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Does Feedvisor Offer a Free Trial? (And How to Get It!)

Feedvisor offers a free trial on its Amazon repricing and Amazon ads optimization software.

The free trial allows you to use either tool for 14 days without paying or entering your credit card details. Hence, you can be sure the brand won’t maliciously charge you before the 14-day trial ends or keep you from canceling the trial.

I’ve tested the platform’s free offering for two weeks and shared everything you need to know below.

Key Takeaways

  • The Feedvisor free trial lasts 14 days.
  • You don’t need to enter your credit card details to try Feedvisor for free.
  • Feedvisor’s free trial opens access to the repricing and ad optimization tool.

How to Get the Feedvisor AI Repricer and Ads Optimization Free Trial?

The Feedvisor free trial allows you to test its AI-driven algorithmic repricing tool and ads optimization platform with your Amazon store. Once you see what it can do for your business in two weeks, you can decide whether it’s worth keeping long-term.

But before then, here’s how to get the free trial:

  1. Go to the Feedvisor website.
  2. Enter an email address. You don’t have to use a business email domain, as regular domains (like Gmail) also work.
  1. Enter the promo code “fv-revenuegeeks” to access the free trial.
  2. Check or uncheck the box to receive marketing information. I recommend leaving it unchecked.
  3. Click “Start your free trial!
  4. Click “Start Free Trial” on the next page.
  1. Wait for your account to get populated.
  1. Fill in your details.
  1. Repeat the email you signed up with from Step 2.
  2. Create a password.
  3. Agree to Feedvisor’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  4. Click “Next.”
  5. Enter your store name. You can use any name that’ll allow you to quickly recognize the Amazon FBA store you’re referencing.
  1. Select your store’s marketplace. Feedvisor supports 12 Amazon marketplaces.
  2. Click “Connect Seller Partner API” to link your Amazon account with Feedvisor.
  3. Sign into your Amazon account.
  1. Complete the rest of the onboarding process.
  2. You can now enjoy free access to Feedvisor’s full program suite over the next 14 days!

You can't use Feedvisor's features without connecting to an Amazon store. It's best to have your Amazon Seller Central account running with products to enjoy this tool.

Can You Book a Free Feedvisor Demo?

You can book a Feedvisor free demo to have someone from the software team show you what it can do for your business.

You can get the free demo first, then sign up for a free trial. That way, you’ve already seen what the software can do, and you’ll be able to test its features with your basic understanding of its workings.

Here’s how to book your free demo:

  1. Go to the Feedvisor website.
  2. Hover your mouse on “Solutions.”
  1. Click “For Brands” or “For Sellers.”
  2. Click “Request Demo.”
  1. Enter your details in the form.
  1. Choose what kind of Amazon-based business you run.
  2. Choose your monthly sales range.
  3. Tick or untick the box if you want/don’t want to get marketing information from Feedvisor.
  4. Click “Get Started.”
  5. Pick a date and time for your demo. Note that it’ll typically last 30 minutes.
  1. Click “Next.”
  2. Enter your name and email address.
  1. Optional: Click “Add Guests” to add other people to the meeting. This is important for brands or a group of sellers wanting to join the demo together.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Add notes that might help the Feedvisor representative prepare to address you better. For instance, you can state the results you want for your business from Feedvisor, and the assigned rep can review how the tool will help you achieve such goals.
  4. Click “Schedule Event.”
  5. You’ll get a confirmation in your email on the scheduled time and date. Guests you’ve added will also get the same confirmation and meeting invitation.
The only thing left is to clear your calendar for the day (and time) of the meeting.

What Features Are Available on the Feedvisor Free Trial?

Feedvisor offers a full-access free trial, ensuring you can use all its features during the 14-day test period.

Hence, you can set up Feedvisor’s AI repricing algorithm to improve your sales and revenue with advanced pricing strategies.

This pricing algorithm doesn’t use simple rule-based systems that price you to the bottom. Instead, it uses machine learning to adjust the pricing of your listings multiple times daily to balance profits, sales, and Buy Box eligibility.

Likewise, you’ll get access to its AI-based advertising platform that scales your Amazon PPC with a better return on ad spend (RoAS).

For instance, this tool automatically harvests winning keywords from your best campaigns, adjusts your keyword bids hourly to ensure you’re not overpaying for sponsored positions, and helps balance your ad budget and spending automatically.

Since you’re getting all the same features you would on a priced plan, you can review my Feedvisor pricing guide for a full breakdown of what the free trial offers.

Can You Cancel the Feedvisor Free Trial?

You don’t need to cancel the Feedvisor free trial since you’re not required to enter a credit card on signup. So, you can stop using the tool if it doesn’t tick the right boxes for your business or you’re not ready to commit financially.

How to Upgrade to a Paid Feedvisor Plan From the Free Trial?

You can upgrade a Feedvisor free trial account to a paid plan during or after the free trial. 

To do so, go to your Feedvisor account settings to update your payment method and choose a preferred plan.

Best Feedvisor Alternatives With Free Trials

Feedvisor is a robust Amazon FBA and FBM tool for intermediate and expert sellers looking for an impressive repricing tool, an AI-based ad management software, or both.

However, it doesn’t offer essentials like Amazon Kindle ads management, dedicated Amazon business repricing, or multichannel solutions.

That’s why you may want to explore these reliable alternatives below.

BidX – Feedvisor Alternative for Amazon Ad Management

BidX is a robust Feedvisor alternative to manage Amazon ads.

Like Feedvisor, BidX also handles Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Demand-Side Platform and Sponsored Display Ads. However, Feedvisor lacks support for Kindle Display ads, which you get on BidX.

Furthermore, BidX offers different support levels tailored to sellers, vendors, and agencies. Instead, Feedvisor provides one-size-fits-all solutions that might not cater to the needs of these different customer sets.

Complete with a 14-day free trial, BidX might offer better value to Feedvisor if you’re more particular about ad optimization than product repricing.

Seller Snap – Feedvisor Alternative for Amazon Repricing

Seller Snap focuses on repricing technology alone, and that’s obvious from the unique exclusives it presents over Feedvisor.

For instance, you get Amazon Business repricing support, extending to automatic quantity discount repricing.

Furthermore, Seller Snap introduces a neat analytics dashboard that helps you stay on top of your inventory, stock levels, product sales, revenue, and profits. In fact, you can pull your ad spend into the Seller Snap analytics dashboard for a more holistic profit and loss calculation!

Finally, the tool ships with a Walmart Repricer (Walmart PriceSync), which is handy for Amazon sellers who also run Walmart stores.

Did I mention that it offers a 15-day free trial?

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Should You Try Feedvisor for Free?

I don’t recommend Feedvisor for beginners since they’ll most likely not need advanced repricing and ad management.

In that case, I’ll recommend Helium 10 (get free trial here) instead.

But if you’re an intermediate or advanced seller who wants to undercut the competition with algorithmic repricing strategies or improve your ad spend results, you should try Feedvisor.

You have nothing to lose since it doesn’t require your credit card details.

So, why not sign up for a free trial (use the promo code “fv-revenuegeeks”) today?

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