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Quartile Pricing & Plans: Which Should You Get?

Quartile offers a flat-fee monthly payment, ranging from $895 to $9995 on one primary channel, based on an online seller’s monthly ad spend. That said, most businesses that onboard Quartile services have a minimum monthly ad spend of $3,000, helping them get the best value.

For new accounts, you can save up to 50% in the first two to three months with my exclusive discounts.

Key Takeaways

  • Quartile’s pricing starts from $895 per month and goes up to $9,995 per month for one primary channel.
  • New accounts get up to 50% discount for the first two months.
  • There are add-on fees for connecting extra market channels and countries.

What Quartile Pricing and Plans Are Available?

Quartile pricing starts from $895 per month and goes up to $9995 per month for a mono-channel offering. These plans are tiered based on ad spend per online seller. Here are the Quartile plans in detail:

Quartile Pricing Minimum Ad Spend Maximum Ad Spend
$895 - $10,000
$1495 $10,001 $35,000
$2495 $35,001 $70,000
$3995 $70,001 $200,000
$6995 $200,001 $400,000
$9995 $400,001 $1,000,000

Quartile accepts companies that spend at least $3,000 per month on advertising. 

This is because the AI optimization algorithm needs to analyze a minimum of data to draw accurate insights into boosting sales.

Of course, the more ad spend and ad history you have, the more data Quartile’s API will have to analyze, hence the price hike.

These listed plans are for Quartile accounts that connect only one Amazon Seller account to optimize ads in one Amazon marketplace. Quartile adds $500 to your monthly fee for each extra account or marketplace you connect.

Does Quartile Have Plans for Non-Amazon Sellers?

Aside from Amazon ads, Quartile optimizes ads on Walmart, Instacart, TikTok, Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon DSP. If you want to add any of these channels, you must negotiate custom-scaled pricing for your account.

Does Quartile Offer Discounts?

Quartile offers two discount options to new accounts:

  • 35% discount on the monthly fee for the first three months.
  • 50% discount on the monthly fee for the first two months.

Grab this exclusive discount link to enjoy savings on your first few months of using the software.

What Features Do You Get With the Quartile Pricing Plans?

All levels of Quartile’s pricing get full access to the product’s features and API. 

Here are the significant features you’ll enjoy when you sign up for Quartile.

Automated Ads Optimization

Once you’ve set your optimization preferences, Quartile’s machine-learning algorithm optimizes your ads. The algorithm gets hourly data from Amazon Marketing Stream, which it analyzes and uses to adjust ads.

Quartile is one of the few Amazon seller tools with access to exclusive data from Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS) and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), which provides real-time ads campaign metrics and changes that Quartile’s AI automatically applies to boost sales.

Automated Bidding and Budget Allocation

Quartile analyzes real-time data to adjust your bids based on your preferences. 

Depending on the metric you want to target and focus on, the software personalizes your bids and ACoS to stay within your budget and drive excellent results.

The software also automatically finds the best-performing keywords, products, and channels to allocate ad spending to them appropriately.

Unified and User-friendly Channel Reports

Quartile’s user-friendly and intuitive dashboard delivers uniform channel reports showing your campaigns’ progress. Depending on your market channels, Quartile can combine data from your PPC ads, DSP, and AMC to tell a complete story of your Amazon advertising.

How to Sign Up for Quartile?

Signing up for Quartile involves a full product demo and an onboarding process. 

Here’s a detailed look into how to sign up for a Quartile account:

  1. Visit the sign-up page and choose “Request A Demo.”
  1. Fill in the required details. Be sure to include an email address you currently use and can access easily.
  1. Once you’ve submitted the form, wait for the Quartile team to get back to you and schedule a demo.

Once you’ve completed the demo and decided to set up an account with Quartile, you’ll meet with the onboarding team.

The first step will be to connect your Amazon Seller account to Quartile. Then, the AI takes 2 to 6 weeks to analyze your account’s advertising data to deliver ad optimization results.

As a Quartile user, you’re entitled to biweekly calls with Quartile’s campaign strategists and ad management team. Depending on how much control you want, they’ll assist you in driving the best results.

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Yes, Quartile integrates with Amazon DSP. The tool allows you to target potential customers anywhere online, outside the Amazon website. However, Quartile’s Amazon DSP feature comes at an extra cost of $500 per month.

No, Quartile subscriptions don’t include a Chrome extension. It doesn’t need a Chrome extension because it’s designed to optimize your ads to drive more sales. 

Instead, the product focuses on analyzing campaign data to improve the performance of your Amazon ads.

Boost Your Amazon PPC Potential

Quartile is a unique Amazon seller tool that analyzes data from multiple sources, including PPC, DSP, and AMC, to deliver an accurate picture of advertisement data. The tool learns your ad spending patterns and automatically optimizes ads for the best results.

Luckily, Quartile works for several seller channels like Amazon, Amazon DSP, Google, Instacart, and TikTok.

Ready to use cutting-edge AI technology to optimize your ads and drive sales? Request a free Quartile demo today!

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