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Does Helium 10 Have an API?

APIs (also known as Artificial Programming Interfaces) help pieces of software to communicate with each other. And Helium 10 is no stranger to APIs as they also use them!

However, it’s more complicated than at first glance.

So how does Helium 10 use APIs exactly? Continue reading to find out

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 uses Amazon’s API to make its tools work.
  • Some tools uses multiple artificial intelligence and machine learning models to get the best estimation of real data.
  • Helium 10 offers API services for all their enterprise plan users.

How Helium 10 Tools Get Their Data?

how deos helium 10 get its data

From the Helium 10 support article, we can see that Helium 10 does not use an API for its tools to work! Instead, they use Amazon’s MWS API. With this, tools like Profits, Refund Genie, Follow-Up, Inventory Protector, and Alerts can function!

However, other tools, such as Helium 10 Xray, work slightly differently. Amazon doesn’t share everything publicly with Helium 10, so their technology team is forced to monitor and push data through themselves.

They use various machine learning models and artificial intelligence to get the data. 

That means the data is the best estimation of how it actually is. So take them with a grain of salt!

What Is Helium 10 API Used For, and How Can You Access It?

helium 10 support on their api service

From what I’ve mentioned, it seems as if Helium 10 doesn’t have its own API. 

However, before completing the research, I asked a Helium 10 agent for confirmation. 

And what I got was a little surprising.

That is because Helium 10 does have an API! In the reply, it was mentioned that Helium 10 offers API services for the enterprise plan. That includes other services like increased limits for keyword tracking, connected accounts, etc.

You can learn more about the enterprise plan here.

But what are API services good for? These services help you to streamline processes that serve your entire company better. That could mean easier access to data or less manual work!

However, as the pricing plan name suggests, it’s meant for larger companies

That’s because API services are unique to each company, making them expensive. So for most of you, the cost will not be worth the benefits.

Summing It All Up

At first, it seemed as if Helium 10 API didn’t exist, as they were using Amazon’s API to make them work. However, as we delved deeper, we learned the existence of it and the services included in the enterprise plan.

So, If you’d like to learn more about the many tools of Helium 10, you might want to check out our Helium 10 Tools Explained article.

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