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Seller Snap Pricing and Plans: Is It Worth It?

There are three Seller Snap pricing plans – Standard, Premium, and Unlimited

However, you’ll need to contact customer support to view the prices for the associated plan, as they’re not openly displayed.

In the meantime, you can grab the 15-day free trial to improve your repricing strategy.

Likewise, you can book a Seller Snap demo to discover what the tools are like with the guidance of customer support.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the 15-day free trial to improve your Amazon product listing pricing strategy.
  • Contact customer support to discover the prices of each Seller Snap subscription plan.
  • Use the Seller Snap demo to receive a guided tour of the tools.

What Seller Snap Pricing Plans Are Available?

Unfortunately, you can’t view the Seller Snap pricing plans on the pricing page, as shown in the screenshot below.

seller snap plans

Therefore, you’ll need to email Seller Snap at, or click on one of the “CONTACT US NOW” buttons.

What Seller Snap Plan Should You Choose?

It’s difficult to compare the Seller Snap pricing plans since no prices are provided. However, you can compare the features and make the best choice for your stage of the Amazon business.

The Standard plan is good since it’s the cheapest and offers enough features to start. 

However, once your Amazon business grows, don’t hesitate to upgrade to the Premium or Unlimited subscription plans to ensure Seller Snap can help you scale.

How to Sign Up for Seller Snap?

Signing up for Seller Snap is a quick process, and I’ll show you how from start to finish:

  1. Go to the Seller Snap website and click “Pricing.”
seller snap pricing tab
  1. Choose from one of the Seller Snap subscription plans – Standard, Premium, and Unlimited – and click “CONTACT US NOW” on the corresponding one.
seller snap premium plans
  1. Enter your details in the form fields. Then click “Next.”
  1. Create a password, and click “Submit.”
  1. Click the verification link in your email inbox.
  1. Log into your Amazon account to authorize Seller Snap after entering your store name and selecting the marketplace.

What Features Do You Get With the Seller Snap Pricing Plans?

You’ll need to compare the Seller Snap features of each subscription plan to choose the right package for your Amazon business. Here’s a table summarizing each tool and feature to help you compare the Seller Snap plans:

  Standard Premium Unlimited
Listings 15,000 30,000 30,000+
Users 3 10 Unlimited
Repricing   Included Included Included
Analytics   Included Included Included
Support 24/7 expert support Included Included (with a dedicated account manager) Included (with a dedicated account manager)
Advanced Analytics   Not included Included Included
Automated Workflow   Not included Included Included
Dedicated environment,
Custom integrations
Not included Not included Included

What Seller Snap Tools and Features Should You Get Started With?

To help you get started with the least friction, I’ve summarized the most essential tools new Seller Snap users should use.

AI-Powered Amazon Repricer

seller snap amazon repricer

This software uses machine learning to price your Amazon products competitively, given the current market conditions. Simply turn the software “On,” and it will do the rest.

The hands-off approach is excellent for Amazon beginners who don’t understand the best product repricing strategies to deploy.

Furthermore, this tool formulates a pricing strategy that doesn’t create a race to the bottom. This typically happens when Amazon sellers base their repricing strategy on undercutting. Instead, the game theory algorithm achieves the right balance to avoid price wars.


seller snap webinars

Seller Snap has a library of videos with instructions on how to use the repricing tools

The recorded webinars include interviews with industry experts that spill the beans on the best Amazon seller strategies.

The Seller Snap webinars are a good starting point for new Amazon business owners and established sellers looking to learn more.

Seller Analytics

seller snap seller analytics

The Seller Analytics software allows you to see essential metrics like the financial health of your Amazon product listings, how well each SKU is performing, and areas for improvement at a glance. Therefore, you can make critical business decisions based on live data from your Amazon account.

How Can You Save Money When Subscribing to Seller Snap?

Every dollar you save when signing up to Seller Snap can be used to grow other aspects of your Amazon business. In the section below, I’ve listed several ideas you can implement to save money on your Seller Snap subscription:

  • Choose the right plan: don’t select a Seller Snap plan that’s more expensive than your Amazon business needs. After speaking with customer support, compare the features and choose the cheapest plan for your required tools.
  • Grab my discount: use my discount to receive significant savings with your Seller Snap subscription.
  • Use free trial: take advantage of the Seller Snap free trial to understand how the tool can help you grow your business. So, you can enjoy a learning curve without worrying about your first hefty subscription going down the drain.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Seller Snap offers a demo version that gives users a detailed preview of what the service provides. You’ll need to book a demo on the Seller Snap website, and the customer support team will get back to you.

You can contact Seller Snap customer support by clicking the live chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of your account dashboard.

Should You Use Seller Snap?

Seller Snap is a good Amazon software choice for sellers struggling with their pricing strategy. The AI-powered repricing tools at Seller Snap are ideal for beginners, intermediate, and expert Amazon sellers since it’s a set-and-forget approach that keeps yielding dividends.

Want to see if Seller Snap is the right match for your Amazon business? Start from the Seller Snap pricing page.

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