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Sellvia Review – Should You Invest In the Tool?

Sellvia is product-sourcing software that allows you to create an e-commerce website.

The service provides extensive support and automates many processes required to start a business.

I gave Sellvia a closer look to save you time. Spoiler alert: It’s a good choice for dropshippers!

With this tool, you can…

  • Source product quickly from Sellvia’s California warehouse.
  • Enjoy an extensive product catalog with many categories.
  • Access a turnkey e-commerce website with built-in SEO.
⭐ Rating: 4.1★★★★☆
💵 Price: Starting from $39 per month
🔍 Features: Product catalog, high-converting landing pages, automated e-commerce website
👥 Support: Live chat, email
🖥️ User Interface: Easy to use
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Sellvia Pros & Cons

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Sellvia Detailed Review

Sellvia offers an all-in-one solution for those starting an e-commerce business; it provides high-ticket and high-sales products and a turnkey e-commerce website.

Overall, Sellvia focuses on automating clients’ businesses by handling the technical aspects. 

So, it’s a good choice for beginners.

Furthermore, Sellvia provides much help via consultations and even a personal manager. This can help you get vital questions answered so you can move forward when stuck. 

I’ve looked at Sellvia in closer detail and shared my summary below.

Key Features

Sellvia offers two packages: Sellvia and Sellvia PRO.

The main difference between the two packages is that PRO includes a ready-to-use e-commerce website, while the non-PRO option is better for those with an existing e-commerce store.

On both plans, you get a Product Catalog to populate your e-commerce website with unlimited products from Sellvia’s California warehouse. This saves time for sellers operating in the United States since they can enjoy fast shipping.

One of Sellvia’s best offerings during shipping is that no extra labels are added to the package. This allows customers to trust that the package is coming from the seller and not being drop shipped.

Furthermore, Sellvia’s One-Click Imports allows you to carry products not included in the Sellvia plugin in your store. Hence, you’re not limited to offering only the tool’s products.

One other thing you’ll love about Sellvia is its automation of accepting and handling customer orders. Given that robust support, you can maximize Sellvia’s support for 10 individual websites since you can run multiple websites without manual oversight!

But besides the products, turnkey website, and multi-store support, what else does Sellvia offer users?

For starters, its standard and PRO packages include high-converting product pages, which helps even the playing field for sellers who don’t have experience setting up optimized landing pages.

Sellers who opt for the PRO plan also get a professional design and personal manager to help them navigate the e-commerce landscape. That’s why it’s surprising that Sellvia has chosen to keep both at the same price, but more on that later.

While Sellvia has made e-commerce and dropshipping easier with these done-for-you solutions, you’ll still get free training sessions on launching your new e-commerce store and importing products using their service.

In addition, there’s free technical support and consultations. Hence, it’s an enticing package for inexperienced sellers.

Finally, the Sellvia PRO plan covers the technical aspects of starting an e-commerce website. This ensures you never have to worry about organizing a domain, hosting, mailing services integration, payment gateway setup, and on-site SEO, among other things.

Other Features

Sellvia offers several features that help scale your business, and you can find these under the Grow tab.

The table below summarizes the extra tools you get on Sellvia and how they can benefit your business.

Sellvia Offering What You Get?
SEO Packages Get your store ranked on search engines like Google to pull in organic visitors for conversions
Social Media Packages Professionally set-up social media brand accounts with specially-curated posts to drive traffic and sales
TikTok Dropshipping Popular products to sell on TikTok with ready-to-use campaigns
E-commerce SEO Articles Traffic increment and brand exposure via search engines
Email Marketing Setup Custom email templates and a fully setup system to maximize your marketing via email channels
Promo Tools Bundle Tools for upselling, cross-selling, and marketing hot deals
Brand Awareness & Promotion Promote your brand via articles on news sites and guest posts on popular websites and gain brand ambassadors on social media
Marketing Package Copies of proven marketing campaigns to save you time and resources on ad creation and testing
Premium Domains Select a premium domain, and Sellvia will transfer your website to the new address - branding and all!
Amazon Package Tools like bulk product importing to expand your business model to Amazon dropshipping quickly
Sellebrity Theme Fast-loading, mobile-first, and conversion-tested theme for drop shippers
Autoprocessing Deposits Automatic order handling and processing, from order confirmation to delivery, for a seamless customer experience

Performance and Effectiveness

I liked Sellvia’s Product Catalog, which saved me browsing time by narrowing the choices based on niche.

However, the Hot Deals section only contains nine products, so it’s not a game-changer. 

Also, no products were in the Final Stock section, bringing down Sellvia’s overall effectiveness.

Of course, the Product Catalog still allows you to find bestselling and high-ticket products for any e-commerce market. Still, it would have been better if the tool behaved as promised and supplied quick takes on Hot Products and other categories.

Instead, you’d have to manually sift through the 40,000+ products Sellvia offers to find those bestsellers yourself.

One game changer that works as advertised is Sellvia’s automated order placement system. It’s designed to ensure that orders are processed immediately after receiving them. 

This beats manually reviewing every order before it goes through, impacting delivery times.

Finally, Sellvia’s ready-made landing pages and product listings help sellers get started quickly. They also help users save money since you won’t have to pay for expert copywriting.

That’s besides how the ready-made store (on Sellvia PRO) saves you exorbitant fees you’d have had to pay a web developer for a standard and secure e-commerce website.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Creating a new account with Sellvia and getting started is easy because it has an optimized onboarding process. Also, Sellvia has a minimalist and clean user interface design for its Product Catalog. You’ll like how easy it is to find specific products, whether it’s by using the search bar or category menus.

Also, I could sort the products from newest to oldest, which is handy for spotting new products that other sellers haven’t noticed yet.

Sellvia’s product pages are also highly informative, with relevant details to help you decide whether an option is worth pursuing. Here’s a screenshot of an example product page:

Sellvia User Testimonials and Reviews

Besides some of the drawbacks I noted in the rest of my review, I reached out to and researched other long-term users to get a feel for what they think about Sellvia.

Firstly, multiple users think that Sellvia is overpriced. I might disagree on that for its basic pricing packages, but its extra services (under Grow) are high-priced. And if you’re going for its high-ticket or TikTok product categories, too, you’d have to part with a pretty penny.

In cases like this, Nepeto’s offerings (read more here) might even be a better value for the price.

Others also mentioned not being able to profit from having their own Sellvia website.

However, this might be due to the seller’s strategy rather than the service’s fault.

Finally, users mention that customer support is unresponsive at times. This can make it frustrating to resolve issues on time and may impact your experience with the platform.

Beyond that, I’ll add that Sellvia seems heavily US-focused. That makes it unsuitable for dropshippers targeting international markets with fast shipping times.

However, this issue will not exist if you’re willing to modify your business model and use 3PL services (I recommend ShipBob).


There are two Sellvia pricing plans: Sellvia and Sellvia PRO.

The first plan is for sellers only after sourcing products and getting their hands on high-converting landing pages. Sellvia builds you an e-commerce site under the PRO plan.

  Sellvia Sellvia PRO
Monthly Price $39 per month $39 per month
Yearly Price N/A $399 per year
Best Price Click here Click here

Furthermore, a 14-day free trial allows you to test Sellivia’s tools and cancel at any time with either plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sellvia only works in the United States, and its warehouse is in California.

You can profit from Sellvia by choosing the right marketing strategy and products. Think of the service as a toolset you need to use correctly to make money.

Ilya Dolgikh and Yaroslav Nevsky own Sellvia, and it was founded in 2021.

You can add your products to Sellvia by buying its Premium Products service. 

This allows you to add customer products under your brand.

You can link Sellvia to Shopify by installing the Sellvia app on your Shopify store and subscribing to it. Note that only one Sellvia subscription can be used on each Shopify store.

You can connect your Sellvia and Amazon accounts to synchronize orders. 

Amazon provides an API for this purpose, which Sellvia connects to once you confirm within your Amazon Seller Central account.

Sellvia is suitable for beginners because it helps source products and provides automated features like a turnkey e-commerce website. Also, there’s a lot of help through consultation and technical support.

Considering Sellvia for Dropshipping?

Sellvia offers a massive product catalog from which to source and fast US delivery times from its California warehouse. Hence, it’s a good choice for dropshippers selling in the United States.

Also, beginners can use their Sellvia PRO package to start their business faster by getting a ready-made e-commerce website.

The best part is that you can try it for 14 days to see if it works. So, why not sign up using these Sellvia discounts that’ll save you money if you stay beyond the free trial?

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