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Helium 10 vs ZonGuru

Comprehensive Set Of Tool For All Amazon Sellers
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4.8 / 5
  • Good value for money.
  • Provides a wealth of tools to run your business.
  • Great for detail-oriented sellers.
  • Best value for sellers using the wholesale or arbitrage models.
No Credit Card Required
Best Tools For Private-Label Sellers
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4.9 / 5
  • User-friendly tools.
  • Includes product sourcing.
  • Provides easy-to-use visual information displays.
  • Freely available demo videos to explain each tool.
  • 24/7 support from actual Amazon sellers.
7-Day Free Trial

Choosing between Helium 10 vs ZonGuru will depend on the type of Amazon business you have. Let us break down the advantages of both so you can decide which is better for your business.

There are so many tools available for Amazon FBA sellers. This makes it confusing if you’re just starting out. Which tool should you invest in? Which tool has exactly what you need?

Here at RevenueGeeks, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best tools for your business. We give you a rundown of what each tool does. This will give you a better idea if the tool is right for you.

In this article, we discuss the merits of Helium 10 vs ZonGuru. This will help you make an informed decision before you spend any money.

Comparison Table

Features Helium 10 ZonGuru
Our Rating 4.8/5.0 4.9/5.0
Price From $97/month From $49/month
Free Trial Free Basic Plan with usage limits 7-day Free Trial
Product Research
Product Promotion
Keyword Research
Listing Optimizer
Keyword Rank Tracker
Hijack Alerts
Review Alerts
Refund Reimbursement Assistance
Follow-up Email Automation
Competitor Analysis
Financial Analytics
Inventory Management
PPC Ad Automation
Landing Page Builder
Multi-User Access From the $197/month plan Can add additional users by purchasing an add-on
Connected Accounts From 2 to 4 accounts Can add additional accounts by purchasing an add-on
Chrome Extensions
Official Website

Presenting The Products

Before we dive right in, let me tell you that if you’re a private-label seller, then ZonGuru is the tool you need. It has a multitude of tools to help you narrow down your niche. You can then research possible product ideas within that niche. It even helps you to find the perfect supplier on

Helium 10 is excellent for sellers who follow the arbitrage or wholesale business models. It has all the tools you’ll need for your product research. It also helps you manage your inventory and stay on top of your business financials.

So let’s look at the different features that you might be looking for in a tool.

#1: Product Research

Firstly, what kind of product research do you want to do? Are you looking for your next private-label product?

Or, do you want to research products from a wholesaler to see whether they would be profitable?

For private-label sellers, product research is simple with ZonGuru. All you have to do is follow an easy step-by-step process to find the ideal product for your store.

Step 1: Identify Your Niche

Find your perfect niche using ZonGuru’s Niche Finder. Here’s a video that shows you exactly how the tool works.

Step 2: Validate The Niche With The Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to confirm if there are viable products within your niche.

Validate the niche with the chrome extension

Step 3: Check The Validity Of Your Chosen Product

Once you’ve chosen a product, you can validate its viability with the Sales Spy tool.

Here’s a demo video to show you how it works.

Step 4: Find Ways To Differentiate Your Product From The Rest

The Love-Hate tool scans all the reviews for a product to let you identify customer pain points. This will help you to create a “better” product that your customers are going to love.

Here’s a demo video below so you can see how this tool works.

Step 5: Find The Perfect Supplier For Your Product On Alibaba

With the Easy Source tool, you can now find a manufacturer for your product on Alibaba. This tool will give you a list of top-rated manufacturers that you can choose from.

The Drawback

The only downside I can see to this is if you don’t want to source your products from China. Other than that, I think this is the easiest tool I’ve ever seen to identify and source a new private-label product.

But what about if you’re not a private-label seller? And, you want to identify viable products from your wholesale suppliers. In that case, you want to use the Helium 10 tools instead.

Helium 10 offers a range of tools for product research. These include:

  • Xray Chrome Extension
  • Black Box 
  • Trendster to find current trends on Google

The Chrome extension is like the one from ZonGuru. But, it gives you an “opportunity score”. This lets you identify whether a particular product has enough sales. And, not too much competition. If there’s too much competition, it may be hard for you to get the Buy Box to sell enough units.

Using Black Box lets you narrow down the search for those products that will allow you to make a good profit. This tool also lets you search per ASIN. So, if you have a wholesale list of products, you can easily determine which ones would be viable.

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Comparative Analysis​

Personally, I like the simplicity of the process to find new product ideas with ZonGuru. I think this is an invaluable tool for private-label sellers. But, if that is not your business model, then you would be better off with the Helium 10 tools.

#2: Keyword Research And Listing Optimization

To increase our sales, we have to ensure that our listed products can be found by customers on Amazon. Generally, listing optimization is only easy on Amazon if you’re the owner of the listing.

So, if you’re a private-label seller or you create your own listings, you’ll need these tools to help you. But, if you’re only focused on competing for the Buy Box, then these tools aren’t necessary for your business.

Personally, I prefer the tools from ZonGuru due to their simplicity. These tools are also more visual. The only exception to this is the on-page listing optimization tool from Helium 10.

I do like the fact that you can be on a product page and instantly see how to improve your listing.

The listing optimization tool in ZonGuru works quite differently. It shows you how to compete with your competitors. This is done by using the best possible keywords in your listing.

Here’s a demo video to show you how it works.

ZonGuru has 2 other keyword research tools:

  • Keywords On Fire
  • Keyword Spotlight

The keyword research tools offered by Helium 10 are:

Helium 10’s Magnet
Magnet tool
Testing Helium 10's cerebro feature
Cerebro tool

Compared to ZonGuru’s tools, these are a lot more cumbersome in that the information is not as visual. They are excellent tools, nonetheless. Which ones you prefer depends on how you want your information displayed.

Comparative Analysis​

I find the tools offered by ZonGuru to be easy to use and very intuitive. The information is set out in an easy to read format and great for visual learners.

#3: Business And Financial Analysis

Knowing your numbers is one of the most important aspects of success. Both ZonGuru and Helium 10 have tools for this.

ZonGuru has its “Business Dashboard”. This is very user-friendly and lays out your financials in an easy-to-read format. You can select the time period you want to see and then track your profits.

I really like that the system gives you a current valuation of your business. This is based on 2.5 times your annual turnover. This is particularly useful if you’re building up a private-label business to sell.

Helium 10 have their own financial analysis dashboard called “Profits”. Here’s what it looks like.

As you can see, it’s set out a little differently. But, it still shows you all the key metrics that you need to know. On this dashboard, the “Sales Trends” is quite useful. With this, you can track how each of your products are performing.

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Comparative Analysis​

Once again, I prefer the more visual aspect of ZonGuru’s tool. It just seems easier to read and digest the information presented.

#4: Inventory Management

I’m guessing you know how important proper inventory management is. Any time you run out of stock of a popular item, you’re losing sales. So, having a good inventory management tool is paramount.

This is another area that ZonGuru handles extremely well with their “My Products” tool. This tool sends you automated alerts when you need to re-order products. Plus, it allows you to add your COGS. Here’s a demo video to show you how it works.

I like how this tool estimates your days of supply and the date you need to re-order.

This is based on your sales for the previous month. With this tool, you should never fear running out of stock. It’s actually very similar to the inventory management tool by Sellics but better.

You can read our comparison article on Helium 10 vs Sellics here.

Helium 10 has their inventory management tool inside their “Profits” dashboard. There’s a section that shows you all your current inventory.

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Plus, they’ve added a new section called “Restock Suggestions”. This allows you to enter lead times and supplier shipping times. If set up correctly, this tool should ensure you don’t run out of stock and you don’t over-order either.

Restock Suggestions by Helium 10

Comparative Analysis​

Once again, I really like the simplicity of the inventory management tool by ZonGuru. This tool is laid out well and you can instantly see when you have to re-order products. I also like the fact that the tool will send you an alert when it’s time to re-order certain products.

Although the Helium 10 tools are excellent, they seem a little more cumbersome and not as well laid out. So, if I was a private-label seller, I would definitely lean toward ZonGuru.

#5: Pricing

ZonGuru has 2 different pricing structures. One is for “Researchers” and the other is for “Sellers”.

Here’s what you get with each plan:

Tools Researcher from $39/month Seller from $49/month
Niche Finder 100 200
Niche Rater
Sales Spy 50 100
Love-Hate 5 10
Easy Source
Keywords On Fire 5 20
Keywords Spotlight 5 10
Listing Optimizer 1 5
Business Dashboard
My Products
My Orders
Keyword Tracker
Product Pulse
IP Monitor
Email Automator
Connected Regions
Review Automator
Support Priority Normal Priority Hight Priority
Try Researcher Plan Try Seller Plan

I would imagine that most Amazon sellers would opt for the “Seller” plan.

Their “Pay as You Grow” pricing reiterates the fact that their tools are for private-label sellers. Especially those without hundreds of SKUs. Here’s a breakdown of how the pricing works when you add more products.

Number of Products Monthly Cost Monthly Cost If You Pay Annually
1 $49 $38
2-5 $74 $59
6-10 $119 $97
11-20 $169 $139
21-50 $249 $208
51-100 $379 $319
100+ Contact Them Contact Them

This makes these tools very affordable if you’re just starting out with private-label. Then, as you add to your range, your cost goes up.

Obviously, if you’re not a private-label seller this pricing schedule is a bit too steep. This is because, if you’re sourcing wholesale and competing for the Buy Box, you’ll easily reach 100+ products quickly.

So, let’s compare this to Helium 10’s pricing structure.

As you can see, unless you want PPC automation and inventory management, you could stay on the $97 per month plan for some time.

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Comparative Analysis​

From these 2 pricing structures, it’s clear to see ZonGuru is for private-label sellers with minimal products. Helium 10 is far better suited to sellers who use the wholesale business model.

#6: Customer Support

ZonGuru not only offers 24/7 chat support but their support team consists of Amazon sellers. This is a unique feature because you can often get help with questions you have about selling on Amazon.

Plus, they also have weekly live training and case studies. And, they also have a large library of product research materials that you can learn from.

Helium 10 also has 24/7 chat support and you can contact them anytime via a web form. They also have a strong social media presence including a Facebook group. Their knowledge base is extensive and they have a regular podcast.

So. whether you decide to go with ZonGuru or Helium 10, you’re bound to get the support that you need.

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Final Words

If you’re a private-label sellerZonGuru would be my pick for you. Their tools are excellent and very user-friendly. I also like the fact that they have demo videos on every tool in their range.

If you’re using the wholesale or even arbitrage business models, then Helium 10 is better suited to your needs. The tools that are included makes their pricing excellent value for money.

Use ZonGuru if:

Use Helium 10 if:


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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