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Is Helium 10 Accurate? (Research & Case Studies)

Helium 10 has an accuracy of 74% according to Jungle Scout for sales volume data, which is good enough to make business decisions. Furthermore, the total average deviation for search volume data is 87% according to Ecomcrew.

Overall, Helium 10 has good accuracy and is comparable to Jungle Scout, its main competitor.

Key Takeaways

  • Helium 10 has enough accuracy to make the right decisions for your Amazon business.
  • Jungle Scout is more accurate than Helium 10, but not by a significant margin.
  • Overall, customers are happy with the accuracy at Helium 10.

Why Is It Important to Understand Helium 10s Accuracy?

You use Helium 10 data to make all kinds of decisions, from what product to choose to optimization-worthy keywords. Choose the wrong product to sell and you could be fighting an uphill battle. For example, no amount of product tuning or marketing will fix a lack of demand.

Sales data and relevant keyword search volume indicates the sales-generating potential of a niche.

But what if the information is not accurate? Based on the data, you might pick a product that appears to have high demand but only has a fraction of the reported sales potential. 

This leads to a waste of resources, time, and trust in the source that’s providing the data.

Therefore, data accuracy is important in helping you make the correct decisions at every step of the e-commerce business. Higher accuracy leads to more effective choices and ultimately more sales.

What Is the Helium 10 Accuracy and How It Compares to Other Tools?

Now let’s take a closer look at the Helium 10 accuracy relating to keyword sales and search volume. We will also compare how the accuracy compares with other Amazon seller tools like Jungle Scout.

Helium 10 Sales Volume Accuracy

You need accurate sales volume data to find products worth selling. Whether a product sells $1,000 or $10,000 in monthly revenue makes a big difference. Ideally, the data provided by a product research tool will help you find products with more of the latter sales figures.

In the table below, you’ll find a bar chart from Jungle Scout that shows the overall sales volume accuracy for multiple tools, including Helium 10.

sales volume for multiple amazon tools

As you can see from the table above, Helium 10 has an overall sales volume accuracy of 74%, which is 14% lower compared with Jungle Scout. We believe that both tools are accurate enough to make good product selection decisions.

We understand that you might be skeptical about a study from one of Helium 10 main competitors. Therefore, we found another source that completed a sales volume accuracy study and the results are below.

sales volume accuracy study

The survey tested the number of units sold in a 30 day period and reported the difference between data directly from Amazon and Helium 10/Jungle Scout. Helium 10 had an accuracy average of +203% compared with Jungle Scout’s +256%. However, Helium 10 was only more accurate for 4 of the 10 products that were tested.

Helium 10 Search Volume Accuracy

We looked at the search volume studies carried out by Jungle Scout and Ecomcrew to compare the accuracy of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. Let’s dive in and look at the first set of results.

helium 10 search volume accuracy

The data compares the Helium 10 Magnet tool with Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout tool, and how the results differ from data provided directly by Amazon. This comparison allows us to see the tool with the closest accuracy compared to the real data.

Overall, the data shows that Jungle Scout has an 11% difference compared with Amazon’s data, whereas Helium 10 has 58%. Therefore, Jungle Scout has better accuracy compared with Helium 10.

We know what you’re thinking, “can a study done by Jungle Scout be trusted”. 

Hence, we searched for an unbiased source that completed a similar study for keyword volume search accuracy, and the results are below.

helium 10 keyword volume estimates

The results show that Helium 10 was more accurate than Jungle Scout in only 7 of the 20 tested keywords, and had a total average deviation of 87%. This means that Helium 10 was off by an average of 87% compared to the real Amazon data.

Furthermore, you can visit our Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout page for a detailed comparison of the two brands.

Why Helium 10 Accuracy Is Good Enough

You might be wondering if Helium 10 has a good enough accuracy after digesting the information in the studies above. Fortunately, product research tools don’t need to be 100% accurate to provide meaningful data that can be used to make decisions. You simply need enough data to make an educated decision.

By the time you launch a product, the marketplace will shift along with the sales data.

Hence, you’re always working with estimates whether the tool is 100% accurate or not.

The power of product research tools like Helium 10 lies in helping you find products selling in significant quantities.

Therefore, Helium 10 has a good enough accuracy for the purposes of launching, running and optimizing an e-commerce business. Sure, 100% accuracy would be nice, but the current estimates are good enough for using the data to decide between products or keywords.

What Helium 10 Users Say About Its Accuracy?

To further investigate the accuracy of Helium 10, we researched social media websites like Reddit to learn about the experiences of real users. Hence we can determine the overall feeling about the accuracy at Helium 10.

One user believes Helium 10 is the better choice for keyword search volume, while Jungle Scout is the choice for showing product sales.

helium 10 accuracy review reddit post

Another user believes that both tools on average have similar performance and the accuracy varies based on the product.

helium 10 and jungle scout comparison reddit post

Overall, we found a mix of opinions, but overall Helium 10 has a trusted accuracy for search volume and sales data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helium 10 gets the data from Amazon’s API for tools such as Alerts, Inventory Protector, Follow-Up, Refund Genie, and Profits. Therefore, you can link your Amazon Seller Central account to Helium 10 to create the data link.

For data such as search volume and sales, multiple artificial intelligence and machine learning models are used to transform raw data into estimates. Therefore, the final results are the best guess from the Helium 10 team.

You will not get more accurate Helium 10 data by upgrading. Helium 10 uses the same data gathering methods for all Helium 10 users, which includes members using the free trial. Therefore, don’t expect to receive better data by paying more money.

However, you can get more data by upgrading because you’ll have access to more tools or uses. For example, upgrading from Starter to Platinum or Diamond gives you more uses of the Cerbero and Magnet tool.

You can check the Helium 10 data accuracy by comparing the data with the dashboard in your Amazon Seller Central account. Brand registered users have access to the Brand Analytics Dashboard, where you can find a range of data, including sales, keyword search volume, and trends.

Helium 10 data accuracy is important for increasing sales when you need to make strategic decisions about what product to sell or keywords to choose to drive more traffic.

The accuracy must be good enough to point you in the right direction.

However, Helium 10 doesn’t need to have 100% accuracy to help you increase sales.

That’s because you can make good decisions with reasonable estimates.

Final Verdict on the Helium 10 Accuracy

To conclude, Helium 10 has a comparable search volume and sales data accuracy with Jungle Scout, which means no service has a significant advantage in this area. 

Also, while the Helium 10 data is not 100% accurate, it’s good enough to make informed decisions at every step of your e-commerce business.

Are you happy with the Helium 10 data accuracy levels and want to start using the software suite to build an e-commerce business? Then visit the Helium 10 pricing page to choose the right plan for you.

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