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Getida Pricing & Plans: Which to Choose?

Getida has a results-based pricing structure, starting at 25% for every Amazon FBA reimbursement it secures on your behalf. The company will invoice you once every 30 days for successful refunds, aggregating it all in one place rather than deducting charges on refunds as they come in.

However, the platform is free to join – you won’t pay subscription, setup, or licensing fees.

In this post, I’ll take you through Getida’s pricing structure to better understand how it works.

Key Takeaways

  • Getida is free to join with no upfront fees.
  • You’ll only pay for Getida if it gets you a refund.
  • How much you pay for Getida is directly proportional to the refunds secured.

Getida Pricing and Plans

Getida pricing and plans start at a modest 25% pay per recovery for each successful Amazon FBA refund.

Hence, the more refunds Getida completes, the more you’ll pay in fees. 

Conversely, you won’t pay anything if the platform doesn’t secure refunds.

Getida will email you a statement every 30 days detailing the reimbursements completed. You can also access this information straight from your dashboard in real time.

In addition, you can monitor each refund ticket Getida has opened with Amazon, including rejected and pending cases.

Amazon typically pays refunds every 2 weeks. Getida, however, will bill you monthly for all the refunds completed within that period.


Getida will not charge you for the first $400 it gets you in refunds.

What Do You Get On Getida Pricing and Plans?

Getida’s core feature revolves around communicating with Amazon about FBA refunds on your behalf.

Some FBA refunds Getida can pursue on your behalf include:

  • The cost of sellable products accidentally thrown away at an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • The cost of missing products or items received incorrectly at an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • The cost of products marked as damaged at an Amazon Partnered Carrier in transit to an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Fees for goods shipped by a supplier but were partially received at the designated warehouse.
  • Shipping fees paid to Amazon for inbound partner carrier shipments but weren’t utilized.
  • Product costs for wrong returns.

Getida automatically finds discrepancies eligible for a refund in the last 18 months

Once the system collects all the information, Getida’s team reconciles the figure, gets the required documents, and opens a reimbursement case with Amazon. Thus, claiming your refunds.

With Getida handling the communication, you can have more time to focus on other aspects of growing your business.

How to Sign Up for Getida?

It’s easy to create a Getida account.

Follow the four-step process below.

  1. Go to Getida and click “Sign Up.”
  1. Provide your basic information, including name, phone number, location, and estimated annual FBA revenue. Then, click “Next.”
  1. Fill in your business information.
  1. Provide your billing information to complete the sign-up process.
Congratulations! You can now take a back seat as Getida starts auditing your Amazon account for reimbursement opportunities.

Best Getida Alternatives

Getida is a robust tool for pursuing FBA reimbursements. However, if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can consider the alternatives below:

Helium 10’s Refund Genie

Refund Genie is part of the Helium 10 suite, with unique functionalities you won’t get with Getida.

First, Refund Genie doesn’t charge you for secured refunds, which means more money in your pocket.

However, while Refund Genie populates refund opportunities automatically, you’ll have to open cases with Amazon yourself. On the flip side, Getida’s team will handle the reimbursement process, freeing your time to focus on other areas of your business.

You’ll need to sign up for Helium 10 to access Refund Genie. Luckily, you can use my coupon and discount codes to enjoy exclusive savings on your purchases.

SellerBoard’s Reimbursement Tool

SellerBoard’s reimbursement tool doesn’t charge a percentage of the secured fees. 

However, you’ll need to sign up for SellerBoard to use it.

The best part is that SellerBoard has an extensive 1-month free trial to explore the platform without upfront financial commitment.

Furthermore, besides the reimbursement tool, the free trial allows you to use other SellerBoard features like Inventory Management and PPC Optimization.

However, SellerBoard’s reimbursement tool doesn’t provide automation, so you’ll need to handle the process yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can add multiple Amazon stores to your Getida account.

However, you need to add a store only once, even if you operate in various countries. 

For instance, if your store sells in the US, Canada, and Mexico, just add the US store.

You can get in touch with Getida via the contact form available on the provider’s website. You can also reach the customer care desk via or for help with your statement. Other ways to contact Getida are via for sales and to cancel your subscription.

Getida Makes Amazon FBA Refunds Easy!

Pursuing Amazon FBA refunds can be time-consuming and challenging.

Getida eliminates the complexity of refund claims by having a team of professionals open and handle cases for you. That way, you don’t have to spend hours engaging in the sometimes painstaking back-and-forth with Amazon.

Furthermore, the fact that you don’t have to pay for the service until you get a refund creates trust while ensuring a risk-free experience for Amazon sellers.

Would you like to try out Getida? Sign up here today. It’s free!

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Adam Wood
Adam Wood
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