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Sellvia Pricing and Plans: Which to Choose?

Sellvia has two main plans, Sellvia and Sellvia Pro, costing $39 monthly each. 

Besides these two basic plans, Sellvia offers 10+ service packages for optimizing dropshipping operations.

The good news is that you’ll get access to Sellvia’s catalog of trending products, regardless of the basic plan you choose.

Continue reading to learn more about Sellvia’s plans and how to maximize them.

Key Takeaways

  • Sellvia has two basic plans: Sellvia and Sellvia Pro.
  • There are 10+ service packages available to Sellvia users.
  • Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial.

What Are Sellvia Pricing Plans?

Sellvia’s basic plans are tailor-made for sellers seeking exclusive access to top-selling and high-quality products. While this is a given, each plan has its peculiarities.

Sellvia, the base plan, is ideal for dropshippers with a Shopify or WooCommerce store. Paying for the plan grants you access to a plugin for importing products to your existing store. Hence, you don’t need to create a Sellvia store.

In contrast, Sellvia Pro offers everything you get with the base plan plus a custom-built store. In other words, it helps you start dropshipping from scratch.

That said, here’s how much each pricing plan costs:

Pricing Options Sellvia Sellvia Pro
Monthly $39 $39
Annually N/A $399
Free trial Available Here Available Here

The table shows that Sellvia Pro’s annual plan offers a 14.74% discount on the monthly list price.

Furthermore, Sellvia provides a 14-day free trial to test its basic plans

However, you must submit your card details to get the free trial. Hence, there’s a chance you’ll be automatically charged at the end of the free trial.

You can read more about Sellvia’s onboarding deal and requirements in my Sellvia free trial guide.

Apart from the basic plans highlighted above, Sellvia offers several service packages.

And yeah, you guessed right: these service packages come with additional fees. 

The table below shows the service packages available on Sellvia and what they cost:

Sellvia Service Packages Fees
SEO Packages $399 to $999
Product Catalog Upgrade $29 to $99
Social Media Packages $199 to $799
Brand Awareness & Promotion $990 to $2,990
Promo Tools Bundle $399
Email Marketing Setup $199 to $599
Sellvia Turnkey Site with Premium Products $890 to $5,990
Premium Products for Etsy $590 to $3,990
Marketing Package $399
Amazon Package $399
Ecommerce SEO Articles From $2.99
High Ticket Dropshipping Products $490 to $5,990
TikTok Dropshipping Products $99 to $199
Sellebrity Theme $199 to $599
Auto-Processing Deposit $100 to $400

Sellvia Turnkey Site with Premium Products, High Ticket Dropshipping Products, and Premium Products for Etsy include a year's Sellvia Pro subscription and a free WordPress-based store.

How to Sign up for a Sellvia Plan?

Sellvia activates your 14-day free trial whenever you register a new Sellvia or Sellvia Pro account. However, you can only get a free consultation on some other packages, not free trials.

You can follow the steps below to sign up for your favorite Sellvia plan and activate the free trial:

  1. Go to the Sellvia website and click “Start.”
  1. Select either Sellvia or Sellvia Pro. For this example, I chose the basic Sellvia plan.
  1. Click “Try Now – It’s Free!”
  1. Fill in your information and payment details. Sellvia won’t charge you until the 14-day free trial elapses.
  1. Click “Complete Order” to finalize the registration process.
  1. Once you complete registration, Sellvia will email you details for accessing your account. Also, you’ll receive plugin access.

Which Features Are Available on Sellvia Plans?

The core features available under Sellvia and Sellvia Pro can be seen in the table below:

Features Sellvia Sellvia Pro
1-3 days order processing
Unlimited product imports
Unlimited orders from Sellvia
High-converting product pages
Shipment from California warehouse
Free technical support
Ecommerce store
Free turnkey
 Professional design
Personal manager
 Free domain name
Free hosting
Niche research
On-site SEO
Mailing services integration
 Free personal consultations
Help with payment gateways setup

Which Sellvia Pricing Plan Is Best for You?

As explained earlier, the main difference between Sellvia and Sellvia Pro is that the first offers a plugin for existing stores. Conversely, the Pro plan provides the infrastructure to launch a store and sell Sellvia-sourced products.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Sellvia is suitable for established dropshippers or sellers who have already set up stores on Shopify or WooCommerce.

In contrast, Sellvia Pro caters to beginners or sellers who don’t have existing businesses on Shopify or WooCommerce.

What Payment Methods Does Sellvia Accept?

Sellvia supports two payment methods. They are:

  • GPay
  • Card payments

Sellvia accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and DCI for card payments.

What Are Sellvia’s Limitations?

Sellvia’s biggest limitation is that its products can only be shipped within the US. 

Also, all its products are sourced from the US, which might make them costlier compared to comparable alternatives from European and Asian counterparts.

Therefore, Sellvia is unsuitable for sellers looking to sell to international customers.

Best Sellvia Alternatives to Consider

Not sure about Sellvia? Here is an alternative you could check out:


Nepeto helps you identify and analyze arbitrage opportunities to dropship on Amazon, Walmart, or other marketplaces.

With this software, you can access product prices from wholesalers, retailer suppliers, and distributors and compare them against prices on Amazon. This allows you to flip products when the sourcing cost is significantly lower than what is selling on Amazon.

You can extend your product-flipping operations by buying from Amazon and selling on Walmart for a profit. Nepeto makes this easier with a category dedicated to products you can flip this way.

Additionally, Nepeto helps you source products that have gone out of stock, making you the sole seller in your chosen niche.

You can get all these from $34 per month on the month-to-month package, beating Sellvia’s monthly price. However, if you want access to the best product-sourcing opportunities on Nepeto, you’ll have to shell out up to $98/month.

So, explore our in-depth Nepeto guide for a comprehensive breakdown of how Nepeto works and see what you can gain from each pricing tier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your Sellvia subscription directly from your Sellvia account. 

You can also request cancellation via or Sellvia’s live chat.

By default, your Sellvia monthly subscription remains active until the end of the paid period.

Sellvia offers refunds if you cancel your subscription and send a refund request not later than 30 days after your payment charge. Sellvia Pro yearly users can also get a refund if they send a cancellation request within 30 days of subscribing.

Optimize Your Dropshipping Business With Sellvia

Sellvia has set its pricing plans to allow experienced and new dropshipping sellers to scale up quickly. Whether you need to build a custom store first or only want high-ticket and in-demand products for your dropshipping store, you’ll find a solution in Sellvia.

More so, it offers 10+ service packages designed to optimize specific operations of a dropshipping business.

Want to explore this opportunity? Sign up for one of Sellvia’s plans today.

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