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What Is Helium 10 Listing Builder?

Helium 10 Listing Builder is a tool that allows you to build Amazon product listings or optimize existing ones. Also, the tool helps ensure that targeted keywords are included, and that you’ll meet key parameters leading to a healthy product listing.

Furthermore, you can access Listing Builder on the Helium 10 Starter, Platinum, and Diamond subscription plans. And it’s not available when using the Helium 10 free trial.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 Listing Builder will help increase sales by ensuring customers will find your product listing via high-traffic search terms.
  • Correct your product title’s character length, bullet point, and descriptions with Listing Builder.
  • Listing builder provides a dashboard where you can check the health of your product listings at a glance.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Listing Builder

Now we will take a closer look at the benefits of the Helium 10 Listing Builder tool so you can better understand its value. Also, for a balanced overview, we’ll share some drawbacks so you can set realistic expectations.


  • Listing Builder allows you to optimize for targeted keywords and increase search traffic.
  • The Best Practices feature ensures that your listings are optimized for parameters like correct title lengths and the number of bullet points.
  • You can optimize current listings, which is handy for Helium 10 customers that acquire Listing Builder after starting their Amazon business.
  • Using the Listing Builder dashboard you can filter and sort product listings based on several parameters.


  • The Helium 10 free trial doesn’t include access to the Listing Builder tool.
  • The Starter and Platinum plans offer limited Listing Builder access, meaning that growing Amazon sellers need to upgrade to the Diamond plan.

What Is the Helium 10 Listing Builder?

helium 10 listing builder

The Helium 10 Listing Builder is a helpful tool for creating Amazon product listings. Optimizing product listings is important for increasing the conversion rate, which leads to more sales. However, many things must be monitored, including ensuring highly searched keywords are added to the listing.

Listing Builder allows you to build Amazon listings from scratch, or you can optimize existing ones. Once you’ve made changes to a product listing, the version number is updated so you can keep track of the changes.

Finally, once you’re happy with the listing, you can send it off to Seller Central for publication. However, with Listing Builder nothing is set in stone since you can make changes in real-time to improve listings as you develop new strategies.


At the time of writing, Listing Builder is in beta and will eventually replace the Helium 10 Scribbles tool.

What Pricing Plans Include the Helium 10 Listing Builder?

The Helium 10 Listing Builder is included with the Starter, Platinum, and Diamond plans but with various usage limits. It’s important to understand how much access you’ll have to Listing Builder to get the Helium 10 subscription plan.

Here is a summary of the access rights to Listing Builder with each Helium 10 subscription:

  • Starter: 30 days, Limited
  • Platinum: Limited
  • Diamond: Unlimited

Therefore, the Diamond Plan is the best choice if you want to take full advantage of Listing Builder. Click here to learn more about the Diamond Plan and the discount code. 

Furthermore, the Listing Builder is not available with the Helium 10 Free Trial, or on the A La Carte Plan.

What Features Are Included in the Helium 10 Listing Builder?

The Helium 10 Listing Builder is an all-in-one package for creating amazing Amazon product listings. However, you must understand the entire list of features to take full advantage of what’s on offer.

Here is a summary of the Helium 10 Listing Builder features:

  • Create a listing from scratch: you don’t need to create a listing on your Amazon Seller Central account first. You can get started within the Helium 10 dashboard, simplifying the listing-building process.
  • Import and optimize: you can import listings by entering the ASIN and optimizing them using Listing Builder. This is ideal for sellers that have purchased Helium 10 after starting to sell actively on Amazon.
  • Sort listings: you can view your listing in the Listing Builder dashboard and filter them based on parameters like a marketplace, product title, ASIN, SKU, and more.
  • Keyword suggestions: you can import keyword lists from other Helium 10 tools and integrate them into the listing. This ensures that your listing includes priority keywords that customers in your niche are searching for.
  • Test: you can create multiple product listings to see which provides the best performance. You can optimize several parameters by changing one variable at a time, including images, title, descriptions, and more.

How to Use Helium 10 Listing Builder?

Using the Helium 10 Listing Builder is easy once you know the basic steps involved. 

We’ll start by sharing the step-by-step process of creating a new product listing.

Start by clicking on the “Tools” button in the header navigation menu, and then click on the Listing Builder tool, as shown in the screenshot below.

helium 10 tools tab

To get started, you’ll be presented with an option to create a listing from scratch or, optimize an existing one. For now, let’s focus on creating a listing from scratch so beginners can learn the complete process.

Next, you’ll be presented with a screen where you can select the marketplace – for example, you’d choose if you’re selling in the United States. To proceed, click on the blue Start Building button.

On the next screen, you’ll need to create a keyword list that you want to feature on your product listing. You have 3 options to create the bank of keywords:

  1. Add From My List: this option allows you to use keywords lists you might have created using other Helium 10 tools. The tools you can use for keyword research include Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspelinator.
  2. Get Keyword Suggestions: here you can enter 2-10 top competitor ASINs to get suggested keywords.
  3. Manually Add Keywords: the last option allows you to enter keywords manually, which you can separate by comma or add one per line.

For our example, we decided to manually add keywords; you can see the results in the screenshot below. Once you’ve created a bank of keywords, click on the blueNextbutton in the top right-hand corner.

create keyword bank for your listing on helium 10

On the next page, the real work begins of creating the Amazon product listing. Here you can add the:

  • Product title
  • Bullet points
  • Description
  • Search terms
  • Subject matter

You can see the words and phrases from your keyword bank on the left-hand side.

Underneath the keyword bank, you’ll see a “Listing Analysis” section where 2 important metrics can be viewed:

  1. Listing Quality Score: current listing score based on its compliance for best practices
  2. Generated Search Volume: monthly search volume for keywords included in the listing versus the total search volume available in the keywords of the bank.

Finally, pay attention to the Best Practices section for a checklist that ensures every product listing meets the minimum requirements to be competitive. Once you’ve populated the fields on this page, you can complete the Amazon product listing creation process by clicking on the blueFinish button on the top right-hand side.

helium 10 listing best practices

Furthermore, you can optimize listings connected to your Amazon Seller central account. 

You can connect existing product listings by using their ASIN. Also, you can take advantage of the same optimization features when creating a new listing.

How to Access the Listing Builder Video Tutorial in the Helium 10 Dashboard?

The Helium 10 Listing Builder is one of the more complicated tools on the platform, so we encourage you to look at the tutorial video. You can find the video by navigating to the Listing Builder tool and clicking on the Learn button in the top right-hand corner as displayed in the screenshot below.

helium 10 listing builder video

The Listing Builder tutorial video is just over 5 minutes long, and it’s hosted by Bradley Sutton, the Director of Training at Helium 10. It’s an informative video that helps you understand how to navigate the Listing Builder dashboard and create a listing.

Our Experience Using the Helium 10 Listing Builder

To give you a better idea of what to expect with the Helium 10 Listing Builder tool, we’ll share our experience. Firstly, we liked that you can create a new listing or optimize an existing one. Also, having 3 options to create the keyword bank offered us the flexibility to ensure that all our target keywords are included.

The listing creation page appears a bit overwhelming initially, but we feel it’s broken up into logical sections. You can work from top to bottom, and the product listing is complete by the time you enter the last field. However, we would appreciate it if Helium 10 would make the page look more clutter-free.

Finally, we loved the Best Practices section and keyword suggestions

This means we can quickly check if the listing is not missing key components that make it competitive.

Want to start using Listing Builder to start building optimized product listings? Then check out the Helium 10 Diamond plan, which provides unlimited access to the tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Helium 10 Listing Builder can help you increase sales by helping add highly searched keywords. Therefore, more potential buyers will find your product listing leading to more sales.

Furthermore, the Best Practices section helps improve the quality of product listings. 

For example, ensuring there are 5+ bullet points and the title has over 150 characters are good practices.

No, the Helium 10 Listing Builder is not available with the free trial

You’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid subscription plans to access the tool. 

The Helium 10 plans that offer Listing Builder include Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite.

The number of listings you can create with the listing builder depends on your Helium 10 subscription plan. Choose the Helium 10 Diamond plan to create an unlimited number of Amazon product listings.

Listing Builder helps optimize your Amazon listings by ensuring your target keywords are included, and specific parameters are met. For example, there is a Best Practices section that reminds you to meet the following parameters:

  • Title does not contain symbols or emojis
  • Title contains 150+ characters
  • 5+ bullet points
  • 150+ characters in each bullet point
  • First letter of bullet points is capitalized
  • Bullet points are not in all caps or contain icons
  • 1,000+ characters in description or A+ content

Making sure the parameters above are met increases the quality of your product listing. Hence, you might have an advantage over competitors that aren’t optimizing for them.

Yes, Jungle Scout has an alternative to the Helium 10 Listing Builder tool, which also has the same name. Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder tool enables users to create keyword-optimized listings.

However, they also provide an AI-driven Listing Optimization Score that grades the performance of the product title, description, key features, keywords, images and more. Hence, you can determine at a glance if the product listing needs fine-tuning before hitting the publish button.

Final Verdict on the Helium 10 Listing Builder Tool

In summary, the Helium 10 Listing Builder is a good partner when launching new Amazon products or working on existing ones. Using the tool, you can add high-traffic keywords and ensure that best practices are followed. Also, you can enjoy the tool on the Helium 10 Starter, Platinum, and Diamond subscription plans.

Do you like the sound of what Listing Builder brings to the table? Then we encourage you to compare the Helium 10 pricing plans and find the right choice to start using Listing Builder.

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