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How to Get the Teikametrics Free Trial?

Teikametrics offers two free trials: one is the Basic plan that has no expiry date, and the other is a one-month free trial for the AI-Powered plan. You can sign up for both of these from the Teikametrics pricing page.

Furthermore, you can request a demo to preview the Teikametrics features without creating an account.

Key Takeaways

  • Teikametrics allows you to choose from two free trials for the Basic and AI-Powered plans.
  • The AI-Powered free trial lets you automate PPC campaigns with AI technology.
  • You can request a demo to receive a guided tour from the Teikametrics customer support team.

How to Get the Teikametrics Free Trial?

Signing up for the Teikametrics free trial is fast. You can follow the steps below to get it done:

  1. Go to the Teikametrics website and click “Pricing.”
  1. Select the Basic plan by clicking “Sign up for free.”
  1. Create your account by entering your details and clicking “Sign Up.”
  1. Well done. You now have access to the Teikametrics free trial. It has no expiration date and offers limited features to test the Amazon PPC software solution.

How to Get the Teikametrics Risk-Free Trial?

I’ll show you how to get the Teikametrics risk-free trial to test what the AI-Powered plan has in stock for you:

  1. Go to the Teikametrics website and click “Pricing.”
  1. Choose the risk-free plan by clicking “Get started risk-free.”
  1. Create your account by entering your details and clicking “Sign Up.”
  1. Congratulations, you now have access to the one-month free trial for the AI-Powered plan. This unlocks a wide range of features unavailable with the regular Teikametrics free plan.

What Does the Teikametrics Free Trial Include?

You should consider the features available on both Teikametrics free trial plans to decide if either is worth your time. Here’s a table showcasing the tools and features of both free trials:

 Features Basic Free Trial AI-Powered Free Trial
Connect & Analyze
Data aggregation and analysis Available Available
Campaign, ad group, and keyword performance metrics Available Available
Product-level profitability insights Available Available
Proactive inventory & advertising notifications Available Available
Advertising Optimization
Goal-based campaign creation & optimization Not available Available
Fully-automated keyword targeting engine Not available Available
AI-powered keyword bidding Not available Available
Multi-level performance analysis Not available Available
Inventory Optimization
Inventory turn and sell through rate insights Not available Available
Proactive stockout notifications and connected ads Not available Available
Market Intelligence
Brand coverage of search Not available Available
Product ranking by keyword Not available Available
Competitor share of search Not available Available

How to Upgrade Teikametrics After the Free Trial?

As you can see in the table above, the AI-Powered plan offers significantly more features than the Basic one. Therefore, you should upgrade to increase the chances of winning the Amazon PPC battle against competitors.

You can upgrade your Teikametrics account from within your dashboard. 

The upgrade is instant and unlocks the full suite of features available at Teikametrics.

Best Practices With the Teikametrics Free Trial

To hit the ground running with the Teikametrics free trial, you’ll need to follow some best practices:

  • Create the time: Set aside enough time when opting for the Teikametrics free trial. This is especially true with the AI-Powered free trial since it has a limited test period of one month.
  • Test every feature: To understand the full scope of what’s offered by Teikametrics, use all its features. At first glance, some tools may not seem helpful. However, after hands-on experience, you may discover a good use case for your Amazon business.
  • My discount: Don’t forget to use my discount to save money if you plan to use Teikametrics after the free trial ends.
  • Wait until your business is ready: Sign up for the AI-Powered free trial only once your business is actively selling on Amazon. This ensures you can thoroughly test the Amazon PPC tools using your account.
  • Educational tools: Teikametrics provides educational tools such as webinars and ebooks. Use these to learn more about Amazon PPC and how Teikametrics can help to deploy the best strategies.

What Teikametrics Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

Teikametrics is an excellent suite of tools that can take your Amazon PPC game to the next level. However, it’s limited in scope and lacks additional features. Therefore, I’ve found a few alternatives that provide more options.

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers the powerful Adtomic tool, an AI-powered Amazon PPC solution that can maximize your advertising ROI. Here’s a summary of what the tool provides:

  • Optimization and automation to simplify advertising campaigns.
  • Clear and actionable analytics insights to drive decisions.
  • Save hours by avoiding manual micro-managing.

Furthermore, Helium 10 provides a wide range of tools not offered by Teikametrics. 

For example, you can do product research with tools like Black Box or keep an eye on significant Amazon product listing changes with Alerts

Learn how to start the Helium 10 free trial to proceed.


M19’s AI-based PPC management software, like Teikametrics, provides a Keyword Tracker to help you gather insights about the top keywords in your niche.

Furthermore, M19 offers more pricing plans, so you can better match the options to your Amazon Business. Also, there’s a 1-on-1 monthly training to help improve your Amazon PPC strategies.

Start the M19 free trial by following this detailed guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Teikametrics customer service during the free trial using the contact form, and you’ll receive a reply via email. You can also use the live chat feature by clicking on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Teikametrics offers tutorials for users on the free trial. You can go to the resources section of the website, where you’ll find webinars and ebooks to help you get started.

Should You Use the Teikametrics Free Trial?

The Teikametrics free trial is an excellent choice for Amazon sellers who wish to improve their PPC campaigns. The Basic plan free trial is consumer-friendly since there’s no expiration date. Alternatively, you can use the AI-Powered risk-free plan to test more robust PPC management features.

Go to the Teikametrics pricing page today and select your preferred free trial package.

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