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Does ZonGuru Work in India? How to Use It?

ZonGuru allows you to use its Amazon seller’s software with the Amazon India marketplace. Plus, you can connect your and ZonGuru accounts, meaning the tools can stream data directly from your Seller Central account.

Furthermore, there are no ZonGuru tool or feature restrictions for Indian users or those planning to use the tool to sell on Amazon India. Thus, allowing you to conduct product and keyword research relevant to the Amazon India marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • You can connect your ZonGuru account to to unlock more tools.
  • Users from India can use the free trial to test ZonGuru for seven days.
  • ZonGuru provides tools for users to do keyword and product research on the Amazon India marketplace.

How to Sign Up for ZonGuru From India?

Creating a new account at ZonGuru from India is fast and easy. Check out my step-by-step guide to help you sign up without getting lost:

  1. Go to the ZonGuru pricing page (Get EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS).
  2. Choose between the Researcher and Seller plans. Then, click “Sign Up.”
zonguru plans
  1. Finish the signup process using your Google or Amazon account, or enter your details manually. Then, click “Create an Account.”
  1. Now that you’ve signed up for ZonGuru, you’ll have access to the 7-day free trial to test the features without financial commitment.

During the ZonGuru sign-up process, you must share your credit card details. But don’t worry; the first charge only applies once the 7-day free trial period ends.

Can I Integrate My Account With ZonGuru?

Integrating your account with ZonGuru should be the first thing you do to take advantage of every ZonGuru tool for the Amazon India marketplace.

Unfortunately, only one Amazon marketplace can be connected at a time, which isn’t ideal for international sellers.

How to Integrate Your Account With ZonGuru?

Only a few steps are involved in linking your ZonGuru and Amazon India accounts. 

However, it can take up to 24 hours for ZonGuru tools to begin accessing data.

Here’s how to connect your accounts:

  1. Log into your ZonGuru account from the member area.
  2. Click your username in the top-right-hand corner, then click “Connect
zonguru connect menu
  1. Click the gear icon from the section titled “Europe + India.”
choose zonguru region
  1. Click “OK” once the prompt redirecting you to Amazon appears.
connect zonguru to amazon
  1. After finishing the ZonGuru and Amazon account connection process, you can check the area below to confirm the account connection status.
zonguru connected to amazon seller account

What ZonGuru Pricing Plans Are Available for Amazon Sellers From India?

The ZonGuru Researcher and Seller plans are the only two plans available for Amazon Sellers from India – the same as everywhere else. Let’s look at the use case for each ZonGuru subscription plan:

  • Researcher: Ideal for new Amazon sellers looking for their first product.
  • Seller: Upgrade to the Seller package if you’re currently selling on Amazon and want to scale your business.

The cost of your ZonGuru plan can also vary based on whether you choose the monthly or annual subscription. To save up to 50%, consider choosing the annual plan.

Let’s start by looking at the pricing for the Researcher plan:

  • Monthly: $39/month
  • Annual: $24/month (billed annually at $288)

Conversely, the Seller plan’s pricing differs depending on the number of SKUs your Amazon business has. Here’s a handy table that summarizes the pricing for different SKUs:

Seller Plan
SKU’s Monthly Annual
1 $49/m $38/m ($456 billed annually)
2-5 $74/m $54/m ($648 billed annually)
6-10 $104/m $74/m ($888 billed annually)
11-20 $139/m $97/m ($1,164 billed annually)
21-50 $184/m $124/m ($1,488 billed annually)
51+ $249/m $159/m ($1,908 billed annually)

What Are the Best ZonGuru Tools to Get Started With From India?

The number of ZonGuru tools at your disposal can be overwhelming, and knowing where to start ensures you’ll hit the ground running. Hence, I’ve created this section to ensure you start with the best tools on this Amazon sellers’ software.

ZonGuru Chrome Extension

zonguru chrome extension

This product research tool allows you to find profitable niches by spying on competitors already succeeding.

Also, it’s crucial to determine a product’s profitability before you start selling – even if it’s just an estimate. That’s where the extension’s free Profit Calculator tools come in

I’d recommend products north of 25% profitability.


Check my ZonGuru Chrome Extension guide for step-by-step instructions to download and install the software.

Product Research With Niche Finder

zonguru product research with niche finder

ZonGuru’s premier product research tool, Niche Finder, uncovers highly profitable niches with a powerful combination of filters. Also, there’s a time-saving feature called “Feeling Lucky,” which presents you with randomly selected niches that could be profitable.

For more information about using the tool to its full potential, check out my ZonGuru Niche Finder guide.

Keyword Research With Keywords on Fire

zonguru keyword research with keywords on fire

You’ll find the Keywords on Fire tool under listing optimization on ZonGuru. 

Still, it’s also a handy keyword research tool that mines keywords that competitor ASINs use to drive traffic to their product listings.

Therefore, you can inspect competitor positions for keywords and look at search volume to decide if a niche is worth entering.

ZonGuru Research Center

zonguru resource center

Whether you’re starting an Amazon FBA business for the first time or want to brush up on the latest strategies, the ZonGuru Resource Center is an excellent free addition. 

Here, you’ll discover the basics of launching and running an Amazon business.

I recommend you visit each section of the Resource Center:

  • Special Series
  • Educational
  • Tool Tutorials
  • Training & Webinars

Is a ZonGuru Free Trial Available for Sellers From India?

Amazon Sellers from India can use the ZonGuru free trial to experience the full ZonGuru software without financial commitment.

However, you must share a valid credit card during the free trial sign-up successfully process. Don’t worry – your credit card will not be charged until the 7-day free trial period has concluded.

Here’s a table to showcase the range of tools available with the ZonGuru free trial:

  Researcher Seller
Product Research
Niche Finder 200 300
Chrome Extension Available Available
Sales Spy 150 200
Love Hate 15 25
Easy Source Available Available
Listing Optimization
Keywords on Fire 20 30
Keywords Spotlight 100 150
Listing Optimizer 15 25
Business Metrics
Business Dashboard Not Available Available
My Products Not Available Available
My Orders Not Available Available
Monitoring & Alerts
Keyword Tracker Not Available 5 Products
Product Pulse Not Available 5 Products
IP Monitor Not Available 1 Product
Customer Engagement
Email Automator Not Available Available
Review Automator Not Available Available
Connected Regions Available Available
Support Priority Normal Priority High Priority

How Does the Amazon India Marketplace Compare to Amazon US?

The Amazon India marketplace differs from the Amazon US platform in terms of age, sales, competition, average revenue per product, and other essential metrics you need to know before starting.

Here are a few of the most important differences between the two marketplaces:

  • Traffic: the Amazon United States marketplace boasts 31 billion annual visitors, compared to Amazon India’s 295.51 million yearly users. Therefore, the potential to grow the biggest business possible is on the Amazon United States.
  • Competition: most Amazon sellers operate in the United States marketplace, and some product categories are completely saturated. This makes competing harder as established sellers use advanced techniques to vie for each customer. Amazon India has far fewer competitors, so you might have an easier time selling in your product category.
  • Taxes: the differences in the US and Indian tax laws mean your profitability might be affected when moving from the US to the Indian marketplace.
  • Buyer preferences: the target customers for each Amazon marketplace is different. Hence, you must execute product and keyword research to modify your strategy for the best results.
  • Amazon FBA: the costs and shipping time for Amazon FBA services in each marketplace are unique. Ensure you understand the differences so you can factor in the costs.

Is It Worth Selling on Amazon India?

It’s worth selling on Amazon India because the e-commerce platform is predicted to grow substantially. India is set for economic growth in the future, and Amazon sellers can benefit from the increase in buyers.

Currently, the Amazon India platform is unsaturated, with many high-selling product categories uncontested, opening up the room to enter a market and dominate.

With support from tools like ZonGuru, your chances of success are increased. 

Simply connect your ZonGuru and accounts to launch a winning product marketing and selling campaign.

3 Alternatives to ZonGuru for Sellers From India?

Do you want a few alternatives to ZonGuru that you can use from India? 

Then here are the top options to take your Amazon business to the next level:

  Free Trial Duration Available With Amazon India Best Price
Helium 10 Unlimited Yes Pricing Page
AMZ Scout 7 days Yes Pricing Page
Jungle Scout Not offered Yes Pricing Page
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can increase your Amazon Sales from India using ZonGuru, provided you leverage ZonGuru’s tools to uncover and apply the right strategies. For example, using Niche Finder correctly, you can uncover product categories with high demand and low competition to dominate a market niche and enjoy unprecedented sales.

You can contact ZonGuru’s customer support from India via email ( or the live chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of its website screen.

You can pay for ZonGuru using Indian Rupees, but the transaction will be charged in USD. This means your INR will get converted to USD, so find a payment method with a reasonable conversion rate.

Enjoy ZonGuru’s Offerings From India

ZonGuru is an excellent acquisition for any Indian Amazon seller because it provides a versatile suite of features. Considering the two available plans, Amazon business owners can find a suitable choice at any stage of growing their business.

Want to take the ZonGuru tools for a test drive? Visit the ZonGuru pricing page to sign up and get a 7-day free trial on any subscription plan.

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