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How to Get the PPC Entourage Free Trial?

You must create a Carbon6 account to get the PPC Entourage free trial, which lasts 7 days. During this period, the PPC Entourage free trial allows you to explore the software’s premium features.

Luckily, you don’t need to exchange your credit card information for free trial access. 

That way, you don’t get automatically charged, even if you forget to cancel the free trial.

In the sections below, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process of signing up for the PPC Entourage free trial.

Key Takeaways

  • You can access PPC Entourage’s paid features for free with the trial.
  • You don’t need to give your card details to get started with the trial.
  • You can cancel the PPC Entourage free trial anytime.

How to Get the PPC Entourage Free Trial?

To get the PPC Entourage trial:

  1. Go to PPC Entourage and click “Start Your Free Trial.”
  1. Enter your email and password. Then, click “Next.”
  1. Enter your name, annual sales, and phone number.
  2.  Agree to PPC Entourage’s terms and conditions and click “Create account.”
  1. Choose your primary account — depending on your business type, you can sign up for a vendor/seller or agency account. Click “Connect Amazon Accounts” to complete the signup process.

Congratulations. You now have seven days to explore the PPC Entourage free trial.

What Does the PPC Entourage Free Trial Offer?

The PPC free trial offers access to all the premium features available on the platform. 

These are:

Bulk Campaign Management

Powered by PPC Entourage’s “Bulk Engine,” this feature allows you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

The function offers over 20 modules, enabling you to adjust and optimize campaigns with just a few clicks. Bulk Campaign Management saves the time you’d have spent adjusting each ad individually.

Search Term Optimization Automation

Search Term Optimization Automation allows you to optimize your campaigns with the most relevant and high-performing search terms.

The feature intelligently assesses and adjusts your keyword strategy

That way, you don’t have to manually sift through vast data to determine which keywords drive the most traffic and sales.

Advanced Advertising Reporting & Business Analytics

This feature allows you to keep a pulse on your Amazon ads performance. 

It provides detailed insights into your ads performance, allowing you to see which campaigns or keywords bring the most ROI.

Customized Campaign Optimization

This feature tailors your advertising campaigns based on your goals, target audience, and product offerings.

The optimization process involves identifying what works best for your brand. 

This can mean tweaking ad copy, adjusting keyword strategies, or reallocating the budget to higher-performing campaigns.

Advertising Automation and Day-Parting

Advertising Automation simplifies your ad management process by automating repetitive tasks based on pre-set criteria.

The function eliminates mundane tasks such as adjusting bids, monitoring keyword performance, or pausing underperforming ads manually.

Day-Parting, on the other hand, maximizes the effectiveness of your ads by letting you choose the specific times they appear. It allows you to schedule your ads for peak times, ensuring you get the most value for your money.

These features ensure your ads reach your audience when they’re most likely to engage and convert.

Ad Support

Ad Support is a dedicated feature to guide and assist you in navigating sponsored products, brands, displays, and video promotions.

It offers valuable resources to ensure you get the most out of your advertising efforts.

How to Maximize Your PPC Entourage Free Trial?

The PPC Entourage free trial lasts only seven days, so you’ll want to maximize the limited time to gauge the platform’s capabilities.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the dashboard. Ensure you can quickly navigate the user interface. That way, you can access all the features quickly.

Next, prioritize setting up campaigns that will provide immediate insights

This way, you can assess how effective and intuitive the optimization tools are. 

Don’t forget to leverage the Onboarding and Smart Pilot Automation Setup Call to resolve issues and get expert insights into maximizing your advertising strategies.

Furthermore, explore advanced features like Search Term Optimization Automation, as these can provide a glimpse into the software’s full potential.

Meanwhile, regularly check on your campaign analytics to understand performance metrics and areas of improvement.

As a rule of thumb, engage with customer support whenever in doubt, as this trial period is the best time to determine the responsiveness and efficiency of PPC Entourage’s support team.

PPC Entourage Alternatives That Offer a Free Trial

PPC Entourage is a solid tool for optimizing Amazon advertising campaigns, but it doesn’t offer much more than that for Amazon sellers. Luckily, there are other options you can explore to manage your PPC campaigns and handle other aspects of your Amazon selling business.

Helium 10

Helium 10’s Adtomic is a robust tool for Amazon advertisers, offering automation, analytics, and actionable insights for PPC campaigns.

As part of the Helium 10 suite, Adtomic integrates seamlessly with other tools, providing a holistic view of your Amazon operations.

Furthermore, unlike PPC entourage, Adtomic offers profitability analysis, considering overall expenses, not just ad spend, which gives a detailed outlook of the ROI.

Helium 10 offers an unlimited free trial but with restrictions on the uses of each tool.

Fortunately, you can use my discount codes REVENUEGEEKS20 and REVENUEGEEKS10 to get 20% off your first six months and 10% off every month, respectively, when you upgrade your account. That way, you can fully exploit the Adtomic tool.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s PPC management tool allows you to refine and enhance your listings using high-performing keywords.

Jungle Scout is a good PPC Entourage alternative if you’re looking for a broader collection of tools. Besides PPC management, it offers product research, competitor tracking, and a deep dive into market demand with the browser extension.

Jungle Scout offers a 7-day trial with unrestricted access to the platform’s tools right from the start.


SellerBoard’s PPC dashboard allows you to monitor keyword performance, ad campaigns, and groups to optimize bids

While SellerBoard offers similar features as PPC Entourage for ads, it has a 2-month trial, which is significantly extensive compared to the former.

Furthermore, SellerBoard’s free trial comes with up to 100,000 monthly orders, making it an ideal PPC Entourage alternative if you’re a big Amazon seller.

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Power Your Amazon Ads With PPC Entourage

Integrating PPC Entourage in your Amazon campaigns can boost ad efficiency and profitability through data-driven insights and automation.

Even though the PPC Entourage trial is only seven days long, you can still dive deep into its features to determine if this is the right tool.

Would you like to test-drive PPC Entourage before committing? Sign up here now.

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