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Does Jungle Scout Have a Sales Estimator?

Jungle Scout has an Amazon Sales Estimator that estimates the number of a product’s units sold per month. The tool is free for up to 10 estimates per day, and you can increase the usage limits by signing up for a Jungle Scout subscription plan.

Also, the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator doesn’t require registering an account or downloading software.

Key Takeaways

  • The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator offers 10 free daily or 1,500 monthly estimates with the Professional pricing plan.
  • Compare the viability of Amazon product niches by looking at the sales estimates.
  • You can access the Sales Estimator without registering an account.

How to Use the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is an easy tool with an optimized user interface. 

Here’s how to use the tool:

  1. Go to the Jungle Scout website.
  2. Click Resources > Sales Estimator.
jungle scout resources
  1. Enter the Best Seller’s Rank Number, Amazon Marketplace, and Amazon Product Category. Then click “Estimates sales.”
amazon sales estimator
  1. In my example, I requested the sales estimate for the 100th top seller in the Automotive product category of the Amazon United States marketplace. The estimate is 10,860 units sold per month.
estimated number of monthly sales on amazon

What Can You Learn From the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator tells you the estimated number of units sellers in different niches sell per month. It calculates these estimates for:

  • The Best Seller’s Rank
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Product Category

However, you can’t use the sales estimator by entering product keywords or ASINs.

The Sales Estimator tool is excellent for understanding the demand for different product categories. Therefore, you can determine the number of units you can expect to sell based on competitor performance.

What Jungle Scout Subscription Plans Provide the Sales Estimator?

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is available for free without the need to create an account. However, the free version limits you to 10 estimates per day. This may not give you enough usage rights to meet your needs, especially when researching multiple niches.

Fortunately, you can increase your Sales Estimator usage rights by signing up for one of the Jungle Scout pricing plans. Here’s a table showcasing the available Jungle Scout plans and the number of Sales Estimator uses for each one:

  Basic Suite Professional
Sales Estimator Uses 500 estimates per month 1,000 estimates per month 1,500 estimates per month
Monthly $49 per month $69 per month $129 per month
Annual $29 per month (Billed at $349 per year) $49 per month (Billed at $589 per year) $84 per month (Billed at $999 per year)
My Exclusive Discount None $149 for 3 months; $449 per year $649 per year
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My Experience Using the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

I was glad to discover that the Jungle Scout Sales estimator was free to use without creating an account, especially since Jungle Scout doesn’t provide a free trial.

I found the Sales Estimator user interface easy to use and loved that the answer instantly appeared on the same screen. Therefore, I quickly researched the marketplaces of interest.

However, with just 10 free estimates daily, the tool isn’t much use unless you subscribe to a paid Jungle Scout plan. I typically research dozens of competitors before deciding if a niche is worth entering.

In summary, the Jungle Scout Sales estimator is beginner-friendly and provides valuable insight into a niche’s potential. It’s a helpful product research tool that Amazon sellers can use as part of an overall strategy.

3 Amazon Seller Services Offering a Sales Estimator Alternative

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is a handy product research tool but lacks advanced features. For example, you can’t see estimates for more than one product at a time.

For Amazon sellers who are after an alternative, consider these reliable providers:

Helium 10 Amazon Sales Estimator

helium 10 amazon sales estimator

Helium 10 offers a comprehensive range of tools, including an Amazon Sales Estimator that provides 5 searches for free.

This tool even provides estimated monthly revenue, allows you to customize the BSR range, and considers possible list prices.

That’s more information than what’s provided by the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator.

Furthermore, you can get free sales estimates using the Helium 10 Chrome Extension

With the extension, simply browse Amazon product pages and discover real-time sales estimates.

Ready to upgrade to get more Amazon Sales estimates? Check my Helium 10 pricing plan for more insights.

Sales Spy by ZonGuru

zonguru sales spy

You can use the Sales Spy tool from ZonGuru to receive sales estimates for Amazon products. However, this tool is only available after signing up for the Researcher or Seller packages.

Fortunately, you can grab the ZonGuru free trial to test Sales Spy.

The Sales Spy tool allows you to enter an ASIN and receive up to a year’s sales data. 

Therefore, you can discover trends and receive more data than what’s proved by Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimator.

I recommend looking at my ZonGuru Pricing Plan guide to know which you’re going with to get this robust tool.

Amazon Sales Estimator by AMZScout

amzscout amazon sales estimator

AMZScout provides a free Amazon Sales Estimator, similar to Jungle Scout’s, that you can use without creating an account. You only need to enter the marketplace, product category, and Sales Rank to calculate the product’s probable monthly sales.

Once you have that information, you can use the full-blown AMZScout platform to find profitable keywords to sell your product on launch.

Get a soft landing with the AMZScout free trial to test its tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator can help you increase sales by uncovering popular product categories. You can also find better product categories with higher sales estimates by comparing several product categories. However, you must also consider the competition since the most popular product categories draw in other Amazon sellers.

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is accurate enough to draw meaningful conclusions and compare product categories. However, the information isn’t 100% accurate, so you need to take the data with a grain of salt.

Make Data-Driven Decisions!

You should use the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator during your product research phase to uncover niches with a high sales potential. And since you get 10 free daily estimates, there’s no reason not to try the tool.

But if you want more usage permissions to this impressive tool, grab my Jungle Scout discounts to save on your choice plan.

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