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Helium 10 Anomaly Tracker: Catch Amazon Ranking Glitches Easily

The Helium 10 Anomaly Tracker allows you to discover when an Amazon ranking glitch occurs. Also, you can use it to view historical data from 2021 onwards to learn about previous ranking glitches and their severity.

Also, the Amazon Anomaly Tracker is available with all Helium 10 subscription plans, which includes the free trial.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Anomaly Tracker will help explain why you can’t find your products on Amazon search.
  • Receive updates about Amazon ranking glitches straight to your email inbox.
  • Combine the Amazon Anomaly Tracker with the Keyword Tracker and Index Checker to determine if you’re affected.

What Is the Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker?

The Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker is a tool that allows you to catch Amazon glitches, which cause unexplainable ranking behavior. Helium 10 names these occurrences as Amazon Anomalies. They include instances where product listing rankings drop significantly or are de-indexed altogether.

Amazon anomalies can result in sales grinding to halt, or there is no explanation for them. 

The Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker is a tool that allows you to detect these anomalies and receive updates.

How does this help Amazon sellers? Understanding that your product listing was affected by an Amazon glitch helps account for lower sales velocity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about altering your strategy.

What Subscription Plans Include the Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker?

The subscription plans that include the Amazon Anomaly Tracker include Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite. Also, it’s available with the Helium 10 free trial, so you can use the tool without paying.

In fact, the Amazon Anomaly Tracker is available for non-Helium 10 subscribers. You simply need to enter your email, as shown in the screenshot below, and click on the blue “Get Updates” button.

get helium 10 anomaly tracker updates

This will provide you with instant notifications of sitewide anomalies.

Do you like the sound of the Amazon Anomaly Tracker? Then consider signing up with Helium 10 for access to other tools.

How Do You Use the Amazon Anomaly Tracker?

To use the Amazon Anomaly Tracker, visit the Helium 10’s Amazon Anomaly Tracker page, share your email and click on the “Get Updates” button. If you are already signed in to your Helium 10 account, the account email will already be displayed and cannot be changed.

Now you’ll automatically receive updates, and no further inputs are required. Also, if you don’t like the tool’s updates, you can opt-out anytime.

Also, at the time of writing, the Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker is only available in the Amazon US marketplace, and it offers the following time range presets:

  • Past 7 days
  • Past 30 days
  • Past 90 days
  • Past 180 days
  • 1 year

How Do You Interpret the Data From the Amazon Anomaly Tracker Tool?

You can also look at the historical data for previous anomalies on the Amazon Anomaly Tracker Sign up page. In the screenshot below, you can see the graph and the options to change the date range.

helium 10 anomaly tracker data range

The data in the green zone are normal fluctuations you can expect and should not be worried about. You can expect some disruption to your keywords in the yellow range, and the red range indicates a high chance of being affected.

Note that not all product listings are affected by Amazon Glitches.

So how do you find out if your product listing was affected?

Check your Helium 10 Keyword Tracker tool for odd behavior.

For example, de-listing events usually create a gap in Keyword Tracker data graphs. This indicates that your keywords disappeared from the Amazon search results pages for a period.

amazon search glitch on helium 10 anomaly tracker

What Steps Can You Take if You Suspect an Amazon Anomaly?

An Amazon anomaly might be no cause for concern – you simply have to wait it out until the rankings return to normal. However, to err on the side of caution, you should complete the following steps to ensure you cover your bases:

  • Check Helium 10 Keyword Tracker: the Amazon Anomaly Tracker only shows data on sitewide events. However, you’ll need to inspect your Keyword Tracker data to determine if your product listing was affected.
  • Index Checker: use the Helium 10 Index Checker to see if your product listings are indexed and visible to potential buyers. Also, this allows you to see how many keywords were affected by the anomaly.
  • Alerts: look at the Helium 10 Alerts tool to determine if other contributing factors could change rankings. For example, there might be a category change or suspension.

Don’t have access to the tools mentioned above? Then check out the Helium 10 Pricing Page to learn more about the subscription offering these tools.

Our Experience Using the Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker

We tested the tools for ourselves to bring you an honest and descriptive overview of what to expect from the Amazon Anomaly Tracker. Firstly, we liked that all Helium 10 accounts can access the Amazon Anomaly Tracker – even free trial accounts.

Also, playing around with the historical data tool, we loved that there is a breakdown of 3 colored regions to indicate the likelihood of an Amazon Glitch event. This makes it easier to interpret data at a glance.

Furthermore, it’s handy that you can receive updates in your email inbox. 

It means there is no need to manually check if significant anomalies are reported. My schedule is busy, so this is the best approach to avoid adding another task to my checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Amazon anomalies are real because you can see the evidence for yourself by using the Helium 10 Keyword Tracker tool. For example, when a product listing gets de-index for a particular keyword, there will be a gap on the graph corresponding to an Amazon Anomaly.

You can’t find your product on Amazon because it is deindexed, suspended, or perhaps it’s moved to another product category. You should look at the Amazon account health page to determine if suspensions or violations must be resolved.

Also, confirm the extent of the problem by using Helium tools such as Index checker and Keyword Tracker.

An Amazon anomaly will only reduce your sales if your product listing is affected. 

Sitewide Amazon glitches don’t affect every product, so you might get away without incurring a loss of sales.

However, suppose you experience an Amazon anomaly. In that case, you can continue to generate sales by using the Helium 10 Portals tool to drive traffic to your Amazon product page, or use Amazon’s PPC marketing tool.

Amazon anomalies last for a few days to a week. It varies and the problem usually resolves itself before too long. Also, the frequency of Amazon anomalies is not so high that it will have a lasting negative impact on your business.

You can check the Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly tool a few times per year, unless you’re having frequent problems with your rankings. If you’re not having issues, there are far more important tasks you could be doing to grow your Amazon business.

Final Thoughts on Helium 10 Anomaly Tracker

To summarize, the Helium 10 Anomaly Tracker is a handy tool for determining if an Amazon ranking glitch occurs. It’s available with all Helium 10 subscription plans, and you can receive updates in your inbox. This saves you time since there is no need for manual checks.

However, once the Anomaly Tracker reports an anomaly event, you’ll need to use the Index Checker and Keyword Tracker. Check the Helium 10 Pricing Page to learn more about the plans offering these tools.

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