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Does Helium 10 Have an Opera Extension?

Helium 10 doesn’t have a native Opera extension, but you can use its Google Chrome extension seamlessly on this browser since Opera supports all Chrome extensions natively.

In other words, you can install Helium 10’s Chrome extension in the Opera browser.

Thus, you can access robust product research, profitability calculations, product information extractions, and supplier checks from Amazon product search pages!

I’ll show you how to set up the Helium 10 Opera extension and all the fantastic features you can use.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use the Helium 10 Chrome extension in the Opera browser.
  • Helium 10’s Opera extension is free.
  • The extension comprises Xray Product Research, ASIN Grabber, and Profitability Calculator.

How to Install and Set Up Helium 10 Opera Extension?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to install and set up Helium 10 in Opera:

  1. Launch your Opera browser.
  2. Visit Helium 10’s extension page and click “Download Extension.”
helium 10 extensions page
  1. Once on the Helium 10 extension page, click “Add to Chrome.” Don’t mind that it doesn’t say “Add to Opera” instead.
helium 10 extension on chrome web store
  1. A pop-up will ask you permission to add Helium 10. Click “Add extension.”
add extension browser pop up
  1. Opera will add the extension and pop up a new page. Choose to log in or create a new Helium 10 account.
log in to helium 10 extension
  1. Once logged in, the Helium 10 Opera extension will become enabled, and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.
  2. Congrats! You’ve successfully installed and enabled the Helium 10 Opera extension.

How Does the Helium 10 Opera Extension Work?

The Helium 10 Opera extension pulls product information like keywords, rankings, selling methods, monthly sales, reviews, and inventory levels from Amazon web pages.

The extension also has several Helium 10 tools built into it, including the Xray Amazon Product Research tool, ASIN grabber, Inventory Levels, and Profitability Calculator. 

You can even use the extension to find Alibaba suppliers to source products.

Here’s a mini-walkthrough of using the Helium 10 Opera extension to find profitable products:

  1. Browse for a product on the Amazon website. For instance, “water bottles.”
  2. Analyze the info box that the extension includes above each product. The info box contains a product’s niche, selling method, variations, and number of sellers.
  3. Click the menu on each info box to assess your competition, estimate profitability, and view sales charts.
amazon water bottles search results
  1. Click “Estimate Profitability” to get a dialog box with information on a product’s prices, FBA fees, and potential profit margins.
helium 10 profit calculator
  1. Click the extension on the browser menu to select the ASIN Grabber tool. This tool pulls the product ASINs of all listed products to show the average bestseller’s rank, average product price, and average number of reviews per product.
helium 10 asin grabber
  1. Select the Xray tool from the extension menu to pull detailed insights into the products on the Amazon page.
  2. When you find potential products to sell, click “Find Suppliers on Alibaba” to see a list of Alibaba suppliers you can filter by country, verification status, sourcing history, MOQ, minimum and maximum prices, etc.

Sounds interesting? Check out this detailed guide to the Helium 10 Chrome extension, which can be adapted to the Opera extension.

Is the Helium 10 Opera Extension Free?

Yes, the Helium 10 Opera extension is free. However, there are request limits for users on the free tier.

The free tier users can access the ASIN grabber tool, profitability calculator, and product info tool but won’t get full functionality on Cerebro and Xray. Luckily, you can upgrade by checking out Helium 10 pricing plans to determine which works best for your needed usage type.

What Features Can You Enjoy With the Helium 10 Opera Extension?

The Helium 10 extension comprises several tools. Here are the top 5 ones:

Xray - Amazon Product Research

helium 10 amazon product research

Xray calculates vital niche sales data on products to show the average monthly revenue of sellers, average product prices, average best sellers rank, and average number of reviews per product.

It lets you see who your competition is, track sales trends for products and the likelihood that you’ll succeed in selling it.

ASIN Grabber

asin grabber on helium 10

The ASIN grabber tool gives online sellers a quick snapshot of a product’s competition. 

It shows the average product price, best seller rank, and number of reviews per product.

By selecting up to ten products, the ASIN grabber will redirect to Cerebro to pull up top keyword opportunities for each product.

Profitability Calculator

If you want to know how much you stand to make selling a product, the Profitability Calculator is your tool of choice.

The tool can generate accurate sales margins and give detailed insights into how much you’ll spend on manufacturing, FBA fees, and the potential profit margin. It also tells you how much time you can expect the item to be in storage and the storage fee you’ll pay.

Review Insights

helium 10 review insights

The Review Insights tool will extract reviews found for a product. Once they’re all extracted, you can analyze the data more or export the information to a file.

The tool can show reviews sorted by ratings, common keywords, and customer pain points. You can find the most common keyphrases used in reviews and use them to write winning product listings or improve your product offering.

Supplier Finder

helium 10 supplier finder

Supplier Finder connects you with Alibaba suppliers to source from. The tool pulls up tons of suppliers for each product to check out.

You can filter them by verification status, trade assurance status, and other criteria

And when you select one, you’re redirected to the supplier’s Alibaba page.

My Experience Using the Helium 10 Opera Extension

For me, the Helium 10 Opera extension is a handy tool for sourcing top products to sell.

I usually casually browse Amazon and look at the info boxes to find exciting products. 

Then, I use the Profitability Calculator to estimate the potential profit margins of preferred products.

My favorite tool is the Xray Amazon Product Research tool because it gives detailed product information and helps me find suppliers to contact. Overall, the Helium 10 Opera extension is vital to my work as an Amazon seller. I’ll be using this tool for a long time.

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Supercharge Your Amazon Sales

The Helium 10 Opera extension has been proven to help Amazon sellers succeed at the FBA model. After all, it allows them to discover best-selling products, track their competition, monitor sales trends, calculate profit, and contact suppliers, all without logging into any dashboard.

Sounds like you want in on the fun?

Grab the Helium 10 Opera Extension today.

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