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How to Get the BidX Free Trial?

You’ll need to create a BidX account to get the free trial for 14 days.

Fortunately, the free trial doesn’t require your credit card details.

Remember that the free trial gives you full access to tools and features of BidX’s Self-Service Platform Plan during the 14 days. However, you won’t get access to the Managed Platform and Managed Service plan features.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating your BidX account to use your free trial takes a few minutes.
  • The free trial allows you to customize the BidX tools to your business needs.
  • You can use the BidX free trial for 14 days without sharing your credit card information.

How to Get the BidX Free Trial?

I’ll walk you through the process to sign up for the BidX free trial step-by-step.

  1. Click here to start from the BidX website.
  2. Select the “Sellers” button and click on one of the free trial buttons on the page.
bidx web home
  1. Enter your details, tick the two boxes, and click “Register.”
create bidx account
  1. You’ll receive an email from BidX. Click “Activate Your Account.”
bidx account email activation
  1. And that’s it! Now, you can access the BidX free trial.

By clicking the “Activate Your Account” button in the email, you’ll be taken to a welcome page where you can get your account ready for Amazon advertisement optimization. Take the time to fill in the necessary details for optimal benefits.

What Tools and Features Are Available in the Free Trial?

The BidX free trial offers all the tools and features on the provider’s paid plans to help you see if the software is the ideal choice for your business.

Here’s a summary of the BidX tools and features you’ll get with the free trial:

Bid Adjustments

This feature allows you to automatically adjust your bids based on keywords and search terms’ performance analysis.

With that, Amazon sellers can control keywords to increase or reduce bids.

Keyword Management

Since automation is the core of BidX, you can use this feature to identify profitable and unprofitable keywords. The tool lets you manually control well-performing search terms while setting unprofitable ones as negative keywords.

1-Click Campaign Creation

How do you like creating your ad campaigns quickly and easily?

This feature helps with basic settings like your preferred match types, syntax, bids, budgets, or campaign structure. You can also save these settings and use them on several products as presets.

This gives you a considerable advantage when modifying or recreating each campaign on the Advertising Console and Amazon Seller Central.

Automated Suggestions

Your campaign success springs from identifying relevant keywords that can trigger your ads. 

This feature allows you to get the most appropriate Amazon-suggested keywords for your products.

Rule Logs

You can use this feature to track all changes in your bids and structural adjustments, even if they’re older than 60 days. Since this tool hosts them, you can easily undo all changes in the bid and structural adjustments.

Individual Rules

Regarding bid adjustments, this feature lets you automatically create rule sets to trigger bid optimization. You’ll like this tool if you’re familiar with the IF-THIS-THEN-THAT approach.

Multi-User Accounts

You can easily and quickly switch from one connected and managed Amazon account to another within one BidX account.

Advertising Reports

Agencies will find this feature most appealing since they can present the essential figures from their campaigns to clients in a formatted PDF with their branding on it.

A data exporter lets you get all your performance data’s key figures in a CSV file. 

You can even summarize your set rules and rule log history as a CSV file.


bidx automations and rules

This feature lets you create and group multiple campaigns of a similar match type for a keyword or product to track specific strategies.

Thus, you can use the tool to generate well-performing or brand keywords while efficiently controlling them and identifying their performances.


Tag your products so you can bundle them based on margins, product types, and different models. Tags make creating a complete campaign structure for product variations with similar tags easier.

How to Take Full Advantage of the BidX Free Trial?

Since you have 14 days of free trial to test BidX, you must use the two weeks to determine if the software suits your Amazon business.

I’ve identified a few tips for managing Amazon ad campaigns to maximize your success with the BidX free trial:

  • Create and manage your ads fast: You can use the Product Management and 1-Click Setup tools to set up and manage your ads quickly. It’ll save you time and effort to simultaneously create campaigns for multiple products.
  • Control multiple keywords: 14 days can pass quickly, so use the Keyword Automation tool to quickly control various well-performing and poorly-performing keywords.
  • Manage bids: Making the most profitable use of your ad budget is crucial to your success. With your free trial, you can access the Bid Automation feature for bid and keyword adjustments and increase or decrease bids for keywords that have generated many or few orders.
  • Evaluate campaigns: How’d you like to gain confidence in your campaign appraisal within a few days? Use the free trial to your advantage by identifying the sales of your campaigns and the advertising cost of sales with the Campaign Chart tool.

My Experience With the BidX Free Trial

I’ll give an accurate account of what to expect while and after using the BidX free trial.

First, signing up for the free trial took less than three minutes, and I liked that it didn’t require providing my credit card details.

I love the simple and intuitive dashboard of the BidX homepage. The onboarding process was seamless, and the responsive customer support had my back when I got stuck somewhere.

In addition, I love how BidX customized my business expectations with the platform, which is crucial for Amazon PPC marketers. I achieved this by filling in the details of my business during the free trial signing-up process.

Ultimately, the few days of using the free trial helped me save time and effort when managing my Amazon ads. I had complete control over my Amazon paid ads’ performance and optimization.

However, one of the drawbacks of BidX is the high price. Also, you’ll need other expensive add-ons to scale your business.

How Do I Create New Campaigns With the BidX Free Trial?

Creating new campaigns with the BidX free trial takes 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to the Product Management tab and click “Add Keywords” to create a campaign.
  2. Input AI-generated keywords, Amazon keyword suggestions, or your new keywords.
  3. Create a suitable “Match Type” by checking them.
  4. Use “Syntax,” “Bids & Budgets,” and “Structure” to update the settings.
  5. Click “Save” and select “Create structure and add keywords.”

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a campaign.

What BidX Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

While BidX is a robust software that can help you create campaign structures on multiple marketplaces simultaneously for profitable Amazon advertising, it’s missing some essential features.

One is the dashboard, which needs expansion, more options for CSV exports, and a data interface.

You can consider these options in its place:

  Free Trial Duration Feature Access Best Price
Helium 10 Unlimited Limited Pricing Page
AMZ Scout 7 days Unrestricted Pricing Page
ZonGuru 7 days Unrestricted Pricing Page

Can I Connect an Amazon Account With the BidX Free Trial?

You can connect your Amazon account with the BidX free trial for personalized insights. This ensures you get real-time data and can use your business information to get the most targeted experience from the tool.

The steps are:

  1. Log in to your online Bidx Account.
  2. Go to the account settings after logging in.
  3. Choose your preferred region under “Amazon Connection.”
  4. Connect your Amazon account through the “Login With Amazon.”
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Is the BidX Free Trial Worth Using?

Yes, it’s worth using the BidX free trial since it doesn’t require your credit card details, and you can test all the features provided on the Amazon seller software. 

That way, you know whether you want to keep the software around after your first plan expires.

Sign up today to see how the BidX free trial can help you manage your Amazon ad campaigns.



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