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PPC Entourage Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth It?

PPC Entourage offers two pricing plans, one for regular customers and agencies. 

For regular customers, the cost is 2.9% of your advertisement spend. Therefore, the pricing structure does a great job of matching your budget.

Furthermore, there’s a 7-day free trial to give the tools and features a try without financial commitment.

Key Takeaways

  • PPC Entourage provides support with onboarding and a free strategy call.
  • The fee for using PPC varies based on your ad spend.
  • You can use the PPC Entourage free trial for 7-days.
  • PPC Entourage offers Agency pricing, which is 40% the normal rate.

What PPC Entourage Pricing Plans Are Available?

PPC Entourage only offers two subscription plans, Entourage and Agencies. 

Both pricing works on a sliding scale of your monthly ad spend.

For context, the PPC Entourage plan costs 2.9% of your monthly ad spend, and it’s 40% lower for Agencies. Therefore, the more money you spend on advertising with PPC Entourage, the bigger their fee.

This is a consumer-friendly model since you only pay more for the service once your business scales and you can afford the extra costs. Therefore, the PPC Entourage pricing plans are worth trying since they should match your available budget.

Here’s a table showcasing the cost at different ad spend milestones.

Monthly Ad Spend PPC Entourage Cost PPC Agency Cost
$100 per month $2.90 per month $2 per month
$500 per month $14.50 per month $9 per month
$1,000 per month $29 per month $18 per month
$10,000 per month $290 per month $175 per month
$50,000 per month $1,450 per month $875 per month
$100,000 per month $2,900 per month $1,750 per month

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the PPC entourage free trial that lasts for 7 days. However, you’ll still be charged for the amount of ad spend you’ve accumulated one day after the free trial ends.

What Features Are Available With the PPC Entourage Plan?

Since there’s only one PPC Entourage plan, all customers receive access to the same features. Here’s a summary of the tools they offer:

  • An onboarding process where you receive a call from the support team.
  • Smart Pilot, a tool for advertising automation and day-parting.
  • Ad Support for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Displays & Video.
  • Customization campaign optimization through the Bulk Engine.
  • Advanced business analytics and advertising reporting.
  • A strategy call from an Entourage PPC professional.

Furthermore, PPC Entourage is available in different regions, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, and India.

How to Sign Up for PPC Entourage?

Creating an account at PPC Entourage takes just a few minutes. I’ll share the steps to help you:

  1. Go to the PPC Entourage website and click “Get Started.”
  1. Fill out the form by entering your email and creating a password. Then click “Next.” Note that this step requires you to create a Carbon 6 account.
  1. Go to your inbox and verify the account by clicking the activation link.
You now have a PPC Entourage account to take your Amazon PPC campaign to the next level. Note that after creating an account, the 7-day free trial automatically starts.

How Can You Save Money When Subscribing to PPC Entourage?

Saving money when subscribing to PPC Entourage allows you to allocate more funds to your Amazon PPC campaigns. With that thought in mind, here are a few ideas to reduce the cost of your PPC Entourage subscription:

  • Keep ad spend low: PPC Entourage pricing is based on a variable rate scale where the fee increases as you spend more on ads. Therefore, you will save money on the service by decreasing your ad spend.
  • My discount: You can use my discount to save money when signing up for PPC Entourage.
  • Free trial: Use the free trial period to explore PPC Entourage without payment. This allows you to enjoy the first week on the platform without payment.

Does PPC Entourage Offer Educational Resources?

PPC Entourage offers multiple educational resources to help you get started with the software. Firstly, you can take advantage of the onboarding call, where you’ll discover how to use the software step-by-step. You can also ask questions about good strategies for optimizing PPC campaigns.

You’ll also get a free strategy call with a PPC Entourage expert coach

You should take advantage of these resources once you understand the basics of Amazon PPC and have products actively selling on the e-commerce platform. This ensures you can ask informative questions to help propel your advertising campaigns.

Finally, you can go to the Resources section, where you’ll find the PPC Entourage blog. 

Read the blog posts to learn more about how to use the software to succeed with Amazon PPC. Also, there’s a “Videos & Interviews” section where you can discover the strategies used by the PPC Entourages founder.

3 PPC Entourage Alternatives to Consider

PPC Entourage is a good choice for Amazon sellers, but the fee for the service can get high when you spend a lot on ads. Therefore, I’ll share a few alternatives you can use to grow your business.

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers many tools, including the Adtomic PPC tool. This tool allows you to create, manage, and optimize PPC campaigns to increase the ROI. Therefore, buying the tools may pay for itself by increasing your conversion rate.

Read my Helium 10 Adtomic guide to learn more about what you stand to gain from using it.


SellerApp is another Amazon PPC-focused tool packed with features for all types of sellers. 

This includes individual sellers, enterprises, and agencies.

Also, SellerApp’s in-house PPC tool provides precise bid optimization suggestions with the help of AI. Therefore, you can increase your chances of reaching the target ACoS goals. Automated ad optimization allows you to quickly manage hundreds of keywords in seconds.

Explore my SellerApp free trial guide to learn the top features and how to get started.


Perpetua is a competitive PPC-centric tool for Amazon businesses.

The software provides much support, including a quarterly business review, an onboarding plan, and a customized launch strategy. Therefore, it’s suitable for beginners who need a helping hand to figure out how Amazon PPC works.

Also, there are multiple pricing tiers, and the cost increases as you spend more on ads – similar to how PPC Entourage works. The analytics dashboard at Perpetua is some of the more detailed in the industry, ideal for advanced users who want more data to make actionable decisions.

Want to see if Perpetua is a good choice for your Amazon Business? Here’s a Perpetua free trial guide to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC Entourage provides a one-month money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can try the software package and get a complete refund if you’re unhappy during the first 30 days.

Should You Get the PPC Entourage Software Tools?

PPC Entourage is a worthwhile investment to improve the quality of your Amazon PPC campaigns. The toolset allows you to optimize campaigns, and the support you’ll receive can help overcome problems you might be having.

Want to start using PPC Entourage for yourself? Create a free PPC Entourage account and get discounts after your free trial via its special deals page after your free trial.

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