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How Can Helium10 Help Walmart Sellers?

For many years, Helium10 has always been associated with Amazon FBA.

But did you know that Walmart sellers can now use Helium10 to take their businesses to the next level tool?

What Is Helium10?

Helium10 is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service tool that helps eCommerce sellers scale up their businesses. It offers data-driven solutions to many eCommerce problems — from researching and validating products to listing optimization.

Helium10 lets you automate some of the most critical tasks for your eCommerce business.

Whether you are into sourcing new products, researching new keywords, improving your organic traffic, or optimizing your listings, Helium10 provides data-driven insights to help empower your decisions.

In recent years, Helium10 has expanded its suite of tools to help not only Amazon but also Walmart sellers. Through its tried-and-tested solutions such as XrayMagnet, and Cerebro, Helium10 allows sellers to make data-driven decisions.

Are you interested to know what these tools can do for your Walmart store?

Let’s learn how Helium10 can help Walmart sellers in the following section.


Xray is part of the free Helium10 Extension that allows Walmart sellers to do different things such as:

  • Compare Walmart data to other marketplaces such as Amazon
  • Find new opportunities by discovering profitable keywords that are related to a listing
  • Find product sources and manufacturers on Alibaba

There are so many things that you can do with Xray. From researching keyword opportunities to finding the best supplier for your next product idea, this tool can help you get ahead of your competition.

To give you a glimpse of the power of this tool, let me show you how you can use X-ray to find a supplier on Alibaba.

  1. Search for Products on Walmart (you can also use Amazon if you want to know where your competitors are getting their products). Make sure that you are logged in on Helium10 while searching.
Log into Helium 10
  1. Using the search field, type the keywords related to the product you are looking for.
  2. On the upper right part of your browser, you will see the Helium10 Extension. Click and open Xray.
Open Xray
  1. As soon as the results load, click the option Source on
Source on Alibaba
  1. A second window should pop up. Inside this window, you will find the corresponding products related to your search. These products are available on Alibaba.
Supplier finder
  1. Narrow down the results to find the products that suit your budget and needs.

This is just one way to use Xray to help you find opportunities for your Walmart business.

You can also use Xray to see your competitors’ listings’ scores, content, and ratings.

If you want to make your listing look professional, you can use Xray to spy on your competition and copy the strategies that work well for them.

And the best thing about it? Xray is part of the free Helium10 Chrome Extension.

You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to use this powerful tool.

Indeed, this all-in-one tool is one of my favorite in Helium10’s software suite.


Do you want to spy on your competitors’ keyword ranking strategy to improve your listings? Do you want to steal what works for your competition and use it to your advantage?

If you want to improve your product listings through reverse-engineering your competitors’ strategies, then Cerebro is the tool for you.

Cerebro is my favorite tool to use when it comes to gauging the top-ranking keywords for my competitors’ products. By using the data and information supplied by Cerebro, I can easily optimize my product listings to attract traffic, boost sales, and keep competitive prices on my products.

Cerebro is essential when launching new products and creating more awareness for your brand.

One of my favorite ways of using Cerebro is taking the product IDs of the best-performing products in my niche. Using Xray, I will spy on my competition and do a reverse keyword search on my competitors. Then, I will use Cerebro to find the top-performing keywords for my competitors’ product listings.

Let me show you how it is done below:

  1. First, type in a search term for a product you are interested in.
Search a term
  1. Once you find a competitor product you want to spy on, copy the ASIN from the search results page. Click on the product listing to go to the actual product page.
Copy ASIN code
  1. Now click on the Keywords link under the listing’s product image. This will only appear when you are logged in on Helium10, so make sure you are logged in.
Click on keywords
  1. Cerebro will launch as soon as you click on the Keywords link. Make sure to choose the correct marketplace from the drop-down menu.
  Keyword results might vary depending on the location of the market. Click on the Get Keywords button to prompt Cerebro to begin its search.
Select the right marketplace
  1. Cerebro will now do its magic and show a list of all identified keywords for the product listing.
Variety of data
  1. Now you can start to scan down and see the keywords and phrases Cerebro has identified for this product.
Scan down keywords
  1. Sort the keywords according to Cerebro IQ Score. This score indicates how easy it is to rank a product. The higher the Cerebro IQ Score, the better your chances for you to rank your product against the competition.
Cerebro IQ score
  1. You can also find the Search Volume of each keyword to see how much traffic you could get if you can rank this keyword on page 1.
Sort Search Volume
  1. Export the list via CSV so you can sort your data and decide which keywords to target for your product listings.
Export via CSV

Cerebro is a powerful tool for finding keywords not only for listing optimization but for PPC campaigns as well.


If you are running paid advertisements, you can use Cerebro to target low-competition, high-traffic keywords that you can bid on without spending so much money.


If Cerebro allows you to enter a target ASIN to collect relevant keywords, Magnet allows you to input keywords so you can discover more profitable keywords for


With the Magnet tool, you can discover and compare search volume reports for various keywords on Walmart. This will give you an idea of what keywords to target for your product listings or paid advertisement campaigns.


Using an initial keyword list, you can use Magnet to branch out and uncover associated keywords. You will also get data on these keywords’ performance on


I think of the Magnet tool as a “thesaurus on steroids.” It is designed explicitly by Helium10 to help Walmart sellers uncover secret keywords that you won’t quickly discover without using a tool.


Magnet filter

Magnet Score

The Magnet Score lets you find products with a decent search volume and a low number of competitors. The higher the Magnet Score is, the better opportunity it provides.

Search Volume (Walmart)

Search Volume (Walmart) data is based on estimates for the Walmart marketplace. It shows the estimated number of times the keyword phrase is searched on Amazon monthly.

Word Count

Word Count refers to the number of keywords terms in the search phrase. If you want to find low-hanging fruit keywords, going for 3 or more Word Counts is recommended.

Competing Products

Competing Products refer to the total number of products in a customer search that involves this keyword or phrase—the lower the number of competing products, the better the seller’s chances of winning this niche.

Phrases Containing

This filter shows all the phrases and terms that include the entered keywords. If you are looking to target a specific keyword for your list, you should add the keyword to this field.

Exclude Phrases Containing

This filter shows phrases and terms that do not include the entered keywords. If you are looking to avoid a specific keyword for your list (e.g., Free, Discount, Giveaway, Bonus, etc.), you should add the keyword to this field.

Best Seller

This will let you filter keyword search results based on Walmart’s Best Sellers list. If you are looking for the keywords that top-performing Walmart products are ranking for, this field will help you find them.

For me, Magnet is a great tool you can use in combination with Xray to find the most profitable, best-performing keywords in your niche. Using accurate data to discover what works for your competition, you can create a keyword list to optimize your listings and pay-per-click advertisements.

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Final Words

As the world moves from a challenging start of the decade, new opportunities continue to sprout daily. As an eCommerce seller, it is your job to find the best way to take advantage of these opportunities.

Helium10 is an excellent tool to help you take the next step and get ahead of your competition.

You can rely on Helium10 for your keyword strategy, product hunt, competitor research, and supplier acquisition by creating data-driven tools that work in conjunction with the Walmart marketplace.

Click here and try Helium 10 for Walmart, TODAY!

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