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Helium 10 Diamond Plan: Discount Code & What’s Included

The Helium 10 Diamond plan is its most feature-rich and complete package. It costs $279 monthly and is the best choice for expert Amazon sellers who want to scale their business.

In addition to providing access to nearly every Helium 10 tool with higher limits than the Platinum plan, the Diamond plan also includes unique features such as monthly expert training, multi-user access, extra connected accounts, in-person workshops, and the Exit Ticket to help you plan for the future sale of your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the discount codes REVENUEGEEKS20 and REVENUEGEEKS10 to save money on the Helium 10 Diamond Plan.
  • The Diamond plan costs $279 month-to-month or $229 per month for the annual subscription.
  • The Diamond plan includes exclusive features like expert training, multi-user access, and the Exit Ticket.

Helium 10 Diamond Coupon Code

Looking to save on the Helium 10 Diamond plan? Use our coupon codes to get a massive discount:

  • Get 20% OFF your first 6 months with code: REVENUEGEEKS20
  • Save 10% every month with code: REVENUEGEEKS10

Diamond Plan Pros and Cons

The Helium 10 Diamond plan offers access to extra features and discounts. However, you should also consider the higher price point and the lack of access to all Helium 10 tools before paying for one.


  • Provides access to extra features like multiple user access and monthly expert training.
  • You can choose between the monthly or annual plan to save money.
  • Helps advanced Amazon sellers to scale their business by unlocking higher Helium 10 tool usage limits.
  • Big discount with our coupon codes.
  • Allows connection of 5 unique Amazon Seller Central accounts for one-dashboard management.
  • Incorporates AI into listing creation to help users save money on expert copywriters.


  • Most expensive Helium 10 plan
  • Doesn’t include all tools, such as the Market Tracker 360 or Adtomic

What Is the Diamond Plan?

The Diamond plan is the most expensive and feature-rich option of the standard Helium 10 plans. Hence, it’s a significant upgrade from the STARTER and PLATINUM plans and targeted at advanced intermediate or expert Amazon sellers looking to scale their business.

This plan also offers higher tool usage limits, which are essential since it allows you to connect five (5) Amazon Seller Central accounts.

For example, you can track 3,500 keywords instead of 500 on the PLATINUM plan. Likewise, Market Tracker works for 5 markets concurrently on this plan, offering 2 more than the Platinum plan.

Furthermore, the Diamond plan offers exclusive features like multi-user account management, monthly expert training, Exit Ticket, and more. You’ll need to decide if the price of the extra features is worth the cost.

Fortunately, you can give some of Helium 10’s features a test drive before committing to the Diamond plan. In that case, click here for a free trial. However, you won’t get access to most of the robust usage limits that the Diamond plan provides during the free trial.

What Tools Are Included in the Diamond Plan?

Tool Name Description Usage Details
Magnet Seek traffic-driving opportunities via a list of related keywords to your typed seed phrase. Therefore, you can improve product visibility and extend your reach within a market. Unlimited
Black Box Search a database of over 450+ million Amazon products to discover profitable ideas with high demand and low competition. Unlimited
Cerebro This reverse ASIN lookup tool enables competitor keyword research to uncover what works for the best sellers in your niche. Reverse-engineer their strategies to make more sales with ready-made insights. Unlimited
Keyword Tracker Acquire important keyword data such as monthly searches, rankings, % changes, trends, and more. You can monitor your keywords effortlessly or track competitor keyword performance. 3,500 keywords
Xray Explore Amazon sales data with this product analysis tool. Hence you can determine market competition and ease of entry when starting your Amazon business. Unlimited
Index Checker Check that you're ranking for keywords associated with your product listings to ensure maximum reach and visibility on the e-commerce marketplace. 300 uses per month
Profits Profits allows you to view selling analytics from a single dashboard. Therefore, you can inspect important metrics at a glance to determine a product's financial health. Unlimited
Alerts Receive alerts on listing alterations, fraud, and hijacker activity to safeguard your Amazon listings. Therefore, you can fight back against bad actors looking to take advantage of your Amazon success. Up to 300 ASINs
Refund Genie Optimize the FBA reimbursement process with Refund Genie. It sends pre-written messages and receives refund total estimates within seconds. Unlimited
Trendster Identify price trends, check BSR changes, and uncover product seasonality in your market of interest. Use historical data to take advantage of spike demands to sell more products. Unlimited
Misspellinator The misspelled keyword extractor allows you to find frequently searched products with incorrect spellings. Use the keywords in your PPC or backend to boost rankings for keywords your competitors might have overlooked. Unlimited
Listing Analyzer Receive insight into the pros and cons of a product listing. Whether you’re trying to figure out what competitors have done right or want to improve your product listings, Listing Analyzer is the right tool for the job. 150 uses per month
Listing Builder Create new listings and manage existing product listings with AI from a single dashboard. Save on copywriting and get your listings whipped up faster than before. Unlimited
Inventory Protector Prevent competitor buyouts or artificially-engineered stock outs, especially when offering promotional discount codes. Protect your Amazon stock with the click of a few buttons. Unlimited
Follow-Up The email marketing automation tool allows you to improve customer experience. Therefore, create email sequences that keep customers engaged and ready to buy more products.  15,000 emails per month
Inventory Management Resupply stock on time with Helium 10’s Inventory Management tool. You’ll receive restock recommendations to avoid going out of stock or ordering too much. Unlimited
Market Tracker This tool provides a bird’s eye view of your market. Therefore, you can see how your competitors are doing and trends worth capitalizing on. Up to 5 markets
Amazon Landing Page Builder Drive external traffic to your Amazon product listing. You can populate important product page information directly to your landing pages. Up to 6 portals

How Much Does the Helium 10 Diamond Plan Cost?

The Helium 10 Diamond plan has two pricing offers:

  • Monthly: $279 per month
  • Annual: $229 per month

The monthly plan provides more flexibility, as you’re only committed for one month at a time. However, it’s more expensive than the annual plan, which can save you up to $600 per year!

Here’s a comparison of the annual price plans for Starter, Platinum, and Diamond.

The best part is that you can save more on these plans by entering either of my exclusive coupon codes: REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10.

If you’d like to further compare the pricing plans, check out our guide by clicking here.

How to Sign Up for the Helium 10 Diamond Plan?

There are two ways to sign up for the Helium 10 Diamond plan: you can either create a free trial account and upgrade to the Diamond plan later, or you can choose the Diamond plan immediately when creating a new one. 

If you choose the latter option, here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Visit the Helium 10 Pricing page.
  2. You’ll see a coupon code field on the left side of the pricing page. Enter the code REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10, depending on your desired discount.
  3. Then, click “Apply” to receive a discount.
  1. Click “Buy Now” under the Diamond plan.
  1. Enter your name, email address, and password.
  2. Then, click “Continue to Payment.
  1. Enter your credit card details and billing address.
  2. Then, click “Complete Payment.
  1. You can now enjoy your Helium 10 Diamond account with access to all Amazon selling tools!

Diamond vs Platinum: What are the Differences?

There are a lot of similarities between the Diamond and Platinum plans, but for this comparison we’ll focus on the differences. This will help you decide what plan makes the most sense given your budget, needs, and stage of the Amazon business.

Here’s a table to highlight the tool usage differences in each plan:

Tool Diamond Platinum
Market Tracker Up to 5 markets Up to 3 markets
Index Checker 300 uses per month 150 uses per month
Listing Analyzer 150 uses per month 50 uses per month
Xray for Walmart Unlimited Limited
Listing Builder Unlimited Limited
My Products Insights 1,000 Products 20 Products
Alerts 200 Products 20 Products
Keyword Tracker 2,500 keywords 500 keywords
Walmart Keyword Tracker 250 keywords 100 keywords
Refund Genie Unlimited Unavailable
Follow-Up 15,000 emails per month 5,000 emails per month
Inventory Management Unlimited Up to 40 SKUs
Business Valuation Available Unavailable
Multi-User Login Yes (5 users) No
Connected Accounts 5 2
Exit Ticket Course Yes No
Amazon PPC Academy Yes Only with token

To learn more about the difference between the Diamond and Platinum plans, click here for our comparison guide.

Who Should Choose the Diamond Plan?

The Diamond plan is ideal for Amazon sellers looking to scale and need added features and extra tool usage access. For example, if you’re already on the Platinum plan and are frustrated by the limitations of some features, then it’s time to upgrade.

Let’s say you need to track more than 2,500 keywords or send over 5,000 emails per month to your audience, you’ll need to switch to the Diamond plan. Arguably, the cost of the Diamond plan might pay for itself by taking your business to new heights

However, sticking with the Starter or Platinum plans might be the better choice if you’re starting and have a tight budget.

Can I Upgrade From a Platinum Plan to Diamond?

You can upgrade from a Helium 10 Platinum plan to the Diamond offering at any time. Likewise, you can upgrade from any other Helium 10 plan to Diamond whenever you’re ready to make the leap.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Helium 10 account.
  2. Click your account name in the top right corner. In my case, that’s “RevenueGeeks Editorial.
  1. Click “‘Plans & Billing.
  2. Click “Subscribe” under the Diamond plan.
  1. Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your account upgrade.

To get more information about your upgrade options and how they will affect your billing cycle, you can contact or use the live chat feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Helium 10 tools are included in the Diamond plan, but some are omitted.

For instance, add-ons like Adtomic and Elite are not included in the Diamond plan, requiring extra payments. However, the Diamond plan ensures eligibility for all Helium 10 tools, such as Elite, which can’t be bought with other plans.

The Helium 10 Diamond plan will help you increase sales by providing access to extra features and more tools. For example, you can use the expert monthly training to learn new strategies for increasing market share.

Beginners and Amazon sellers on a tight budget should not choose the Diamond plan. These groups should start with the Starter and Platinum plans since they cannot take full advantage of what the Diamond plan has to offer.

You can upgrade to the Diamond plan at any time, so there is no rush until you are ready.

Scale Faster With the Helium 10 Diamond Plan

The Helium 10 Diamond plan is the package that will take your Amazon business to the next level. The large suite of tools and features means you’ll have a strong software solution that covers all the important aspects of running an Amazon business.

While it may be more expensive than the Platinum plan, it provides significant upgrades and is worth the investment for those looking to grow their business.

So why wait? Get the exclusive discount now and scale your Amazon FBA business to the top.

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