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How to Get the WallySmarter Free Trial?

You can get the WallySmarter free trial by signing up for one of the subscription packages – Basic or Professional. The free trial lasts seven days and offers every feature of the selected subscription plan.

Furthermore, you can get a free trial for the WallySmarter API if you want to integrate its data stream with your existing business platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the WallySmarter for 7 days without providing your credit card details.
  • The WallySmarter free trial unlocks every tool, giving you an accurate preview of the paid subscription.
  • Give the WallySmarter API a try for free with limited usage.

How to Get the WallySmarter Free Trial?

Signing up for the WallySmarter free trial is fast. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the WallySmarter website, and click “Pricing.”
wallysmarter pricing menu
  1. Select from the Basic or Professional plans, and click “GET STARTED NOW.”
  1. Enter your details and click “Create Account.”
  1. After confirming your account in the welcome email, you can sign into your WallySmarter account and use the free trial to grow your Walmart business.

What Tools and Features Are Available With the WallySmarter Free Trial?

The WallySmarter free trial tools and features you receive correspond to your selected pricing plan. Here’s a table showcasing what you’ll unlock after signing up for the free trial:

Features Comparison Basic Professional
Cancel Anytime Available Available
Walmart Chrome Extension 10 Daily Searches Unlimited
Listing Creator Not available Unlimited
Wholesale Helper 10 uses per day Unlimited
Walmart/Amazon Arbitrage 10 uses per day Unlimited
Product Database 10 uses per day Unlimited
Niche Finder 10 uses per day Unlimited
Related Keywords 10 uses per day Unlimited
Rank Tracker 10 uses per day Unlimited
Sales Estimator 10 uses per day Unlimited
How-To Videos Available Available
Best Deal Subscribe Now Subscribe Now

WallySmarter is an excellent free trial for Walmart sellers because there are a lot of tools to improve different aspects of your business. For example, you can use its Chrome Extension to validate product ideas, the Listing Creator to optimize your product listings, and Walmart Wholesale to check your UPCs in bulk.

What Pricing Plans Are Available After the WallySmarter Free Trial Ends?

Once the 7-day free trial period ends, you’ll automatically start the chosen subscription plan. Here’s a table showing the available WallySmarter plans and prices:

  Basic Professional
Monthly $19/month $99/month
Annual $13/month ($152 per year) $66/month ($792 per year)
Best Price Click here Click here

Still not sure what WallySmarter pricing plan to choose? Then check out my WallySmarter Pricing Plan for more information.

How to Maximize the WallySmarter Free Trial?

The WallySmarter free trial is only available once, and you have 7 days to test the software’s features. Hence, it’s essential to maximize the free trial period to test WallySmarter and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose the right plan: select the right WallySmarter subscription plan to access the tools you want to test. For example, the Listing Creator is only available with the Professional plan.
  • Make time: the 7-day free trial period is short, so it’s best to make time in your schedule to test the features of the free trial.
  • Business ready: ensure your Walmart business is prepared to test the tools of the WallySmarter free trial. For example, you can only use the Alerts feature with live Walmart product listings.

What WallySmarter Tools and Features Should You Start With During the Free Trial?

There are many WallySmarter tools and features to test during the limited time of 7 days. Therefore, it’s essential to start with the tools that provide the most significant impact during your first few days of the free trial, as recommended below.

How-To Videos

wallysmarter product videos

Your WallySmarter free trial period will be wasted if you don’t know how to use the tools effectively. Therefore, watch the educational videos to help you get the most out of the WallySmarter tools. You can discover:

  • How to identify niches you can dominate
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to download and use the WallySmarter Chrome Extension
  • How to win with Walmart arbitrage
  • How to find low-competition and high-demand products

The WallySmarter educational videos are included with the free trial when you choose any subscription plan.

Chrome Extension

wallysmarter chrome extension

The first tool you use should be the Chrome Extension because it can help find good product-selling opportunities. Here are the features it offers:

  • Product idea validation: use accurate real-time data to evaluate the profitability of product ideas while browsing Walmart.
  • Direct Walmart connection: get product data while navigating Walmart search result pages. This includes product sales history and projections to help you find the best-selling niches.
  • Product potential: use the Search Keyword Score and product averages to eliminate or approve product ideas.

Product Database

wallysmarter product database

Use the Product Database with 150 million constantly-updated products. It’s a handy alternative to doing product research on The tool lets you find product ideas with filters like sales, category, rating score, price, and reviews.

Listing Creator

wallysmarter listing creator

Use the Listing Creator to craft optimized product listings that appeal to the Walmart Search Algorithm. For example, make use of highly searched keywords in the right place.

Also, the tool allows you to use ChatGPT to incorporate winning keywords

Hence, you don’t have to be a seasoned writer to craft compelling product listings.

Can You Get a Free Trial for the WallySmarter API?

You can use the WallySmarter API for free with some usage restrictions

The API requires tokens, and you receive 100 tokens with the free trial, which is enough to see if it’s compatible with your business platform.

Click here for my WallySmarter pricing plan guide for more information on the Wallysmarter API.

My Experience With the WallySmarter Free Trial

I enjoyed how easy it was to locate the WallySmarter free trial since multiple CTA buttons on the website directed me to the plan. Also, I was happy to see that every tool and feature of the selected subscription plan is unlocked.

This is a consumer-friendly approach to offering a free trial for Walmart sellers.

Also, no credit card was required to access the free trial. This is an excellent small detail since I sometimes forget to cancel my subscription during free trials.

However, I didn’t like that there were only seven days to test the WallySmarter features with the free trial. A longer period would have been better so I could explore each tool and feature in greater detail.

What WallySmarter Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

Are you unhappy with the WallySmarter free trial because it doesn’t offer the right features or only lasts seven days? Then I’ll share alternatives that offer something different for Walmart sellers.

Helium 10

helium 10 web home

You’ll automatically get the Helium 10 free trial after registering for a new account. Furthermore, the free trial period is indefinite but with significant usage restrictions.

The free plan includes tools for Walmart sellers like Xray, Cerebro, and Magnet.  

This allows you to do your keyword research and identify profitable product-selling opportunities.

Are you interested in the Helium 10 free trial? Then register a free Helium 10 account today.


sellerapp web home

Sellerapp is a comprehensive Walmart seller’s software solution that helps with different aspects of running a successful business. The Sellerapp free trial lasts 7 days and offers every feature of the selected subscription plan.

Furthermore, there’s a freemium plan that doesn’t expire but offers only a limited number of features to test. Also, you don’t need to share your credit card details to try Sellerapp for free.

Want to try the Sellerapp free trial for yourself? Start from the Sellerapp pricing page to find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During the WallSmarter free trial, you can contact WallySmarter customer support using the Contact page form or by email ( Unfortunately, there’s no live chat option to receive real-time help from the support staff.

Should You Try the Wallysmarter Free Trial?

Walmart sellers should try the WallySmarter free trial to test the tools that can grow their business. The Walmart software seller industry is underserved compared to Amazon, so it’s a no-brainer for Walmart sellers to use a service that focuses on their business model.

Want to see what the WallySmarter free trial holds for you? Sign up for WallySmarter today.

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