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How to Find Storefronts on Amazon?

You can find specific Amazon storefronts via the search bar, on the product page, or directly through the address bar.

You see, about 300,000 of Amazon’s active sellers use storefronts

Pinpointing a specific storefront can pose a challenge with such an expansive marketplace.

Even if you have a particular brand in mind, navigating to that storefront can be time-consuming without the proper guidance.

I’ll show you how to access the storefront’s seller information, ensuring you make informed purchase decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing a specific Amazon storefront isn’t enough; you should also know how to find it.
  • Beyond locating a storefront, it’s crucial to know the storefront’s seller information.
  • Knowing how to find an Amazon shopping store can streamline your shopping process.

3 Methods to Find a Specific Amazon Storefront

Here’s how to find Amazon storefronts:

Directly via the Address Bar

To search an Amazon storefront directly through the address bar:

  1. Go to
amazon address bar
  1. Add the seller/brand whose storefront you want in the address bar, like this — Hit “Enter.”
add storefront name to amazon address bar
  1. If you’re looking for Adidas, for instance, your address bar should look like this
amazon storefront name in the address bar

This only works for branded storefronts, those whose exact name you know, and storefronts with a simple enough Amazon URL. Otherwise, try any of the other tactics.

Via the Search Bar

To find a specific Amazon storefront through the search bar:

  1. Go to
  2. Search the name brand whose storefront you’re looking for.
amazon search bar
  1. Click the brand’s logo appearing on the page.
amazon brand logo and name
  1. Browse the storefront to find the product(s) you want.
new balance amazon storefront

The method above only works when the storefront appears as a sponsored page. Follow the steps below if other sellers appear first in the Sponsored section.

Via the Product Page

To find an Amazon storefront through the product page:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the brand whose storefront you’re looking for.
amazon product search
  1. Click a product by the brand.
amazon product listing
  1. On the product page, click “Visit the Brand Store.”
amazon storefront on product listing page
  1. Browse the storefront or use the “Search” feature to find your product.
all products amazon storefront

Bookmark the storefront page once you find it. That way, it’ll be easier to locate the store next time. Alternatively, save the storefront’s URL in your notepad or click “Follow” on the store to get discounts, deals updates, and more.

follow storefront button on amazon

How to Find a Storefront's Seller Information?

After pinpointing a storefront on Amazon, the next crucial step is finding the seller’s information. You’ll want to ensure the seller’s credibility, peruse customer reviews, and their history on the marketplace.


Finding a storefront’s information is vital when dealing with a third-party seller. It is also crucial if you haven’t transacted with the storefront before or the seller is a newcomer with mixed or no reviews.

Here’s how to find a storefront’s seller information.

Find the Seller’s ID on Amazon

To find a seller’s ID on Amazon:

  1. Locate a seller’s storefront as described above. Click “other sellers.”
finding other product sellers on amazon
  1. Click the storefront whose ID you want to find.
choose storefront id from amazon product sellers
  1. Visit the seller’s storefront.
active trade amazon storefront
  1. Look at the HTML bar after Merchant” in the address bar. The letter combination is their seller’s ID.
search seller id on amazon

On the Seller’s Information Page

To find a storefront’s seller information on their page:

  1. Go to the product page and click “other sellers.”
other sellers amazon
  1. Click the seller whose information you want to find.
amazon product sellers
  1. Go to the “About Seller” section on the seller’s storefront. Note the “Customer Service Phone” on the right. You can also scroll the page to the “Detailed Seller Information” section.
about seller information on amazon

Seller Feedback and Ratings

While customer feedback may not give you specific details regarding a storefront, it offers insights into the seller’s reliability, product quality, and service.

The higher the rating, the more likely the storefront is trustworthy.

To find a storefront’s feedback and ratings:

  1. Visit the storefront page as described in the second method above.
  2. Go to the “Feedback” section to view the rating score and read customer feedback.
amazon product feedback and rating
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Finding a Storefront on Amazon Made Simple

While navigating Amazon can be overwhelming, finding a specific storefront doesn’t have to be.

Following these easy steps and tips, you can quickly locate what you’re looking for without endless scrolling.

Armed with this knowledge, your Amazon shopping experience becomes efficient and enjoyable.

So, the next time you hunt for a particular storefront on Amazon, remember that it’s just a few simple actions away. Shop smart and make the most of your time in the marketplace.

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