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ZonGuru Marketplaces: Which Locations Are Supported?

The supported ZonGuru-Amazon marketplaces include the United States, Europe, India, and Australia.

ZonGuru allows you to connect your Amazon account in these supported marketplaces to use tools like Product Pulse and Keyword Tracker. That way, you get more actionable Amazon data from your ZonGuru dashboard to make data-backed decisions.

You can also use the “Connected Regions” add-on to increase the number of ZonGuru marketplaces you can connect from one account.

Key Takeaways

  • You can test using different ZonGuru marketplaces with the free trial.
  • The ZonGuru Seller subscription plan is the best choice for Amazon sellers active on multiple marketplaces.
  • You can add additional Amazon marketplaces with the “Connected Regions” add-on.

What ZonGuru Marketplaces Are Available?

Amazon has a long list of available marketplaces allowing you to sell locally. 

In this section, I’ll share the current list of ZonGuru-supported Amazon Marketplaces. 

Likewise, I’ll discuss the differences between each marketplace, including the sales volume, sellers, number of buyers, and popular features like FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

North America

There are three ZonGuru-supported Amazon marketplaces in the North American region:

  • Amazon United States ( this is the most popular Amazon marketplace worldwide, with an annual traffic of 31 billion. Also, 77% of all Amazon sellers are active on the US marketplace. Hence, it’s the most competitive but offers the best opportunity to scale your Amazon business.
  • Amazon Canada ( the Canadian Amazon marketplace is the second oldest, so you’ll find established sellers who may be more competitive.
  • Amazon Mexico ( the Mexican Amazon marketplace’s official language is Spanish, and it receives 89.67 million visitors annually. Therefore, you must hire a translation service to ensure your business matches the local language.


The European Amazon region has the largest number of countries, and ZonGuru supports five. One of the biggest challenges to dominating Amazon Europe is translating your business into the local languages.

  • the Amazon UK marketplace gets 569.64 million visitors annually, making it one of the most popular worldwide. Also, 43% of the sellers are locals. If you plan on selling on, consider checking out my ZonGuru Amazon UK guide.
  • Amazon Germany ( around 605.38 million people visit the German Amazon marketplace. Hence, Amazon Germany is the biggest hub in Europe. Yet, only 10% of its sellers are locals.
  • Italy ( with 255.72 million visitors annually, the Italian-language-based Amazon Italy offers decent traffic and relatively low competition.
  • France ( many sellers on the French Amazon marketplace (with French as the official language), generating 269.79 million in annual traffic, are from the UK.
  • Spain ( the Spanish language-based Amazon marketplace has 198.25 million users. It’s a growing marketplace and a worthwhile addition for any European Amazon seller.


India ( is one of the biggest population centers in the world, which means the Amazon India marketplace has a lot of potential. However, it’s not among the most common e-commerce marketplaces in the country, with only 295.51 million annual users.

It’s an English-based marketplace, and 80% of the sellers are locals.


The Australian ( marketplace is the smallest one supported by ZonGuru, with only 44.71 million annual users. The marketplace launched in 2017 and currently has low competition for many product categories.

How to Connect Your ZonGuru and Amazon Accounts?

Connecting your Amazon and ZonGuru accounts lets you stream data to essential tools like Product Pulse and Keyword Tracker. The process takes a few minutes, and here’s how to get it done:

  1. Sign up for ZonGuru (get BIG DISCOUNTS here).
  2. Choose between the ZonGuru Researcher and Seller plans, and click “Sign Up.”
zonguru plans
  1. Create a ZonGuru account via your Amazon or Google account, or fill in the details and click “Create an Account.”
  1. Congratulations, you now have a ZonGuru account with access to the free trial for seven days.

You’ll also need to complete a 3-step form, including credit card details. But don’t worry; your credit card will only be billed after the free trial period has ended.

  1. Log into your ZonGuru account, click your username in the upper right corner, then click “Connect.”
zonguru member area
  1. Click on the gear icon of the marketplace you want to connect to. For this example, I’ll connect to one of the marketplaces from the “Europe + India” section.
choose zonguru region
  1. Click “OK” on the prompt to complete the process through the Amazon website.
zonguru redirect to amazon
  1. After successfully connecting your Amazon and ZonGuru accounts, you’ll see the confirmation in the area highlighted below:
zonguru connected to amazon account

What Is the Best ZonGuru Pricing Plan for Selling in Multiple Marketplaces?

ZonGuru offers two pricing plans – Researcher and Seller. I recommend using the Seller plan to sell in multiple marketplaces since it provides more tools and features to expand and manage your Amazon business.

However, the Seller plan pricing varies based on the number of SKUs you want to use with your ZonGuru account. If you’re selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces, you may need to select more SKUs to match your growth rate.

Here’s a table summarizing the payment options based on selected SKUs:

Seller Plan
SKU’s Monthly Annual
1 $49/m $38/m ($456 billed annually)
2-5 $74/m $54/m ($648 billed annually)
6-10 $104/m $74/m ($888 billed annually)
11-20 $139/m $97/m ($1,164 billed annually)
21-50 $184/m $124/m ($1,488 billed annually)
51+ $249/m $159/m ($1,908 billed annually)

My Experience Using ZonGuru With Different Amazon Marketplaces

I found that using ZonGuru with different Amazon marketplaces is effortless. 

Integrating the ZonGuru and Amazon accounts is fast and easy, and I loved the depth of information streamed from my Amazon Seller Central account.

However, I was disappointed that you can only connect one Amazon account at a time by default. This is limiting for Amazon FBA sellers that want to connect to different Amazon regions after signing up.

Thankfully, ZonGuru encourages users to contact them to increase the number of connected Amazon marketplaces with the “Connected Regions” add-on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to live in the same country as the Amazon marketplace you plan on selling in. Hence, you can live in most places worldwide and sign up for any Amazon marketplace. However, the amount of documentation required varies depending on your home country.

Yes, you can access all supported marketplaces with the ZonGuru free trial

The free trial provides the same tools and features as the paid ZonGuru subscription options.

By default, you can only connect to one ZonGuru-supported Amazon marketplace. 

However, you can use the “Connected Regions” add-on to add additional marketplaces.

Does ZonGuru Support Enough Marketplaces?

ZonGuru supports the biggest Amazon marketplace, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Also, the service provider plans to add new marketplaces to support more international Amazon sellers.

But if you want more marketplaces than ZonGuru currently supports, discover the Helium 10-supported Amazon marketplaces.

Otherwise, grab these ZonGuru deals to enjoy selling on multiple Amazon marketplaces from anywhere.

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