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Feedvisor Pricing Plans Revealed: What It Costs!

Feedvisor offers two pricing plans: the cheapest one starts at $100 per month (Feedvisor Essentials), and the more expensive one starts at $1,500 per month (Feedvisor360).

Both plans offer repricing and Amazon ad management tools, but with varying depth and analytical support. Likewise, Feedvisor 360’s basic plan allows you to manage up to $50,000 in ad spend and more than $100K in monthly gross merchandise value (GMV) on the repricing side.

Furthermore, if you upgrade from the Essentials plan, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your Feedvisor 360 payment.

Key Takeaways

  • You can choose between Feedvisor Essentials and Feedvisor 360.
  • Feedvisor 360’s entry-level plan costs $1,500 monthly, but you can get a custom quote.
  • Both pricing plans offer the same features but with varying depths.

What’s Included in the Feedvisor Plans?

You’ll need to consider what each Feedvisor plan includes to decide between them and assess the offer’s value. Here’s a table showcasing the complete list of features for the Feedvisor Essentials and Feedvisor360 plan.

Feature Feedvisor Essentials Feedvisor 360
Repricing Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer Turnkey Solution Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer Turnkey Solution + ProductSphere™ Private Label + Pricing for Private Label
Analytics Basic Analytics and insights into catalog Deep catalog filters for Analysis, Competitive Analysis (Up to 20 ASINs) SKU-level performance data Downloadable Reports Basic Analytics and insights into catalog Deep catalog filters for Analysis Competitive Analysis (Up to 20 ASINs) SKU-level performance data Downloadable Reports + Advanced and customized business analytics + Holistic view of entire business operations + Scheduled custom email reports and alerts + Custom reports with saved filters to spotlight your catalog
Support Tech Support Tech Support + 24/7 expert support + Dedicated Amazon Expert

Besides the repricer-facing features, Feedvisor allows you to manage your Amazon PPC ad performance and strategies from its dashboard. Interestingly, the same privileges are available on the cheaper Feedvisor Essentials plan but with limitations. For instance, you’ll miss out on ad performance over time, profitability, and operating profit margin insights, among other things.

Furthermore, the Feedvisor 360 plan provides a highly granular data offering, even helping with inventory management.

Hence, you’ll get actionable data on what’s in stock, what’s running out of stock, and the best restocking strategies to never have a sales downtime or incur additional storage fees at Amazon warehouses.

Does Feedvisor Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Feedvisor offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. In fact, your journey begins with the Feedvisor free trial, after which you can decide on what pricing plan to choose. This is a consumer-friendly approach since there’s no financial risk in determining if Feedvisor fits your Amazon business.

How to Sign up for Feedvisor?

Signing up for Feedvisor takes just a few minutes. Here’s the step-by-step process to help you get started:

  1. Go to the Feedvisor website.
  2. Enter your email and the promo code: fv-revenuegeeks.
  1. Click “Start your free trial!
  1. Click “Start Free Trial” to access Feedvisor.
  1. Fill in your personal details, check the terms and conditions box, then click “Next.”
  1. Enter your preferred store name and choose a marketplace.
  1. Click “Connect Seller Partner API.”
  2. You’ll be redirected to Amazon Seller Central. Login to link your account to Feedvisor.
  3. Follow the rest of the on-screen prompts to complete your onboarding.

How to Choose the Right Feedvisor Plan for Your Business?

The Feedvisor Essentials plan is a good starting point for new Amazon sellers looking to save money and learn the ropes. There are enough tools and support to optimize the pricing for your first few products.

The best part is that it includes some of the advanced features of the Feedvisor 360 plans. 

Hence, it’ll introduce you to what extra data tools can do for your business.

However, when scaling your Amazon business with more products, you may want to upgrade to the Feedvisor360 plan. The plan offers the same features as Essentials but with more details and depth.

For instance, you get an executive summary, detailed analytical view, performance over time, profitability, and operating profit margin calculations. It also has tabs for brands and agencies and allows you to manage up to $50,000 monthly ad spend on its entry tier.

Can You Get a Free Demo on Feedvisor?

You can request a Feedvisor demo by completing a form on the Feedvisor website. 

This allows you to figure out if Feedvisor offers the features you need. Also, the demo is an excellent time to interact with Feedvisor customer support to evaluate if they’re helpful and the right partner for your business.

What Feedvisor Alternatives Can You Choose?

Feedvisor is a solid choice for Amazon sellers who wish to optimize their repricing strategy with detailed analytics. However, you may feel it lacks a few features, so consider the alternative below to see if it’s a better match.


SellerApp is an excellent alternative to Feedvisor because it also features a repricer for Amazon products and offers advertising strategy management.

However, SellerApp provides tools for other tasks (like product and keyword research), so it’s not as dedicated to repricing as Feedvisor. Still, that could be a selling point if you want a repricer and ad management tool with extensive features aiding selling on Amazon.

I recommend checking my SellerApp free trial guide to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feedvisor works with 14 Amazon marketplaces, but you can only select one per account. These are the Amazon US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, and India marketplaces.

Hence, you may need to discuss with its customer support team to see if it’s possible to manage product repricing and optimize Amazon ad performance for multiple marketplaces from a single dashboard.

Optimize Your Amazon Business With Feedvisor

Feedvisor provides an excellent toolkit for improving your Amazon product pricing strategy. Thus, you can achieve a healthy profit while maintaining consistent sales. 

You also get AI-based tools to optimize your Amazon advertising strategy.

Want to see if Feedvisor can help your Amazon business grow? Then grab my Feedvisor special offer to get started.

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