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How to Claim Your Sellvia Free Trial?

You can claim a Sellvia free trial by signing up for one of the Sellvia or Sellvia PRO plans. These plans entitle you to a 14-day free access to Sellvia’s complete features.

However, Sellvia doesn’t offer a free trial on its other pricing packages and plans, including the TikTok store and business packages like SEO services.

But it’s not simply black and white since you can still get a FREE consultation on some of these extra services. Let’s dive into the specifics below.

Key Takeaways

  • Sellvia automatically charges you for the selected plan when the 14-day free trial ends.
  • You’ll get full access to tools on the selected plan during your Sellvia free trial.
  • You won’t get a free trial on Sellvia’s business services.

How to Get the Sellvia Free Trial?

You’ll automatically get a Sellvia free trial once you sign up for a Sellvia or Sellvia Pro plan. 

I’ve explained what you need to do in these steps:

  1. Go to the Sellvia website, then click “Start.”
  1. Choose “Sellvia” if you already have an online store. Otherwise, select “Sellvia PRO” to get a custom store set up for you. I’ll pick the basic Sellvia package for this demonstration.
  1. Click “TRY NOW – IT’S FREE!”
  1. Fill in your email and payment card details. You won’t be charged until after 14 days if you don’t cancel the free trial.
  1. Click “COMPLETE ORDER” to finish the registration.
  1. You’ll get email notifications with the necessary data to access your account on Sellvia. Users on the basic plan will also get the plugin to install via their WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Great! Now you have access to the Sellvia free trial.
You have 14 days to test every feature that comes with the plan. If you don’t want to keep using the tool, cancel before 14 days of signing up.

How to Get a Free Sellvia Consultation?

You might not get a Sellvia free trial for services like High Ticket Store, TikTok Store, and the Promo Tools bundle, but you can request a free consultation.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Sellvia website, then click “Grow.”
  1. Next, choose the service you want. I’ll pick “High-Ticket Dropshipping Products” for this example.
  1. Scroll and click “Get free consultation.”
  1. Type your email (required) and phone number (optional).
  1. You can add extra details about your consultation in the message field. This would help Sellvia assign someone who is best at helping you to the consultation call.
  2. Next, pick a date and time for the consultation. Be careful to choose the correct time zone.
  1. Enter your name and confirm the email where you’d like to get the meeting invitation.
  1. Optional: Click “Add Guests” to invite others to the meeting. You can add up to 40 guests by entering their email addresses.
  1. In the text field, type anything that might help the Sellvia team prepare for the meeting. You can leave it if you like.
  2. Optional: Enter your phone number to receive text messages for the event.
  1. Click “Schedule Event” to finish the process.
  1. Now, go to your email to confirm Sellvia’s invitation email.

What Tools and Features Are Available With the Sellvia Free Trial?

The Sellvia free trial offers everything you’ll get with the corresponding paid subscription. 

Hence, I’ve summarized the features available with each plan in the table below.

Features Sellvia Sellvia Pro
1-3 days order processing Included Included
Unlimited product imports Included Included
Unlimited orders from Sellvia Included Included
High-converting product pages Included Included
Shipment from California warehouse Included Included
Free technical support Included Included
Free turnkey ecommerce store Not included Included
Professional design Not included Included
Personal manager Not included Included
Free domain name Not included Included
Free hosting Not included Included
Free personal consultations Not included Included
Niche research Not included Included
On-site SEO Not included Included
Mailing services integration Not included Included
Help with payment gateways setup Not included Included

What Pricing Plans Are Available After the Sellvia Free Trial Ends?

Once the Sellvia free trial ends, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the plan you selected during signup. Sellvia will charge you the monthly fee of $39 without giving you any more notifications or authorization requests from the card you provided.

The table below shows the available Sellvia plans and their pricing.

Pricing Options Sellvia Sellvia PRO
Monthly $39 per month $39 per month
Yearly Not available $399 per year
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You’ll get massive savings, tons of bonus features, and expert support by choosing the Sellvia PRO plan. But it might not be the right plan for you. So, read my detailed Sellvia pricing guide to help you make an informed decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, you can’t use the Sellvia free trial more than once. Sellvia only allows one free trial per account, ending in 14 days from the signup. After that, you’ll have to pay for the monthly subscription unless you cancel the plan.

You can upgrade to a Sellvia paid plan anytime during the free trial. In this case, you’ll lose the remaining days of your free trial.

Start Using Sellvia for Your Dropshipping Store Today

The Sellvia free trial will help you determine if the paid plan is worth exploring since you can test every feature the tool ships with. Also, the 14-day window is enough for taking every feature on a test run, and you can cancel anytime.

However, the free trial is only available on Sellvia and Sellvia Pro plans, not on any of the platform’s extra services.

Sounds like a deal for you? Then, visit the Sellvia website and choose any of its two subscription plans to start for free.

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