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AMZScout Group Buy: Why You Should Stay Away?

The AMZScout Group Buy is an unrecognized shared account for which multiple users pitch in. This is often to save money, but it introduces many issues.

For example, you’re supposed to trust anonymous sellers who may scam you. 

Even if you did get an account login, you’d miss out on crucial AMZScout features like Product Tracker and manual account sync and suffer severe account usage limits.

So, instead of choosing to join an AMZScout Group Buy, I’ll share how to save legitimately on your AMZScout subscription.

Key Takeaways

  • AMZScout Group Buy gives several users access to one AMZScout account.
  • AMZScout Group Buy accounts don’t include all the features you need and still have usage limits.
  • You can’t connect multiple Seller Central accounts (for FBA reimbursements) in an AMZScout group buy.

How Does the AMZScout Group Buy Work?

An AMZScout group buy works on a sketchy cost-sharing concept:

  1. A marketer buys a legitimate AMZScout plan.
  2. The marketer sets the account up for sharing.
  3. Then, the marketer charges multiple users a considerably lower price to access the tool.

So, the AMZScout Group Buy users share the same login details to use the tool as a family package. 

amzscout group buy website
Example of AMZScout Group Buy on a dubious site: pay a stranger for shared tool access with limits.

Strictly speaking, this involves signing up on some shady site and paying an anonymous marketer for access to a shared account. Often, you’ll experience usage limits to guarantee equal use to all group members.

Why You Should Avoid AMZScout Group Buys?

While an AMZScout Group Buy sounds beneficial to cut costs, it has many disadvantages you won’t realize immediately. This includes exposing your precious research data to everyone else and remaining at the mercy of the account owner to retain access.

I’ve explained more disadvantages in detail below.

Anonymous Sellers Can Scam You

You’re paying an anonymous seller on a shady site to access the Amazon seller tool. 

So, they could rip you off anytime and disappear without a trace.

Let’s face it – these people are already committing fraud against AMZScout

Hence, you aren’t safe either, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get access to the AMZScout account once you pay.

Moreover, you risk entering your credit card details on a site that may compromise those details. You won’t have anyone to hold responsible when there’s a breach in your bank account.

I found an example of an AMZScout group buy promotion on Reddit.

Interestingly, when I clicked the link, it redirected me to a page that didn’t exist (screenshot below).

Just imagine paying for the group buy in advance only to run into this issue.

Limited Access and Customization

Many AMZScout Group Buy accounts have strict limits to ensure each group member gets to use the tool equally. Unlike a personal subscription, you’ll likely have less control over individual settings and preferences.

The worst part is that there’s no way to know these limits beforehand, and they may seriously impact how you leverage the tool to grow your Amazon FBA business.

On top of that, sharing login credentials and features on an AMZScout group buy often raises serious security concerns and potential account instability. After all, anyone on the shared account can see your work progress or mess with your saved filters, among other things.

Inacess to Certain Features

An AMZScout group buy may not include all the features and tools you need to grow your business. So, while the package looks cheap, it leaves out essential features like the Individual Product Research.

Moreover, several group buys only give you access to the web software

This leaves you without the AMZScout PRO Extension, a powerful tool that speeds up niche and product research.

Ethical and Legal Concerns

AMZScout group buys aren’t legal or ethical. Group buy users violate AMZScout’s terms of service, as it’s expressly stated in the software brand’s Terms of Use (screenshot below).

Hence, you may lose access to your account once AMZScout finds out how it’s used.

How Can You Save Money on Your AMZScout Subscription?

Rather than subscribing to the downsides of an AMZScout group buy, you can save legitimately on your subscription using a few methods.

Here are some of the best ways to get up to 20% off your AMZScout subscription.

Use My Exclusive Discount Link

You get juicy discounts on any AMZScout plan when you create an account via my exclusive discount link. No need to worry about entering coupon codes; your discount applies automatically on the pricing page.

Sign Up for the Annual Plan

You can get more than 35% OFF any plan by choosing the yearly offer over the monthly subscription.

This is a massive win if you’re a seasoned FBA seller and don’t mind paying upfront to cut your monthly expenses.

Grab a Special or Seasonal Offer

AMZScout usually gives personal discounts and seasonal offers around significant shopping events like Black Friday.

Use my exclusive link to find out about the latest deals.

Use the AMZScout Free Trial

Getting the most out of your AMZScout free trial will help you determine if the tool is worth it for your business without spending a dime. I recommend starting your free trial when you’re just launching or actively running your FBA business so you can use the available features.

Since you can access multiple tools (and the Chrome extension) included in the paid plans, you get realistic expectations and can grow your business during the free trial.

You can read my detailed guide on getting the AMZScout free trial.

Choose the Lifetime Offer

The lifetime offer is a massive win if you stick with your Amazon FBA business long-term. 

For example, the $1,599.99 one-time investment on the AMZScout Seller Bundle is worth considering since its annual plan costs $379.99.

Buying that lifetime plan means you get to use the tool forever at the mere price of a 4-year subscription. It’s a no-brainer deal you should probably grab right now.

Are There Cheaper and Reliable Alternatives to AMZScout?

Yes, there are cheaper and more reliable alternatives to AMZScout. So, while it’s an all-in-one Amazon seller tool focusing on niche and product research, you might want a better tool with more features and resources, all backed by higher data accuracy.

In my experience, Jungle Scout is the best alternative.

It offers the same tools you get on AMZScout and sweetens the deal with extra functionality like inventory management, review analysis, listing management, and profit analysis.

Plus, it boasts one of the highest Amazon data accuracy for FBA sellers.

While AMZScout and Jungle Scout have dependable analytics tools, Jungle Scout has the upper hand in most areas. For example, its free Sales Estimator is nearly 90% accurate, meaning it can help you gauge better how many monthly sales a product can rake in.

So, as a dependable alternative to AMZScout, Jungle Scout offers more value for your money.

You can explore Jungle Scout’s plans to find the right one to choose from, or simply grab these one-time discounts to save on your subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can contact Customer Support when using AMZScout group buy, but they won’t help you much with issues arising from the group buy package.

Save on AMZScout the Right Way!

Stay away from AMZScout group buys to avoid scams, keep from breaking the software’s ToS, and to enjoy full account functionality.

Otherwise, you’ll share the same account with dozens of users running businesses in various niches and still suffer account limits.

Moreover, you risk getting incomplete data, losing crucial customizations, and exposing your data to other users. 

Want to save money without compromising your safety? Use my exclusive AMZScout discount link instead.

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