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What Is the Seller Assistant by Helium 10?

Last month (April, 2021) Amazon suspended accounts of big brands getting millions of dollars of revenue. Because they were getting reviews without following the Terms of Service.

Having a high number of reviews is essential for getting more sales on Amazon.

But if you don’t follow the Terms of Service for getting reviews then your account may get suspended, wasting all of your hard work and money.

Read this article, to learn how to use Seller Assistant to get more reviews and increase your sales.

You will be able to send review requests FREE of cost while staying within Amazon’s Terms of Service.

The easy step-by-step methods in this article are the only guide you need to use Seller Assistant and get more reviews.

What Is the Seller Assistant by Helium 10?

Seller Assistant is an extension offered by Helium 10, which you can use to send review requests to your customers.

It allows you to send multiple requests simultaneously, helping you increase your product reviews.

Benefits of Getting Reviews on Amazon

Benefits of Getting Reviews on Amazon

You should get reviews on Amazon because of the following reasons:

  1. Higher Sales: The drawback of making online purchases is that customers can not see the product and access its quality. So, in order to check the quality of the product, the customers rely on reviews left by previous customers. If their experience were good, then they would have left positive reviews. Higher is the number of positive reviews a product, has higher is the chance that new customers will also purchase it.
  2. Brand Authenticity: A good brand has good reviews too. A higher number of reviews will be the authenticity factor of your brand, and it will also bring customer loyalty.
  3. High Price: If you have a high number of positive reviews, it indirectly indicates that the quality of your product is outstanding. Due to this, you can even charge a higher price than the rest of the market.
  4. Product Launch: I have observed that the advertising budget is very high whenever a new product is launched, and PPC Ad spent is also very high. Gradually, when the product builds more reviews, the ACOS and advertising budget also decrease.

This decrease is because when the product gets more reviews, the customers are also more likely to click on it and purchase it. So, you don’t have to spend that much money on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Quick Tip:

In my experience, PPC Ad Spent directly depends on these factors:

  1. Keyword Optimization of your listing and how persuasively your listing content is.
  2. Quality of the images used in your listing.
  3. The number of reviews you have.

In my experience, as the product listing attains more reviews, the PPC needs less Ad Spent and brings more sales. If you have just launched your product then don’t worry about the high advertising cost. Focus on the three points above and you will be able to get high sales with lower Ad spent.

How to Install & Use the Seller Assistant Extension?

  1. Install the Seller Assistant Extension Google App Store by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.
Click blue Add to Chrome button
  1. After installing the extension, go to Amazon Seller Central and log in. Please ensure that you have enabled the extension. You can enable it by clicking on the blue icon, as shown in the below screenshot.
  1. After enabling it, a permission box will appear. Now click on the Allow button for permitting the extension to use your Seller Central Account.
  1. To request reviews, you will have to go to Manage Orders by clicking on it from the Orders menu.
  1. Now you can send a request for reviews by clicking on the icon named Request Reviews On This Page. Another way to request reviews is by clicking on the Request Review icon appearing next to each order (I don’t suggest doing this for each order because it takes a lot of time).
  1. You are allowed to send a review request to the orders placed at least five days ago. Secondly, thirty days after the purchase of the product, you will not be allowed to send a review request.

    You can also use the Date Range option to select the date range of the orders for which you would like to send a review request.
Quick Tip:

I send review requests every week and find it easy to manage this way. You can also make a similar routine but remember that after 30 days of the order delivery date, you will not send a review request for that order. Ensure that you send the review requests between five to thirty days of the order.

How to Send Review Requests Without Seller Assistant?

Amazon automatically sends a review request to the customers after every order without charging you anything.

They also allow you to request the customer to write a review & feedback for any order.

To use this feature, you just have to go to Orders > Manage Orders, open any order detail, and page click on the Request Review button.

Amazon will send an email requesting the customer to leave a review and feedback for that order.

Same as for the Seller App, you can ask for reviews, and the order delivery date must be between 5 to 30 days.

The problem with Amazon’s review request button is that you have to click on it for every order individually. This takes a lot of time, and it is much easier to do this with the Seller Assistant Extension’s help.

Below is the email Amazon will send for the Review Request.

Amazon Email Review Request
Quick Tip:

Some orders are not eligible for sending the review requests. There can be three reasons for this:

  1. Five days have not passed since the purchase of the product.
  2. More than 30 days have passed since the purchase of the product.
  3. The customer has unsubscribed to receive the review request emails.

Why Did Amazon Introduce the Review Request Button?

Many sellers, including me, have been using different tools to send review requests with the help of Follow Up Emails or Buyer-Seller Messaging. I did not use the Buyer-Seller Messaging for requesting reviews. However, I have used the Follow Up Emails, and as a result, I have observed a significant increase in my product reviews.

The use of Follow Up Emails is not only limited to ask for reviews but you can also use them to educate the customer about your product and brand. Give them instructions about how to use your product and also to thank them for making a purchase.

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Amazon created the Request Review button to control and monitor the practice of review requests. It also gives the sellers an option to choose when they want to ask for a review.

Amazon does not recommend you to send Follow Up Emails or use Buyer-Seller Messaging. Amazon wants to monitor the contents of the Review Requests.

I think that Amazon wants to stop the Follow Up Emails feature, and soon we will not be able to send the Follow Up Emails.

Quick Tip:

There are high chances to breach Amazon TOS if you contact the customers directly. Using the Request Review option will also help you stay within Amazon TOS.

Helium 10 Seller Assistant Price

Helium 10’s Seller Assistant is totally FREE to use. I highly recommend taking advantage of this free Extension and improving your reviews.

Can You Ask for Positive Reviews?

Review Requests sent by Seller Assistant are neutral, and you can not ask for positive reviews. Asking for reviews is allowed by Amazon. However, asking for positive reviews against the Terms of Service. I highly recommend you to read and follow the Terms of Service and, no matter the situation, do not violate them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seller Assistant by Helium 10 TOS Compliant?

Yes, the Seller Assistant Extension complies with Amazon Terms of Service. It helps you to stay on Amazon TOS too.

Requesting Reviews Is Time-Consuming, Is There an Efficient Way to Do This?

Yes, Seller Assistant is the most efficient way to request reviews. You don’t have to ask for reviews for each order. With its help, you can request reviews in bulk.

Do All the Customers Leave a Review When a Review Request Is Sent to Them?

No, not every customer writes a review. Most customers don’t bother to write a review; I think they take it as a time-wasting effort.

However, sending a reminder to write reviews with the help of Seller Assistant will increase your review velocity as compared to the organic reviews you may be getting before using it.

Does the Seller Assistant Bring Positive Reviews?

No, asking for positive reviews against the Terms of Service. Seller Assistant sends requests for unbiased reviews.

If your product does not have a good quality, then there are high chances that you will get negative reviews.

Final Thoughts

I recommend using Seller Assistant to get more reviews because it is easy to use, saves your time, is free, and helps you stay within Amazon Terms of Service.

Check out our other articles on how to claim your Helium 10 free trial and how to get back the money that Amazon owes you.

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