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Jungle Scout AI Assist Explained: The Ultimate Guide

The AI Assist feature at Jungle Scout unlocks helpful features for three tools – Review Analysis, Listing Builder, and Profits Overview. The feature provides quick summaries, recommendations, and text generation.

It’s available with the pricing plans for the Jungle Scout Suite (50 uses per month) and Professional (300 uses per month).

Key Takeaways

  • Use AI Assist to receive personalized recommendations on improving your Amazon business.
  • You can try the AI Assist feature risk-free with the 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • The Jungle Scout AI Assist feature will save you time and provide information you might have missed otherwise.

How to Use AI Assist for Review Analysis?

The AI Assist for Review Analysis provides a detailed analysis of product reviews and ratings for any ASIN. Therefore, you can better evaluate product opportunities and determine how to improve your products.

The AI Assist tool provides a summary of:

  • Suggestions for improvements based on customer reviews
  • Common positive and negative comments
  • Competitor analysis with strategies to beat them

Note that you’ll need to install the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension before using this tool.

Here’s a stepwise guide to get started:

  1. Get a Jungle Scout account. Save with these limited-time JS deals.
  2. Log into your Jungle Scout account.
  3. Click “Toolbox,” then “Review Analysis.”
  1. Enter the ASIN you want to research into the search bar. Then, press the Enter key.
  1. Review the insights provided by Review Analysis.

The red bar in the composite bar graph represents negative reviews; the green bar indicates the positives; while the yellow bar refers to the neutrals. Glancing at these bars can help you quickly identify trends and dig into them.

How to Use AI Assist for Listing Builder?

AI Assist for Listing Builder helps you

  • populate Amazon product listings with the top keywords.
  • Generate Amazon-friendly listings.
  • Improve your chances of ranking a product.

However, the tool is only available in English for now. Likewise, you’ll need to generate a keyword list for your listing before engaging the AI Assist here.

Once that’s settled, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Jungle Scout account.
  2. Click “Keywords,” then “Listing Builder.”
  1. Click “Create New Listing.” You can also import an existing listing to update/optimize it with AI Assist.
  1. Choose a keyword list or create a new one. Then, click “Next.”
  1. Click the AI Assist box above the section you need help with.

How to Use AI Assist for Profit Overview?

AI Assist for Profit Overview analyzes your financial data, presenting metrics like your cost of goods sold, profit margins, revenue, and more at a glance!

It also generates a financial report based on your Amazon business, identifying lacking areas and giving you insights to improve them.

However, you must connect your Jungle Scout and Amazon accounts to stream financial data.

Once that’s out of the way, here’s how to enjoy the impact of AI Assist on your Profits:

  1. Log into your Jungle Scout account.
  2. Click “Sales Analytics,” then “Profit Overview.”
  1. Click “Connect to Amazon & Get Access.”
  1. After connecting, access the Profit Overview dashboard to use AI Assist.

Best Practices for Using AI Assist

Considering the best practices to ensure you can get the most out of AI Assist is essential. 

In this section, I’ll examine the top tips for using AI Assist for the tools above.

Best Practices for Using AI Assist for Review Analysis

  • Double down on positives: Note the product positives the tool mentions and include those features in your products. Also, you can use these positives as the basis for marketing in the product photos and descriptions.
  • Avoid cons: Look at the summary of cons gathered by AI Assist to make product modifications. Therefore, you can avoid receiving the same negative comments for your products.
  • Take insights with a grain of salt: It’s essential to verify the insights and suggestions you receive from the tool. Don’t follow the advice mindlessly; instead, use the tool to get a few ideas for beating competitors.

Best Practices for Using AI Assist for Listing Builder

  • Proofread the text: Don’t unquestioningly approve the product listing text created by AI Assist. You’ll need to proofread the text to make sure it’s coherent.
  • Add missing points: The AI Assist tool may miss important keywords or product benefits. Add them manually to ensure your Amazon product listing is optimized.
  • Create keyword lists ahead of time: To avoid slowing yourself down during the listing-building process, ensure your keyword lists are ready.

Best Practices for Using AI Assist for Profit Overview

  • Connect your accounts: Connect your Jungle Scout and Amazon accounts to gather financial data from your Amazon business. Do this immediately after subscribing to a Jungle Scout plan so the tool has enough time to populate with data.
  • Rule of 20: It’s best to remove your lowest 20% of products and double down on the top 20%. That way, your activities are better focused for success and improved ROI.
  • Use AI predictions as guidelines: Scrutinize every suggestion from AI Assist rather than just implementing. There might be merit to them, but investigate for yourself.

What Is AI Assist Chat?

Jungle Scout has also implemented AI Assist for their live chat module. Think of this as a tool for quickly finding answers for the extensive FAQ library on Jungle Scout

The tool finds the correct answers and presents them in an easy-to-understand manner.

Also, you can interact with AI Assist in a questions-based format like a regular person. 

The instantaneous nature of the feature means you can quickly get the answers you’re looking for.

What Jungle Scout Pricing Plans Offer AI Assist?

Jungle Scout offers AI Assist on its Suite and Professional plans. That leaves the Basic plan users without any of the AI Assist features.

The table below shows the AI Assist usage limits for the plans that have it:

  Basic Suite Professional
Monthly $49 $69 $129
Yearly $29 Billed $349 per year $49 Billed $589 per year $84 Billed $999 per year
Best Price My Discount
AI Assist Limits Not Available 50 per month 300 per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your data is secure with Jungle Scout since the service has an excellent track record of handling customer data. Jungle Scout is responsible for protecting customer data seriously and uses modern security methods to avoid data breaches.

AI Assist gets the data it uses to improve your business once you link your Amazon Seller Central account to Jungle Scout. Furthermore, it is trained on large volumes of customers and Jungle Scout’s proprietary data to improve constantly.

Should You Use Jungle Scout AI Assist?

Jungle Scout’s AI Assist provides intuitive, time-saving features to improve your business

From crafting product listings in seconds to getting your brand’s financial health in a neat presentation, you can now spend more time on other tasks while AI Assist handles the rest.

Choose a Jungle Scout Suite or Professional plan now (get discounts) to give AI Assist a spin yourself.

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