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How to Get the Seller Labs Free Trial?

You can get the Seller Labs free trial by creating an account and selecting a subscription to get the corresponding features of the chosen plan.

However, you must input your credit card details before accessing the free trial. 

But you won’t be charged until the trial ends.

Unlike most other Amazon seller software, Seller Labs has a Pay-as-You-Grow pricing formula that scales with your Amazon business. So, choose the right plan to appropriately test what the free trial offers.

Key Takeaways

  • Seller Labs’ free trial provides access to all features included in the paid plans.
  • The trial lasts 30 days and requires credit card details.
  • You can connect 1 Seller Central account and 20 marketplaces.

How to Get a Seller Labs Free Trial?

To get a Seller Labs free trial, sign up for an account and select a payment plan. 

That sounds easy, but this stepwise guide is much easier:

  1. Go to the SellerLabs website.
  2. Click “Try Software.”
seller labs web home
  1. Fill in your details – name, phone number, and email.
create seller labs account
  1. Create a new password.
create seller labs password
  1. Enter your credit card details on your chosen plan range. You won’t be charged until after the free trial.
seller labs payment info
  1. Congrats! You have gained access to the Seller Labs free trial.

What Features Are Available With Seller Labs Free Trial?

The Seller Labs free trial allows full access to all features in the PRO version, including

Scope Keyword Tool

Scope delivers data on the top Amazon keywords. Sellers use this data to track keyword history, view search volumes, and identify trends.

seller labs scope keyword tool

You can track unlimited keywords for all your products to optimize paid and organic traffic to your product pages.

This tool also allows sellers to discover new product ideas and untapped keyword opportunities. It finds short-tail and long-tail keywords so Amazon sellers can drive high-quality targeted traffic to their product pages.

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is Seller Lab’s messaging software that helps brands remain in control of their reputation.

The software provides templates for Amazon-approved email messages and scheduled email messaging. With Feedback Genius, sellers easily keep tabs on reviews and respond quickly and appropriately.

Sales Dashboard and Trends

This dashboard reports all the revenue, ad campaign tracking, daily sales update, buyer satisfaction, and alerts information you need at a glance without getting lost in an ocean of data.

Ad Management

seller labs ad management

Seller Labs’ cutting-edge ad management software, accessible via the free trial, helps you manage Amazon PPC campaigns, from budgeting to profit calculation.

Campaign Tracking

Monitor your Amazon ads and get alerts when they aren’t profitable. 

You can also enjoy predictions and reporting on the current profit margins of your campaigns.

Seller Labs tracks personalized insights on every ad you run. It tracks when a campaign is active or paused, its overall performance, and all insights you need to optimize your ads for the best ROI.

seller labs campaign manager

You can only begin an ad campaign after you’ve connected your Amazon Seller Central account with Seller Labs.

What Are Seller Labs Pro Pricing and Plans?

There are two main Seller Labs PRO plans – monthly and annual. However, the prices differ based on your average yearly revenue from Amazon.

Seller Labs Pricing ($) Monthly Plan Annual Plan
Up to 50k $49 per month $468 per year ($39 per month; save $120)
50k to 250k $99 per month $948 per year ($79 per month; save $240)
250k to 1M $149 per month $1,428 per year ($119 per month; save $360)
Above 1M $299 per month $2,868 per year ($239 per month; save $720)

Not sure what plan you’ll fall under? Do this:

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Under “Business Reports,” set the period to the last twelve months to get the average annual revenue report.
  3. Check your revenue range on Seller Labs and pick the best plan.

Since Seller Labs plans allow you to connect up to 20 marketplaces, your payment tier is determined by the sum of the average yearly revenue of all your connected marketplaces.


If you choose a plan that doesn’t match your income, Seller Labs automatically re-calculates it to place you under the most appropriate plan.

Also, choosing an annual plan allows you to save some money. For instance, in the 50k to 250k yearly revenue range, picking the annual plan means saving $240 per year.

What Seller Labs Alternatives Offer Free Trials?

Seller Labs isn’t perfect. While the Scope tool is fantastic for tracking new keywords, it doesn’t track competitor product listings and their performances over time.

Even though the company provides customer support via email, you may want to reach an agent faster via live chat, which Seller Labs doesn’t offer.

In any case, explore the top Seller Labs alternatives offering free trials.


helium 10 financial overview dashboard

Helium 10 provides an entirely free version after you create a new account. 

But, the features are heavily limited, so you don’t get full access to what the software provider offers.

For instance, Helium 10’s free plan allows only two uses of the Magnet keyword research tool daily. Plus, you can only track 20 keywords.

Likewise, the profits analysis dashboard is only accessible 30 days after registration.

However, Helium 10’s pricing plans offer many more features than Seller Labs. It also has a quick-launch Chrome extension on every Amazon listing page, product research software, and a listing optimizer.


sellerboard web home

The Sellerboard free trial provides access to all paid features for one month and doesn’t require entering credit card details.

The best part? If you don’t have a Seller Central account, Sellerboard provides a demo you can use to test the features.


amzscout web home

AMZScout offers a 7-day free trial to new account owners. To access it, you must enter your email address; no credit card is required.

Aside from the trial, AMZScout has free tools such as the profit calculator and sales estimator.

You should choose AMZScout if you want software that offers tutorials for Amazon seller beginners, tracks product ratings, and has a more affordable pricing plan.

Plus, there’s a 10-day money-back guarantee.

My Experience Using the Seller Labs Free Trial

I tested Seller Labs for 30 days to get a real sense of the free trial.

For starters, connecting my Seller Central account was pretty easy

I was able to access all the features available on the PRO plan, including the keyword researcher and campaign tracker.

I also loved that I could work with the platform for 30 days.

The only downside to the software is that there is no live chat. So, I had to email a support agent, then wait for an answer.

Overall, I found Seller Labs’ free trial robust enough to track all my essential data and test most of the features.

How to Gain the Most From a Seller Labs Free Trial?

Here are some tips on how to take the most advantage of a Seller Labs free trial.

Don’t Wait

There’s the temptation to abandon the account once you’ve gained access to a trial. 

But those 30 days may fly by faster than you planned.

So, immediately you get the free trial, connect your Seller Central account, and get started.

Have a Seller Central Account Ready to Go

Before you get the Seller Labs free trial, ensure you’re already actively selling products on Amazon. After all, you need some data to play around with in Seller Labs.

Otherwise, you may spend the initial/better part of the 30 days trying to force some sales on Amazon to scrounge up enough data for the Seller Labs tests.

Take Out Time to Properly Use Seller Labs

Only sign up for the free trial when you’ve got enough time to test it. 

Remember, you get only one free trial per email account after your credit card is connected.

Chances are you can sign up for another free trial from a fresh email address, but Seller Labs may reject your card since it’s been used with another account.

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You need a credit card to access the 30-day Seller Labs free trial. 

However, Seller Labs won’t bill you until the end of the trial, and you can cancel within 30 days to avoid charges.

Is the Seller Labs Free Trial Worth It?

Yes, the Seller Labs free trial is worth it. It lasts for 30 days and offers FULL ACCESS to all paid features.

During the trial, you can add up to 20 marketplaces, track unlimited keywords, and keep a tab on all your ad campaigns.

Isn’t it awesome? Try Seller Labs free today.

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