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Helium 10 Market Tracker Explained Simply

Do you want to know the health of your market or where you stand in relation to your competitors? Then Helium 10’s Market Tracker is for you!

Market Tracker is designed to pull and break down market data based on your criteria in easy-to-read graphs.

We’ve learned about and utilized this tool so we could explain how to use Market Tracker in simple terms, all geared to make your life a bit easier!

What Is Helium 10's Market Tracker?

Market Tracker is a tool that shows sellers the big picture of their market, where they stand in it, and where their competitors stand. This tool gives you a competitive advantage because Market Tracker provides in-depth metrics to help you plan and better prepare your business.

However, there is a catch; you can’t view all your products’ historic data, only the data pulled from the time you set up for the market, thus narrowing your view.

But no worries, Market Tracker is still an amazing tool to help you gauge where your market is headed and how you are performing in said market.

How to Use Market Tracker?

Creating a New Market

  1. Log into your Helium 10 account, or sign up for free.
  2. From your dashboard, select Tool.
helium 10 tools menu
  1. Then click on Market Tracker under the Analytics section.
helium 10 market tracker
  1. Click on  + Create New Market.
create new market for market tracker on helium 10
  1. Name your market and select your marketplace.
  2. Enter five keywords or phrases that represent your market. Be selective, as you won’t be able to change this later!

You can use Magnet or Cerebro to gather your keywords first.

  1. Next, add all the ASINs you want to track. You can change or add more later.

You can use Xray’s ASIN Grabber to select relevant ASINs in your market.

  1. Once you have all this information added, your screen should look similar to this:
creating a new market on helium 10
  1. Click on Create Market after you’re done. You’ll then see your market on your Market Tracker dashboard.
helium 10 market tracker dashboard
  1. Notice that under Status Helium 10 states that it is processing your market. This means you won’t have any data available to analyze until after it’s done. This process can take several hours or days to complete, so plan ahead!

Your Market Metrics

  1. Once your market has been analyzed, you’ll see the You have new Suggestions status.
new suggestions on helium 10 market tracker
  1. The further down on your card, you’ll see the number of suggestions you have to look over.
total new suggestions on helium 10 market tracker
  1. To access your market’s data, click on the name of your market.
  2. On your market page, you’ll be able to see a few key metrics:
helium 10 market tracker dashboard
  • Market Volume
  • My Market Share (%) — in a pie chart and a graph
  • Estimated Keyword Search Volume
helium 10 market tracker possible products to track
  • List of all the possible products you can track or ignore.

From here, you can hover over the various data points on the graphs to further understand your results.

Under the All Products section, you can track more products or ignore any provided products. If you choose to track the product, your data will change to include the new product(s).

Tips & Tricks

Extra Features

Historical Data Graphs

In some instances, you’ll be able to see certain historical data in the form of a graph of your market. The following are metrics that you can view specific data on:

  • Estimated Keyword Search Volume
  • Product’s Power Score
  • Product’s Reviews
  • Product’s Estimated Sales
  • Product’s BSR

To see your market’s Estimate Keyword Search Volume, you’ll need a paid plan instead of the free version.

  1. Click on the graph icon to open the historical data.
helium 10 market tracker graph icon
  1. The graph will appear as a pop-up for keywords, and for product information, the graph will display below the product’s card.
helium 10 market tracker product historical data graph

You can change views by selecting the time frames above the graph and hovering over the data points to get more specific information. You can’t, however, export this data to excel.

Opening to Cerebro & Amazon

If you want to view more information on a product, say their keywords or the product page, you’re in luck!

helium 10 cerebro

There are three dots at the end of each product card that allow you to do one of three things:

  1. Opens data in Cerebro
  2. Opens the Amazon product page
  3. Ignores products

From here, you can gather more specific data you need on your market.

Can I Track International Markets?

Absolutely! Once you create a new market, you can select the marketplace you want to track from the drop-down.

helium 10 amazon marketplaces


Market Tracker captures data starting from the day you set your market. You can’t view historical data with this tool.

Market Tracker 360 lets you view your markets’ historical data and data using keywords and ASINs. This is a broader view compared to the original Market Tracker.

Final Thoughts

Market Tracker is an easy-to-use tool that Helium 10 offers sellers so they can analyze and gather data on their markets. You can also specify which keywords and ASINs you’d like to include in your market so you can compare yourself to your competitors.

With Helium 10’s access to over 10 international markets, the sky is your limit regarding how your gauge and track your markets. Click here and try Market Tracker, TODAY!

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