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Does Amazon Charge Before Shipping?

Yes, Amazon will charge you before shipping when the order has been confirmed, and the inventory is being prepared to ship out to you. However, this only applies to Amazon Basics and Amazon Fresh, not third-party sellers and other orders.

For instance, third-party sellers on Amazon can charge after you click the checkout button or when the item is ready to ship, depending on their business preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon typically charges when it fulfils an order, and it’s preparing to ship, not before.
  • Pre-orders are only charged around the release date when fulfillment nears. Subscriptions are charged shortly before each shipment.
  • Backordered or out-of-stock items will only be charged once they’re available and ready to ship.

Does Amazon Charge Before/After Shipping for Different Order Types?

Amazon has different ways of charging for multiple order types. Hence, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the e-commerce giant’s charging policies before ordering different products/services.

Here’s a quick breakdown for you.


Amazon doesn’t charge your card for pre-orders until the item’s official release date or when it’s ready to ship.

Sometimes, the e-commerce platform may charge your card a few days before the release date and shipping. This ensures your order is secured and processed in time for shipment on release day.


Amazon often charges on or close to the renewal date for subscription orders.

When you sign up, it’ll bill the first subscription fee before preparing and sending out your box. Then, subsequent installment fees will be charged shortly before each new shipment is fulfilled and sent out.

This way, the payment is cleared when the order ships, but subscribers aren’t charged too far in advance.


Only credit cards and the Store Card can create “Subscribe & Save” subscriptions. Other payment methods, like gift cards or Amazon Pay, aren’t eligible for recurring subscription plans.

Back Orders

If an item is out of stock and back-ordered when you buy it, Amazon’s charging process remains the same as pre-orders.

So, you won’t get charged for that order until the item is back in stock and ready to ship.

This keeps you from paying for an item that may take weeks or months to become available.

It also allows you to cancel a back-ordered purchase before being billed.

Does Amazon Charge Prime Members Before or After Shipping?

Amazon charges Prime members when the product is about to ship, the same as non-Prime members. However, Prime members get to have their orders faster than non-Prime members, ensuring the shortest possible time between getting charged and having the product/subscription/service paid for in hand.

Likewise, a temporary authorization hold may be placed on the buyer’s credit or debit card at purchase, which will be released once the shipment is confirmed. This process ensures that Amazon Prime members aren’t charged for items that are out of stock or unable to be shipped.

Will I Be Charged if a Product Is Out of Stock?

No, Amazon will only charge when items are ready to ship out.

The exception would be if you used “1-Click Ordering,” where your card is authorized immediately after you place the order and before the stock is verified. Luckily, if an item is out of stock, Amazon will cancel the authorization hold for that product, reversing any charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon charges FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller fees before shipping based on the product’s size and weight to cover fulfillment costs.

Amazon doesn’t charge FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) seller fees before the product ships. This is because FBM sellers are responsible for handling their fulfillment and shipping.

Yes. You can change the payment method on unshipped orders by visiting “Your Orders” under “Your Account.”

Understanding Amazon's Payment and Shipping Policies

Amazon will only charge you when the product you ordered is ready for shipping, not before. This timing helps Amazon to only charge its customers for items that are in stock and can be fulfilled promptly.

However, Amazon FBA sellers will be charged before shipping as long as the product is available and ready to go to the customer.

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