba.
  2. You can use the filter table to show limited results by supplier country, price range for the product, currency, and Minimum Order Quantity.
  1. You can add suppliers to a favorite list to be tracked.
  2. When you click the supplier’s name, the extension redirects you to their Alibaba page, where you can contact the supplier directly.

Alternative AMZScout Extensions

AMZScout has other extensions on the Chrome web store that Amazon sellers use to supercharge product research and boost sales.

I’ve discussed these and what they do below.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

This tool accurately calculates your FBA fees for selling a particular product.

It uses the product’s shipping and CPC costs to determine how much you’ll pay in FBA fees. 

You’ll get monthly storage fees, referral fees, total FBA fees, and fulfillment fees.

The extension calculates profit per unit sale, net margin, ROI, and estimated monthly profits.

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

The Keyword Tracker keeps track of all the keywords you use in your product listings and PPC campaigns. It checks whether your products are indexed for all the keywords you use and alerts you otherwise.

The tool also monitors how your rankings change when you update keywords so that you’re more equipped to use the right keywords and top search results.

Finally, the extension lets you discover top-ranking competitor keywords using the reverse ASIN lookup feature.

AMZScout Quick View

The Quick View extension adds crucial product and sales information under each product on an Amazon search results page. It includes data like LQS, BSR, ASIN, estimated profit, monthly sales, and FBA fees.

It automatically shows up under products on the search results page.

Are AMZScout Chrome Extensions Free?

AMZScout’s PRO extension can be used with a free trial. You can use it to run 16 free product searches, after which you’ll have to pick an AMZScout pricing plan.

Both the Keyword Tracker and Quick View also have free trials. Luckily, the FBA Calculator extension is completely free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Chrome and Opera browsers support AMZScout’s Chrome extensions. 

Both can install extensions directly from the Chrome web store.

No, there isn’t a free version of AMZScout’s PRO extension. However, new users can use the extension to run 16 free product searches before being charged.

Discover Unique Products With the AMZScout PRO Extension

AMZScout’s PRO extension helps Amazon sellers discover profitable, low-competitive products. The Niche and Visibility Score allows you to search for products that will likely become bestsellers.

The best part? New users can try the extension FREE for 16 product searches before committing to a paid plan. How about you check out the AMZScout Chrome extension for yourself today?

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