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Helium 10’s Refund Genie: The Ultimate Guide

Amazon may owe you money that you don’t know about.

Helium 10’s Refund Genie helps you trace the amount Amazon owes you and get it back to you by automating the complicated FBA reimbursement process.

Why Amazon Owes You Money?

While handling your inventory, Amazon employees may accidentally damage some units.

Some units may get lost while transporting it from one warehouse to another or sending it to the customers. Amazon refunds you the amount for the damaged/lost inventory.

If Amazon didn’t reimburse you (which happens many times and every Amazon seller that I know faced this issue), Refund Genie highlights those reimbursements. Then you can ask Amazon to proceed with the required reimbursements and get your money back.

One of my friends, who is an Amazon seller too, got a reimbursement of two thousand dollars with the help of Refund Genie. This is a lot of money, and I think that 90% of the sellers don’t know about these reimbursements because Amazon makes it really hard to get your money back.

How Does Refund Genie Work?

How Refund Genie Streamlines the FBA Reimbursement Process

Refund Genie gets the reports of Lost & Damaged units from your Seller Central Account, then splits them up into smaller reports and gives you the excel sheets containing details for the reimbursement.

You can use those sheets to open cases with Amazon, and after an investigation, they will reimburse your money.

Refund Genie also tells you how much money Amazon owes you, but I have observed that Amazon does not refund you that exact amount. Sometimes they refund less than what Refund Genie claimed, and sometimes they refund more.

Why Refund Genie Is Better Than Other Tools?

What Refund Genie does can also be done manually without the help of any tool.

The manual process is complex, and it takes a lot of time. Being an Amazon seller myself, I really don’t like to spend time on this tedious process when it can be automated easily with the help of Refund Genie.

Other tools in the market are either expensive for the features they provide, while some even require a percentage of the money you got reimbursed with their help.

Refund Genie does not claim any share.

Rather along with Refund Genie, Helium 10 also gives you other helpful tools too, which you will need for managing your Amazon business. Instead of purchasing every tool separately, I find it very convenient to get everything done with the help of Helium 10 only.

How to Use Refund Genie?

Refund Genie is very easy to use. I don’t think you will have any difficulty using it.

The below steps will help you to use it:

  1. Go to Helium 10 Webpage and log in (or sign up if you don’t have an account yet).
  2. On the Homepage, there will be many tools that you can use. Among them, click on Refund Genie.Click on Refund Genie card
  3. If you don’t have linked your Seller Central yet, it will ask you to do so. First, click on Manage Connected Accounts Page.Click on Manage Connected Accounts Page
  4. Follow the steps it shows to connect Helium 10 with your Seller Central.connect Helium 10 with your Seller Central

    If you have already integrated your Seller Central with Helium 10, you will be able to use Refund Genie directly and download the reimbursement reports.

  5. Run Refund Genie and download the report showing refundable items.Download the report showing refundable items

  6. Open the file you have downloaded. There will be three items; open the first folder and copy the reports in it to your desktop.There will be three items
  7. Open a case with Amazon and in this case, also attach the reports you saved on the Desktop.

Next, we will discuss how you can effectively open a case with Amazon.

How to Open a Case With Amazon?

In my opinion, Amazon puts a lot of effort to stop you from opening a case. The first time I had to open a case with them, it took me more than two hours, and still, I wasn’t able to do so.

They make this complex, and if you don’t seek help from someone experienced, it can also become a never-ending loop.

However, the following steps will make it easy for you to open cases with Amazon. Follow the below instruction to get your money back from Amazon:

  1. Go to Seller Central and log in to your Amazon account.Log in to your Amazon Account
  2. Click on the Help Icon.Click on the Help icon
  3. The help center will appear, which looks like this:Help Center interface
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Get Support icon.Click on Get Support
  5. Then the below page will appear, now click on Selling on Amazon.Click on Selling on Amazon
  6. Describe your issue:Describe your issue
  7. This is what I write for opening cases. If you don’t know what to write, you can write something like this:
    I was checking my items but noticed some of the units were misplaced/damaged.
    Please have an audit of these FNSKUs and proceed with the reimbursement for them.
    Thanks a lot for your time and cooperation. [Write your FNSKU]

    Note: A lot of people get angry with Amazon customer support and end up using bad language. I understand that you may get angry at the poor communication skills of the Amazon Support team but please I request you not to do this because it will result in damaging your case.

  8. After describing your issue, click on the continue tab. Amazon will show some options to better understand your problem. Just select the one related to your case and press the continue tab again.Shows some options
  9. Amazon will show many options and helpful information, but you have to continue with your case and click on Contact Us.Click on Contact Us
  10. Write ASIN/FNSKU of your products. Attach the reports you got from Refund Genie and click on Send.Attach the reportsNote:
    Please do not attach more than five files in a case, and do not ask Amazon Customer Support to investigate more than 5 ASINs at a time. You can open multiple cases if required or create a new case every time they answer the previous case.
  11. After a few days, Amazon support personnel will reply to the case and inform you about the reimbursement.

Supported Marketplaces

Helium 10 Refund Genie's marketplaces

Helium 10’s Refund Genie is available in these marketplaces:

  • Amazon United States (
  • Amazon Canada (
  • Amazon Mexico (
  • Amazon UK (
  • Amazon Germany (
  • Amazon France (
  • Amazon Italy (
  • Amazon Spain (

If you are selling in any of the above marketplaces, then you will be able to use Refund Genie and get your money back from Amazon.

If you are not selling in any of these market places, you will not be able to use Refund Genie.

If this is the case with you, don’t worry; you can still get the reports which Refund Genie gives manually from your seller central. I know many people who do this manually and are able to get reimbursements from Amazon too. This is how you can do it manually without Refund Genie’s help.

Refund Genie Pricing

Refund Genie comes at $97 per month. With this subscription plan, you will not only be able to use Refund Genie but all the other tools of Helium 10 too.

Other tools in the market which are designed only for getting reimbursement reports come at a price of $20-$35 per month. Some tool providers like Seller BenchSeller Investigator will not ask you for any monthly subscription charges, but they will take 20%-25% of the funds they get you recovered.

Below is the list of tools you will get, along with Refund Genie, when you subscribe to Helium 10:

  • Black Box: It helps you with Product Research.
  • Trendster: It tells you the trend of a product on Amazon.
  • Magnet: Extracts keywords for any main keyword you enter.
  • Cerebro: It gives all the keywords indexed for the ASIN you enter.
  • Frankenstein: It is used for listing optimization.
  • Scribbles: It is used for adjusting keywords in the title, bullet points, and description of your listing.
  • Index Checker: Checks which keywords you are indexed on.
  • Keyword Tracker: It gives you the rank of your product on all the keywords you want to know.
  • Inventory Protector: Sets per order limit of your product inventory.
  • Misspellinator: It tells you the misspellings relevant to your keyword.
  • Alerts: Gives you alert for reviews, hijacker, etc.
  • Profits: Tracks your sales and profits.
  • Follow Up: Sends follow-up emails to your customers.
  • Portals: It builds Landing Pages for your product.
  • Freedom Ticket: Training Course offered by Helium 10. Kevin King comes in this course. I have found this course better than some higher-priced courses available in the market.
  • Market Tracker: It tracks data for a niche and shows you where your product is standing.

You can find more details about the subscription plans in the chart below.

Helium 10 pricing and features

You don’t have to pay the total price indicated when purchasing. Here are 10% and 50% discount coupons for the annual and monthly subscriptions.

They even offer a free trial; you can use it to check the different tools provided by Helium 10 before making the full purchase.

In their Free and Start Up plan you will be able to use Refund Genie, it will tell you how much money Amazon owes you but you cannot download the reports to claim your money from Amazon.

Helium 10 Support Agent

How to Get Reimbursements Without Using Any Tool

When I came to know about the problems Amazon creates for reimbursement, I started using Refund Genie, and it has helped me recover a lot of my money from Amazon.

But if you think that Refund Genie is expensive or you don’t want to use any tools for this purpose, you can still get your money back. Now, I will explain to you how to do everything Refund Genie does without using any tool.

You can download the list of misplaced/damaged units directly from your Seller Central. For this, you will have to download the Inventory Adjustments reports.

To download them, go to Reports > Fulfillment > Inventory Adjustments.

Amazon Inventory Adjustments

Select the dates for which you want to get the report and download it. Open the report and copy everything to Excel Sheet. This way, it is easier to manage.

Below is an example of how the report will look like:

An example of report

You will have to look for the reason’s column and identify the codes for damaged and lost inventory.

The below table shows the codes you have to identify in the report; mark the rows having the codes for damaged/lost inventory.

Codes for damaged or lost items

*For more details about the Codes & Inventory Adjustment Reports, please click here.

Once you have identified all the rows for Lost/Damaged inventory, copy them to a new sheet. Now is the time to ask Amazon to reimburse you. Go to seller central, open a case with Amazon, attach the new sheet, and politely ask them to verify it and return your money.

Is Refund Genie Worth It?

I don’t think Refund Genie is worth $97 per month. All it does is give you a bunch of sheets which you can also download from your Seller Central.

The reason I use it and also recommend it is because Helium 10 has some really great tools and they are essential for your Amazon business. Refund Genie just makes things better and easier giving you the reimbursement reports every 30 days. By using Refund Genie, you can save your time and spend it on more important aspects of your business.

If you don’t want to use Helium 10’s other tools and want to subscribe for Helium 10 only to use Refund Genie, then I don’t recommend you to do so. Download the reports manually from your Seller Central.

If it is time-consuming for you, hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork to do all the heavy lifting.

Even with Refund Genie’s help, you may still need to hire someone for opening cases on Amazon because this is also a time-consuming step since you have to open one case after another.

How Much Money Does Amazon Refund?

$5000 is the maximum price of an FBA product eligible for reimbursement. If you have any product valued at more than $5000, it is highly recommended to use third-party insurance.

Amazon does not refund you the full price of your product. They calculate the estimated selling price of your product, deduct referral fees & fulfillment fees from it. Then reimburse you the remaining amount.

Amazon estimates the selling price of your product by comparing:

  • The median selling price of your product, which you did set in the last 18 months
  • The median selling price of your competitors, which they did set in the previous 18 months.
  • Your and your competitor’s current price.

Amazon is not going to refund you every time. However, this works for most cases.

Does Amazon Send Notifications When I Am Being Reimbursed for Damaged or Lost Products?

Amazon sends you notifications for the reimbursements you receive; however, you don’t receive any notifications for the reimbursements they did not send you.

In my opinion, Amazon does not want you to know about the money it owes you.

That is why they have made it so complex to get reimbursements for the Damaged/Lost products.

Reasons For Selecting Refund Genie

I think there is nothing better than getting money, especially money that is yours, and Amazon won’t let you know about it in an easy way. You should get Refund Genie because:

  1. It estimates the reimbursement amount Amazon owes you for damaged or lost inventory.
  2. You don’t have to log in to seller central for getting the reports. Refund Genie will do this automatically for you.
  3. It keeps a record of the previous reimbursements you got from Amazon.
  4. It gives you clear and easy guidelines to follow to get reimbursements from Amazon.
  5. Opening cases with Amazon and getting reimbursements becomes very easy with its help.
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I recommend adding 3 to 5 transactions. Do not include more than 5; otherwise, it will take a lot of time to get your reimbursement, and there are high chances that your case will get rejected.

You can open multiple cases, but I don’t recommend opening more than 5 cases at the same time. If you open more than 5 cases then Amazon tends to merge all of them into a single case. And if this happens, you will face a lot of delay to get an answer from them.

No, you will get access to all of the tools Helium 10 offers; Refund Genie is just one of them.

Refund Genie is part of Helium 10 Tools, for which you have to pay. But if you want to get reimbursements without paying for Refund Genie or any other tool, you can do so. Here is explained how to do it.


Refund Genie is an excellent tool, and it will help you get your money back from Amazon.

I highly recommend subscribing to Helium 10 (Get 50% OFF Your First Month) and using this fantastic tool to help you save your money and time.

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