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What Is the Helium 10 Shared Account?

Helium 10 account sharing allows you to provide access to other users and limit their access to specific tools with user permissions. However, to access the Helium 10 shared account feature, you’ll need a Diamond (3 users) or Elite (5 users) plan.

Furthermore, you cannot share user Helium 10 account access on the Starter and Platinum plans.

Key Takeaways

  • You can share Helium 10 account access to increase workflow by empowering employees and freelancers.
  • Share important financial information with business buyers and investors by offering access to tools like Profits.
  • Give your accountant access to your Helium 10 account to help organize business finances.

What Is Account Sharing at Helium 10?

Helium 10 account sharing allows access to additional users and set permission to limit the tools they can use. This is handy if you want to share access with a business partner or an employee.

Account sharing is a great way to remove yourself as the bottleneck for your business. 

Instead, allow others to access the Helium 10 account to complete time-sensitive tasks.

Also, it’s not risky to share account access. That’s because you can set permissions to prevent users from accessing account-sensitive areas.

For example, you may not want your employees to access the Profits tool, where they can see financial information about your Amazon business. In comparison, granting access to Profits makes sense if you’re adding an accountant as the additional user.

Pros and Cons of Helium 10 Account Sharing

Now let’s take a closer look at the advantages of the Helium 10 account-sharing feature to determine why their features are worth using. Also, we will share a few drawbacks to give you realistic expectations of what to expect.


  • You can add and remove users quickly – all it takes is a name and email address.
  • Set user permission to give users access to specific Helium 10 tools while restricting others.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can add and remove users.


  • Helium 10 account sharing is not possible on the Starter and Platinum subscription plans.
  • Diamond plan only offers 3 multi-user logins, which might not be enough for larger businesses.

What Helium 10 Pricing Plans Include Account Sharing?

Only the Helium 10 Diamond plan offers account sharing, and you can add up to 2 additional users. Therefore, the free trial, Starter and Platinum pricing plans do not offer account sharing.

Diamond plan pricing details:

  • Monthly subscription: $249 per month
  • Annual subscription: $209 per month ($2,508 billed annually)

The Diamond plan is aimed at Amazon business sellers that want to scale, so it makes sense for them to include account sharing in this tier. However, the drawback is that new sellers on a budget cannot enjoy this feature.

Want to find out more about what features the Diamond plan offers? Then check out the Helium 10 Pricing Page to learn more about the plan.

How to Share Your Helium 10 Account With Other Users?

Sharing your Helium 10 account with other users is straightforward, and make sure you have a Helium 10 Diamond membership.

Start by signing into your Helium 10 account and click on the icon in the top right-hand corner to access your settings.

helium 10 account and profile icon

Next, click on the Access Management option as shown in the screenshot below:

helium 10 account management menu

You can manage the sub-accounts on the User Account page by adding and deleting existing users. To add a new user click on the “+ Add New User” button, as you can see in the screenshot below.

add new user helium 10

Next, you’ll be asked to enter the new user’s name and email address. 

Make sure to enter the email address where you want them to receive the Helium 10 sub-user account invitation.

add user details for new helium 10 user

On the next screen, you need to confirm the process, and the user will receive an email from Helium 10 with a link to activate their account.

How to Set Helium 10 User Permissions for Added Users?

Once the invited user accepts their Helium 10 sub-user account invitation, you can set the permissions. On the User Accounts screen, start by clicking on the Manage Permissions button alongside the user for whom you want to change the permissions.

You’ll see a list of the Helium 10 tools for which you can provide or remove access. 

You can do this by simply adding ticks or removing them, as you can see in the screenshot below:

helium 10 user permissions on shared account

What Type of Users Should You Share Your Account With?

Not sure who you should share your Helium 10 account with? There are many instances where it makes good sense to share your account to improve the efficiency of your Amazon business and make life easier for yourself.

Here is a list of people that might need access to your Helium 10 account:

  • Business partner: your business partner should have equal access to your Amazon business. Therefore, set them up with a user account with no user permission restrictions.
  • Employees/freelancers: provide access to employees and freelancers that need to complete tasks using Helium 10. Make sure to only provide access to the Helium 10 tools needed to finish the assigned tasks.
  • Amazon business buyers: if you want to sell your business, share account access with interested buyers. This high level of transparency allows them to view financial performance with their own eyes.
  • Investors: are you trying to scale your Amazon business with investors? Then you can increase the chances of successfully securing funds by offering to view your business revenue first-hand. Make sure to limit the user permissions to financial tools like Profits.
  • Accountant: provide access to your business account, so they have automation over organizing your finances. Therefore, your accountant can monitor the financial health of your business without your input.

Our Experience With Sharing Account Access on Helium 10

Using the Helium 10 account-sharing feature is easy and fast. Adding new users and setting the appropriate permissions was intuitive and gave us the control we wanted over our team.

The account-sharing features came in handy when we wanted to outsource work such as keyword and product research. This enabled us to focus on other parts of the business and continue to grow.

However, the biggest drawback is that even on the Diamond plan we could only have 3 users in total. This is not ideal if you want to outsource work to several employees, an accountant and provide access to business partners.

Therefore, we relied on Amazon Seller Central account sharing to provide access to users that don’t need to use Helium 10 tools. For instance, our accountant can get all the necessary financial information from Seller Central instead of Helium 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add 2 additional users if you have a Helium 10 Diamond Subscription. 

On the Free, Starter, and Platinum Helium 10 subscriptions, it’s not possible to add more users.

Furthermore, you can provide multi-user login to 5 people if you have a Helium 10 Elite subscription. However, that plan is locked behind a waiting list, so it’s not reliable for increasing your Helium 10 user login quota.

You can go into your Helium 10 account from 2 devices simultaneously. 

This is ideal if you want to log in from a desktop and smartphone at the same time. 

Or if you’re using two desktop devices at your workstation.

Furthermore, if you run out of user logins on your Helium 10 subscription, you can share your login details with trusted users. This is only feasible with a business partner since they will have access to all account features.

The Helium 10 tools that you can add provide user permission for include:

  • Black Box + Xray
  • Trendster
  • Magnet
  • Cerebro
  • Frankenstein
  • Scribbles
  • Index Checker
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Alerts
  • Inventory Protector
  • Refund Genie
  • Misspelinator
  • Profits
  • Plan Details
  • Follow Up
  • ADS

However, the list of options above will change as Helium 10 adds and removes tools from its inventory.

Added Helium 10 users cannot damage your account if you limit the number of tools they can access. They could potentially damage some aspects of your Amazon business if they make the incorrect decisions. However, they cannot fundamentally cause you to lose your Helium 10 account.

It’s safe to add users to your Helium 10 account that you can trust with the user permission you provide them. Therefore, you should only offer the user permissions to the tools users need to complete the assigned task.

Also, you can add and remove users and permissions as the needs of your Amazon business change.

Final Thoughts on Helium 10 Shared Accounts

To conclude, Helium 10 account sharing is a good feature if you want to share access with other users. This includes giving access to employees to work on your Amazon business, or let potential investors see the state of your business.

However, the Helium 10 shared account feature is unavailable on every subscription plan. 

We encourage you to learn more about what’s included with each one by checking out the Helium 10 Pricing Page.

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