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WallySmarter Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth It?

The Walmart seller’s software solution, WallySmarter, offers two pricing plans – Basic ($19/month) and Professional ($99/month). You can access most tools with both plans, but the Basic tier has a limit of 10 daily searches and usage across most tools.

After signing up for any plan, you’ll be moved into the WallySmarter free trial, which lasts 7 days and grants access to every tool of the selected WallySmarter subscription.

Key Takeaways

  • You can access WallySmarter tools with the Professional plan.
  • The WallySmarter free trial activates after signing up for any subscription.
  • Use the WallySmarter API for Sellers to stream Walmart sales and keyword data.

What WallySmarter Pricing Plans Are Available?

WallySmarter offers two pricing plans – Basic and Professional. You can choose from the monthly or annual billing options, with the latter giving you 4 months for free

Here’s a table showcasing the pricing structure of both WallySmarter Plans:

  Basic Professional
Monthly $19/month $99/month
Annual $13/month ($152 per year) $66/month ($792 per year)
Best Price Click here Click here

Also, signing up for any plan automatically activates the 7-day WallySmarter free trial

The free trial unlocks every feature of the corresponding subscription plan, giving you an accurate preview of the Walmart seller’s software solution.

How to Sign Up for WallySmarter?

Creating a WallySmarter account is easy and takes just a few minutes. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Go to the WallySmarter website, and click “Pricing.”
wallysmarter pricing menu
  1. Choose from the Basic or Professional plans, and click “GET STARTED NOW.”
  1. Enter your details and click “Create Account.”
  1. Once you confirm your email from your inbox, log into your new WallySmarter account and use the tools to start growing your Walmart business.

What WallySmarter Plan Should You Choose?

The WallySmarter Basic plan is the right choice for new Walmart sellers on a limited budget. It offers enough functionality to get a small taste of the tools to help you find your first product. However, once your Walmart business begins to scale and you see the limitations of the Basic plan as a hindrance, upgrade to the Professional plan.

Upgrading allows you to use the WallySmarter tools without restrictions, and you get access to the Listing Creator tool, Walmart Wholesale, and Walmart Chrome Extension.

What Features Do You Get With the WallySmarter Pricing Plans?

To choose the right WallySmarter pricing plan, it’s essential to compare the tools and features of each one. With that thought in mind, I’ve created a table showcasing the available tools:

Features Comparison Basic Professional
Cancel Anytime Available Available
Walmart Chrome Extension 10 Daily Searches Unlimited
Listing Creator Not available Unlimited
Wholesale Helper 10 uses per day Unlimited
Walmart/Amazon Arbitrage 10 uses per day Unlimited
Product Database 10 uses per day Unlimited
Niche Finder 10 uses per day Unlimited
Related Keywords 10 uses per day Unlimited
Rank Tracker 10 uses per day Unlimited
Sales Estimator 10 uses per day Unlimited
How-To Videos Available Available
Best Deal Subscribe Now Subscribe Now

WallySmarter is a good choice for Walmart sellers because it helps with different aspects of running and scaling your business.

For example, you can use the Niche Finder to find product categories with high demand and low competition. Or, you can use the Rank Tracker to keep an eye on the performance of your Walmart product listings.

What WallySmarter Tools and Features Should You Start With?

WallySmarter offers many tools, so beginners may get overwhelmed after registering a new account. In this section, I’ll share the top tools and features new users will get the most value from.

How-To Videos

wallysmarter product videos

Start with the How-To Videos section to learn about different aspects of using the WallySmarter tools. You can learn:

  • How to find products to sell
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to use the Chrome Extension
  • How to find new niches to dominate
  • How to do Walmart arbitrage

The educational videos are free with any WallySmarter subscription plan and will help you get the most out of each tool.

Chrome Extension

wallysmarter chrome extension

The WallySmarter Chrome Extension should be the first tool you use. The extension provides the following features:

  • Direct Walmart connection: you can view product information while browsing Walmart’s product search results pages. Hence, you get sales estimates and projections in real-time.
  • Validate product ideas: determine if a product is worth selling based on accurate real-time data.
  • Access a product’s potential: compare product averages and the Search Keyword Score to approve or eliminate product ideas.

Product Database

wallysmarter product database

The constantly-updated Product Database allows Walmart sellers to find new products from a database of about 150 million other products. Also, you can use filters to find products based on reviews, price, rating score, category, and sales.

Walmart Alerts

wallysmarter walmart alerts

The Walmart Alerts feature is a good choice for users with an existing Walmart business that needs help keeping an eye on essential changes. You can also monitor competitor Walmart product listings to determine shifts in the market.

The product changes the tool can track includes price, rank, content, and status.

What Is the Walmart API for Sellers?

“Walmart API for Sellers” is a product that allows you to access accurate Walmart sales estimates and keyword data. You can integrate the API with your business platform and build custom dashboards for more actionable data-driven decisions.

This option is more technical and advanced than the core WallySmarter offering but provides more customization and control. Also, you get to integrate with existing systems if you don’t want to switch to another software solution for your Walmart business.

What Are the Pricing Options on the Walmart API for Sellers?

Now let’s consider the Walmart API for Sellers pricing options to help you choose one that matches your business size and budget:

Plan Free Trial Starter Boost Production Growth
Price $0 $50/month $250/month $1,000/month $3,000/month
Tokens 100 5,000 50,000 500,000 2,000,000

What Data Does the Walmart API for Sellers Provide?

You’ll need to use tokens to access the Walmart API for Sellers tool, and here’s a table showing the information provided:

wallysmarter walmart api service

How Can You Save Money When Subscribing to WallySmarter?

Every dollar you save on your WallySmarter subscription can go towards growing your Walmart business. Here are a few ideas on how you can save money:

  • Choose the right plan: select the right plan for your Walmart business’ growth phase and budget. So, for example, the Basic plan is the better option for newcomers. This helps you avoid paying the higher fee of the Professional plan while you learn the ropes.
  • My discount: use my WallySmarter discount to get a better deal on your subscription. That way, you’re a smarter Walmart seller from the start.
  • Annual: opting for the annual WallySmarter subscription theoretically grants you four months for free when you compare the cost against month-to-month payments.
  • Utilize free trial: use the 7-day free trial period to learn how the tool will help grow your Walmart business to new heights. That beats spending some of your precious subscription days learning the ropes like this.

2 WallySmarter Alternatives to Consider

Are you not happy with what WallySmarter offers Walmart sellers? Then you can try the alternatives in this section to see if they match your business better.

These software solutions provide long free trial periods, more tools, and case studies to help you get started.

Helium 10

helium 10 web home

Helium 10 is primarily created for Amazon sellers, but plenty of its tools are also available for Walmart sellers. In fact, you can connect your Helium 10 and Walmart accounts to stream data to tools.

Some Helium 10 tools compatible with Walmart include Xray, Cerebro, and Magnet, allowing you to unlock profitable products and do better keyword research to understand the market potential.

Want to try Helium 10 to grow your Walmart business? Start from the Helium 10 pricing page to compare its plans.


sellerapp web home

Sellerapp is a good WallySmarter alternative because it provides Walmart sellers with an all-in-one suite of software tools to fuel growth. It’s an analytics platform that offers AI-backed insights to help improve your selling strategy and tailored solutions to get the right help for your business.

Click here to start with Sellerapp and take your Walmart business to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact WallySmarter customer support using the form on its Contact page or email its support staff at However, it doesn’t offer a live chat option to get real-time assistance from its support staff.

Yes, WallySmarter provides a 30-day money-back guarantee allowing you to cancel within your first month. Note that this only applies on your first purchase on a new account and might not be honored if you don’t request the refund in the first 30 days of purchasing.

WallySmarter only supports the United States since that’s where Walmart sellers can offer their products.

Only one person can connect to a WallySmarter account at a time. 

However, you can contact customer support to request an increase in simultaneous user seats at a cost.

WallySmarter’s best payment option is card payments through Stripe. However, you can also set up wire transfers to pay for your chosen plan subscription.

Should You Get WallySmarter?

Yes, WallySmarter is one of the best Walmart seller solutions on the market. 

The service is aimed at Walmart sellers, so it offers one of the more comprehensive and curated packages.

In fact, advanced users can use the in-house API to integrate with existing business solutions.

Want to see if WallySmarter is worth using for yourself? Choose a preferred pricing plan (discounts here) and explore the free trial period to start.

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