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Best ChatGPT Prompts for Amazon Sellers: 15+ Proven Prompts!

ChatGPT is effective for Amazon sellers looking to cut down time spent on specific tasks. 

That’s why I tested the AI model and carefully curated the best ChatGPT prompts to analyze Amazon listings and generate highly converting product titles and listings.

Finally, I ran a test to find out whether ChatGPT can replace Amazon seller tools such as Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Interested? Let’s dive into the best ChatGPT prompts to quickly generate accurate insights for your Amazon business.

Key Takeaways

  • ChatGPT is an effective tool for generating impressive Amazon product titles and bullet points.
  • You’ll get the best out of ChatGPT if you train it on relevant business data and use detailed prompts.
  • Amazon seller tools are still irreplaceable by ChatGPT.

How to Train ChatGPT on Your Amazon Business Before Giving It Prompts?

You can train ChatGPT on your Amazon business by providing product data, listings, sales data, and customer reviews.

Each training for a different part of your business can be confined to a unique chat box. 

After all, ChatGPT automatically saves chats so you can access them later.

For example, here’s a prompt you can use to train the model with data on your Amazon business.


Here’s some data about my Amazon business that’s not easily found online. (Paste in product names, descriptions, customer reviews, and sales data).

The more data you provide, the better trained ChatGPT will be. However, you don’t need to provide all your data at once. You can paste the basics and add more as you work with the AI. This allows you to start the actual work without getting bogged down with training ChatGPT.

You can also train the model on only one aspect of your business. However, I found the former method better because the model will provide more holistic knowledge of your business.

Here are other prompts you can use to train ChatGPT on your business:

Prompt 1:

My Amazon brand sells [PRODUCT] to [IDEAL CUSTOMER]. Here’s data on my brand, products, customer data, and sales data.

Prompt 2:

My brand speaks to customers in [WRITING STYLE]. Here are some of our product descriptions. Please analyze them to understand how we communicate with customers.

Why Should You Train ChatGPT for Your Amazon Business?

You have to train ChatGPT on your Amazon business for several reasons.

First, ChatGPT is a large language model trained on generic data that can be easily found online. Therefore, without specific training, it only generates insights that you’ll spend tons of hours tweaking to match your business.

Furthermore, ChatGPT’s (free version) latest data is nearing a two-year lapse from its last update. So, it can’t browse the internet to get current data.

Pro tip:

Upgrade to ChatGPT's paid version for newer data. It's affordable and clearly beneficial.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Crafting Product Titles That Convert

ChatGPT dramatically reduces the time required to create intriguing product titles that rank high on Amazon search result pages. It can analyze several titles at once to make an optimized one that you can paste into your listing immediately.

Here are the best prompts you can use with ChatGPT to create highly converting Amazon product titles in mere seconds:

Prompt 1:

Create 10 Amazon product titles for a [PRODUCT] for my brand [BRAND NAME]. Title must not exceed 200 characters and should contain some of the following keywords: [KEYWORD 1], [KEYWORD 2], [KEYWORD 3]. Place the brand name at the beginning of every title.

Prompt 2:

Create 5 keyword-rich and highly-converting Amazon product titles for a [PRODUCT]

Prompt 3:

Here are the top-ranking organic results for the keyword [MAIN KEYWORD]. Analyze them and then create 5 Amazon product titles for a [PRODUCT] from my brand [BRAND NAME] [Plus 5 Amazon top-ranking product titles]

I found the first and third prompts to be the best for generating usable Amazon product titles. You should use the second prompt only when you aren’t sure what the results should be. But that’s hardly the case.

The first prompt is effective because it’s specific, tells the model what to do in detail, and provides keywords for optimization.

The third prompt also works because it gives ChatGPT top-ranking Amazon product titles. 

The AI model analyzes them to uncover what works, then generates creative and optimized product titles!

Best ChatGPT Prompts to Create Compelling Product Bullet Points

As an Amazon seller, you must first craft bullet points that amplify product benefits and persuade customers to buy your product. Here are the best prompts to use to generate high-converting bullet points:

Prompt 1:

Create 5 Amazon product bullet points for the [PRODUCT] for my brand [BRAND NAME]. My ideal customer is [DETAILED IDEAL CUSTOMER DESCRIPTION]. Focus on product benefits and ease of use.

Prompt 2:

Here are Amazon bullet points for top-ranking [PRODUCT]. Analyze them and create 5 bullet points that are optimized to rank and convert [TOP-RANKING COMPETITOR BULLET POINTS]

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Review Analysis

To analyze reviews with ChatGPT, you must first extract them from the Amazon product page.

A popular tool for review extraction is Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension.

Once you have the extension (you can follow the linked guide above to do so), do this:

  1. Go to a product page.
  2. Click the extension.
  3. Select “Download Reviews.”

You may prefer it to Helium 10, which requires you to log into Amazon Seller Central before it can extract any reviews.

Once you’ve downloaded the CSV file, open it and copy the data in the “Body” column.

Then, paste it into ChatGPT with any of the following prompts:

Prompt 1:

Analyze the following Amazon reviews for a [PRODUCT] to extract its features and benefits, what customers like and dislike, and insights on creating a better quality product.

Prompt 2:

Analyze the following Amazon reviews for a [PRODUCT] in-depth to build a customer profile, what they primarily use the product for, and the most crucial pain points to address to sell it with a profit.

Prompt 3:

Carefully analyze these Amazon reviews for a [PRODUCT] to determine the level of competition, whether customers are loyal to a brand, and the main features to include in a [PRODUCT] to sell successfully.

You can paste reviews from several competitor products to analyze them all simultaneously.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Listing Optimization

ChatGPT does a decent job analyzing Amazon listings to create successful ones.

To effectively optimize a listing, you have to train the AI with the top-rankers and then paste in your listing to be optimized. You can even ask ChatGPT to write a new listing from scratch!


Consider these top-ranking product listings for the keyword, [KEYWORD]. Analyze them and create a highly converting A+ product listing. Be creative and write as if speaking directly with the customer. Write as if you're a high-paid eCommerce copywriter. Proceed to paste product titles and listings.

While ChatGPT analyzes existing listings skillfully, consider using one of the best Amazon listing builders instead. For instance, Jungle Scout has a Listing Builder that uses AI to create Amazon listings from scratch. The best part is that you won’t need to input any prompt!

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Keyword Research

ChatGPT can generate relevant product keywords if you provide it with enough data, such as the product name, category, brand, and ideal customer.

However, using ChatGPT for keyword research should ONLY be your research’s starting point, not the end. That’s because the AI doesn’t have direct access to current Amazon’s data.

On the other hand, third-party tools like Helium 10 allow for in-depth keyword research.

That said, here are some successful prompts to replicate for your business:

Prompt 1:

Generate 20 keywords for my Amazon [PRODUCT] product from my brand [BRAND NAME]. It's in the [CATEGORY] category and [SUBCATEGORY] subcategory. It contains [FEATURE], [FEATURE], and [FEATURE]. It [BENEFIT], [BENEFIT], and [BENEFIT].

Prompt 2:

Analyze these product listings and generate 20 keywords for someone selling a similar [PRODUCT] product.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Cold Emails to Suppliers

As an Amazon seller, you’ll send many emails to suppliers to partner with them and manufacture private-label products. Since suppliers receive many emails from potential clients, you have to stand out with a personalized email that’s not sent directly to the spam folder.

Use these prompts to get ChatGPT’s help:

Prompt 1:

Craft a concise cold email to a product supplier [PRODUCT SUPPLIER NAME] based in [LOCATION]. Make it informal and professional, with a captivating and short subject line. Let the receiver know that I want to source [PRODUCT] from them, have them private label, and ship to an Amazon warehouse. Ask for a call or a reply to discuss the project in more detail. End with my full name - [YOUR FULL NAME], with address [YOUR ADDRESS].

Prompt 2:

Analyze these cold emails that have gotten positive responses, then craft a concise cold email to a product supplier based in [LOCATION], asking how to partner with them to manufacture private label products.

General ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Your Amazon Business

In addition to the above, you can use ChatGPT to get accurate insights into your Amazon business in multiple ways.

Once the AI model is trained adequately about your business, proceed to supply prompts similar to the following:

Prompt 1:

Please supply some creative insights on how to win the Amazon Buy Box more. I sell quality products, optimize my listings, and keep my stock high.

Prompt 2:

What objections might a [YOUR AVERAGE CUSTOMER] have to buying my [PRODUCT] product? My product already has the following benefits: [BENEFIT], [BENEFIT], and [BENEFIT]. Come in [MENTION ANY VARIATIONS].

If you don’t understand an insight, you can ask the AI to explain it more in-depth, or you can provide feedback and ask the AI to modify its responses further to better suit your business.

Can ChatGPT Prompts Replace Amazon Seller Tools?

As of this moment, no! ChatGPT prompts cannot yet replace Amazon seller tools.

The best Amazon seller software provides features ChatGPT cannot replicate, including product research, keyword research, supplier research, Chrome extensions, and more.

For context, I tested how accurate and in-depth ChatGPT can be for keyword research on several top-ranking product listings. I wanted to know if it would extract and arrange the keywords according to relevance, popularity, or search volume.

I used Helium 10’s Magnet and Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout to run similar searches. 

Here are the top 10 keywords returned by both tools for the keyphrase “collagen powder.”

ChatGPT Helium 10 Jungle Scout
Collagen powder Protein powder Collagen peptides
Collagen peptides Collagen peptides Collagen for women
Unflavored collagen Vitamin C Collagen
Biotin supplement Premier protein shake Vital proteins collagen peptide powder
Vitamin C supplement Whey protein powder Multi collagen peptides
Hair growth supplement Collagen for women Liquid collagen for women
Skin rejuvenation Collagen Protein powder for weight loss
Wrinkle reduction Bloom Vital proteins
Joint health support Multi collagen peptides Collageno
Grass-fed collagen Vital proteins collagen peptides powder Collagen supplements

I found out that many keywords returned by ChatGPT were also returned by Helium 10, even though Helium 10 did not rate them at the top. The only ones missing were “wrinkle reduction” and “skin rejuvenation.”

Even though ChatGPT did an impressive job returning actual keywords after analyzing existing product listings, it still couldn’t provide metrics such as search volume, PPC bid, and number of competing products. You’ll have to use a tool like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout that lets you filter keywords by competition level.

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Use ChatGPT to 10X Your Amazon Seller Productivity!

ChatGPT can be a fantastic tool for Amazon sellers looking to automate repetitive tasks and supercharge their productivity. You’ll get the best results out of ChatGPT if it’s appropriately trained with your business data and if you provide feedback on the responses it gives.

Remember that only Amazon seller tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout provide in-depth features and have AI incorporated. But feel free to practice with ChatGPT to boost your seller productivity and have fun.

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