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10 Best Amazon PPC Software and Tools

If you’re short on time, the best Amazon PPC software is Helium 10. The platform edged out 24 competitors with its powerful Amazon ad management tools like Adtomic, Magnet, and PPC Audit.

Jungle Scout is a close second, with intuitive tools to help Amazon sellers maximize PPC ROI and streamline operations.

After testing 20+ tools, I’ve summarized the Amazon PPC software that made it to my list in the table below.

Tool Monthly Price Discount Best For
Helium 10 $39 - $279 per month Check Discount Streamlined PPC management
Jungle Scout $49 - $129 per month Check Discount Accurate reporting and Market Data
SellerBoard $19 - $79 per month Check Discount Sellers with a Low Budget
 Viral Launch $69 - $199 per month Check Discount PPC Management at the Product Level
PPC Entourage Starting at 2.9% of monthly ad spend Check Discount Day-parting
BidX From $295 Check Discount PPC Automation
SellerApp $49 - $99 per month Check Discount Managed PPC
Quartile $899 - $9,995 per month Check Discount Hourly bidding
Sellozo From $149 per month Check Discount AI Bid Automation
M19 From $400 per month Check Discount Conversion Prediction

Helium 10

Helium 10 has tools to cover every step of your ad campaigns, from ad creation to optimization, in-depth insights, and automation options.

Adtomic, Helium 10’s primary PPC tool, offers automatic targeting to ensure your ads appear in the right places. It even allows you to run a rule-based advertising campaign designed around audiences and keywords.

You’ll also get a free PPC Audit tool that analyzes your campaigns for insights on achieving your ACoS, an overview of your current PPC campaign, and where you’re losing ad spend.

Furthermore, Helium 10 understands that the right keywords are essential to your PPC strategy. That’s why it backs Adtomic up with Magnet to streamline and uncover traffic-generating keywords to help you enjoy the best product visibility and conversions.

To top it all off, Helium 10 ships with a Profits tool that tracks your campaign’s conversions. That way, you can see how your ad spend compares against your profits or losses on each product.

But there’s a kicker – you have to get Helium 10’s Adtomic as an add-on to any of its standard plans tabled below, and it doesn’t come cheap (from $199/month).

Plan Price
Starter $39 per month
Platinum $99 per month
Diamond $279 per month

That makes it less desirable compared to rivals like Sellerboard and Jungle Scout. 

However, these rivals also lack the PPC ad creation capabilities on Adtomic, or the AI integration it ships with.


Our Verdit: Helium 10 combines several tools to provide comprehensive Amazon PPC campaign management. While it is expensive compared to most alternatives, it is worth the money for intermediate and advanced sellers.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a solid Helium 10 alternative to save subscription costs without compromising PPC management quality.

You get Advertising Analytics on Jungle Scout to automatically analyze the performance of your ads against sales, conversions, profits, and other identified metrics. 

Unlike Helium 10, though, you don’t get integrated AI support and can’t create ads from scratch.

Barring that, bigger brands can opt for Jungle Scout’s Cobalt Accelerator API to get more in-depth data on their Amazon PPC campaigns. This is a custom solution offering many other business intelligence dashboards, though. So, it won’t come cheap.

Even so, it doesn’t allow you to create Amazon PPC ads from scratch, either.

If you don’t mind this limitation, you can access the Jungle Scout PPC analytics dashboard via its Suite and Professional plans.


Our Verdit: Jungle Scout monitors key Amazon ad campaign metrics at the product level for success. It’s best for Amazon sellers who don’t mind creating their PPC ads elsewhere and monitoring performance via the tool.


sellerboard web home

While SellerBoard isn’t as comprehensive as Helium 10, it has powerful features to optimize PPC campaigns.

Like Helium 10’s Adtomic, SellerBoard uses smart algorithms to optimize your campaigns for more profits, sales, and better ACoS through bid and keyword management.

The software calculates break-even ACoS and makes bid suggestions, optimizing your campaigns to achieve your goals.

In addition, SellerBoard uniquely moves the best-performing phrases from your campaign to other campaigns you’re running to improve their chances of success

This isn’t available with any of the other tools I reviewed.

So, SellerBoard may not have as many dedicated PPC tools as Helium 10, but it’ll get the job done if you’re looking for affordable software to optimize your campaigns.

And like Helium 10, you can use the Sellerboard PPC management tools on any of its four subscription plans.


Our Verdit: SellerBoard provides real-time PPC analytics and automated bid management for streamlined campaign optimization. However, it doesn’t allow you to build campaigns from scratch or include dedicated keyword research tools.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch’s Kinetic integrates with the software’s Keyword Manager and Keyword Research tools. Hence, you can mine valuable data and insights to improve your PPC strategy, optimize your ad bidding strategy, and ensure a profitable PPC campaign.

Kinetic also supports rule-based ad management. Like Adtomic and SellerBoard, this allows you to create automation that keep your ad running, appropriately adjusted, and optimized, even when you’re not there to monitor things.

For instance, you can automate the tool to increase/decrease ad bids, add/remove keywords, or add negative keywords based on specific triggers.

One of the significant drawbacks of using Viral Launch for PPC is that it only offers PPC optimization in its highest pricing plan, which makes it more expensive than alternatives like Jungle Scout and SellerBoard.

However, it’s still cheaper than Helium 10 since Adtomic’s costs are in the range of Viral Launch’s biggest plan. Even so, Helium 10 justifies that price with way more PPC-dedicated features, which Viral Launch lacks.


Our Verdit: Viral Launch provides PPC management with advanced rule-setting, keyword research, and impressive tracking. However, it might not be a better value for the price than Helium 10.

PPC Entourage

start ppc entourage free trial

PPC Entourage’s core PPC feature is bulk campaign management, a function that mirrors Adtomic’s Ad Manager. The tool allows you to easily organize thousands of keywords and optimize multiple campaigns in a few clicks.

In addition, the Smart Pilot tool offers ad automation and day-parting

Setting it up correctly ensures your ads reach your target audience at the right time, boosting conversions.

However, PPC Entourage’s PPC campaign builder isn’t as robust as what you get with Helium 10’s Adtomic. Still, it’s a better alternative than Jungle Scout, which doesn’t offer a campaign-building interface.

PPC Entourage also offers a Campaign Expansion tool to improve your pre-existing campaign by identifying new keyword ideas. It can even change match types and run A/B tests against keywords to see which combination works best for your campaign.

This tool even allows you to scale as you grow, only costing 2.9% of your monthly ad spend. I also like that agencies get to pay 40% less for PPC Entourage’s services.

But if you spend more than $6,900 on ads as an individual seller or your agency spends more than $11,300, you’ll be paying more than what Helium 10 costs.


Our Verdit: PPC Entourage is a fine choice to avoid paying a flat monthly fee for Amazon PPC management. But at higher ad spends, Helium 10’s Adtomic is a better and more comparable alternative.


bidx web home

BidX is a robust Amazon ad creation and management platform for individual sellers, agencies, and vendors. It comprehensively handles ad and campaign creation, optimization, analytics, and performance improvement via machine learning.

The software’s unique algorithm automatically adjusts your bids based on keyword performance, budget, and competition. As a result, the tool ensures you’re bidding the optimal amount for each target phrase.

In addition, it tracks metrics like conversions, clicks, sales, and impressions to provide insights you can use to enhance your campaigns.

Remember to use BidX’s keyword research tool to help you identify profitable campaign keywords.

On top of that, BidX supports rule-based PPC optimization, much like Helium 10 Adtomic, Viral Launch, and PPC Entourage. Hence, you can create rules for what should happen on specific event triggers, further ensuring you can manage your ads effectively on autopilot.

The biggest downside to BidX is its expensive pricing structure. For instance, you’ll have to pay extra to get keyword research and pay more for campaign creation in addition to the basic pricing plan.

On the upside, it offers its ad automation services on all pricing plans, and you even get a managed service offering if you want it.


Our Verdit: BidX is best suited to agencies, brands, and advanced users seeking a dedicated Amazon ads management platform.



SellerApp is in the league of PPC Entourage and BidX with customizable PPC rules and day parting. Setting effective day-parting rules maximizes your ad’s reach by ensuring target customers see them when they’re most active.

It also employs AI-based PPC automation, which analyzes your ad strategy to help you determine areas needing improvement, such as targeting better keywords or adjusting bid amounts.

For example, the tool might automatically adjust your bids or pause underperforming ads to increase sales, reduce wasted ad spend, and improve your ROI.

SellerApp, like BidX, lets you manage your PPC campaigns in over 16 Amazon marketplaces. In contrast, PPC Entourage only supports 7 marketplaces. And the best part is that you can connect SellerApp to multiple Amazon ad accounts.

Likewise, SellerApp gives you the extra option of getting your PPC managed by its in-house team. They’ll throw in a weekly update call while working towards achieving your target ACoS and RoAS and improving revenue.

You can get SellerApp’s AI PPC automation and management tools on all plans. 

That means you can start at $49/month; the only difference is in the allowable usage limits. Or you could spring for the Managed Service Plan, costing $900 monthly.


Our Verdit: SellerApp is a good Amazon PPC tool for sellers looking to optimize their campaigns beyond Amazon US on a single platform. It is also a low-cost software, making it ideal for sellers on a shoestring budget.


quartile web home

Quartile’s PPC tool is backed by six patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that help users automate their Amazon ad campaigns.

The software is the only one on this list with a cross-channel ad automation tool

You can use Quartile to automate your ads across Google, Facebook, Walmart, Amazon, and Instacart, keeping your ads consistent on all platforms.

However, Quartile doesn’t automatically negate unprofitable keywords, which can cause wasteful spending and lower ROI. In addition, it doesn’t provide detailed analytics reports like Helium 10’s Adtomic. So, figuring out what to fix when sales decline can be difficult.

On top of that, Quartile may sometimes prioritize the wrong types of ads, neglecting more effective CPC campaigns. So, you may need to manually adjust your campaigns to make your ads work right.

Quartile doesn’t indicate pricing on its website. You can, however, request a demo to know the price. I did that on your behalf. Read my Quartile pricing and plans guide to learn more.


Our Verdit: Quartile is an excellent Amazon PPC tool for sellers looking to enhance their ad campaigns across multiple channels, providing efficient automation and optimization features.


request sellozo demo

Sellozo leverages AI to simplify Amazon PPC management with automated bidding, keyword discovery, and campaign optimization. That puts it in the class of Helium 10 and SellerApp, which also engage AI for such ad management practices.

Sellozo’s AI-driven bid automation optimizes keyword bids based on historical data, market trends, and competitor activity, ensuring maximum ad performance and budget efficiency to meet your target ACoS.

Its AI-powered keyword discovery tool also helps you uncover relevant phrases with high conversion potential. That way, you can expand your PPC campaigns with targeted keywords.

Furthermore, you get dayparting to schedule your ads during peak sales windows.

To top it all off, Sellozo has Campaign Studio, a drag-and-drop tool that seamlessly integrates current campaigns. You can even replicate campaigns with a single click to ensure continuous growth.

But I’ve used Campaign Studio, and you might not enjoy using it as much as Helium 10’s Campaign Builder.

That said, Sellozo offers a fully managed PPC service like SellerApp. This is a good option for hands-off Amazon sellers, or sellers who want to maximize their ad spend on bigger Amazon FBA and FBM brands.

Sellozo charges a flat monthly price based on the number of SKUs you manage with the tool, making it easy for sellers to predict costs.

However, the platform doesn’t explicitly state how many marketplaces it supports, which can be limiting for international sellers.


Our Verdit: Sellozo streamlines Amazon PPC management using artificial intelligence for optimal bidding campaign scheduling and customization.


m19 web home

M19 focuses on Amazon PPC automation for sellers and agencies. 

This makes it similar to SellerBoard and PPC Entourage, which also have dedicated agency offerings and plans.

But what’s unique about M19’s offerings compared to the others?

After setting up your account, m19 AI’s algorithm explores historical data and analyzes past performance to create campaigns and expand product/keyword combinations automatically.

The software then uses the data to predict each pair’s daily conversions, clicks, and impressions. This feature offers precise insights, enabling users to adjust PPC strategies effectively.

M19 supports PPC management and optimization in over 15 Amazon marketplaces, like SellerApp and Helium 10. However, you can only optimize one marketplace at a time unless you sign up for higher pricing plans.

In addition, m19 offers personalized one-on-one training for agencies to help them get the most out of the tool, offer strategies to improve their PPC campaigns, and boost their chances of delivering for clients.


Our Verdit: M19 is a powerful AI-powered PPC optimization tool for sellers and agencies with multiple clients, various Amazon stores, and an international Amazon selling presence.

How I Created This List

Picking the best Amazon PPC software wasn’t easy, as I tested 20+ tools before converging on these options. Besides leveraging my expertise as a seasoned Amazon FBA seller, I considered other points to ensure my list was as comprehensive as possible:

  • Amazon PPC Features: The first thing I checked for was dedicated PPC management tools offering everything from ad creation to campaign management.
  • Amazon PPC Supporting Features: I also considered tools offering extra support to ad management. For example, keyword tools to find profitable keywords to add to the PPC campaign or use as negative keywords.
  • AI Capabilities: Leveraging artificial intelligence means the tool can help you make accurate decisions and complete tasks in less time. So, I went for tools using AI and ML to speed up processes.
  • Ease of Use: I considered tools with user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interfaces for seamless campaign management.
  • ​​Price: I evaluated the affordability and value, looking for tools with clear pricing and good ROI potential.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can use free Amazon PPC management software, but you won’t get premium features, suffer restrictive tool limits, and miss out on actionable insights that could have boosted your PPC campaign.

In addition, you may be exposing your Amazon account data to untrusted APIs on some untested free tools.

Grow Revenue With the Right Amazon PPC Software

The right Amazon PPC software should enable you to manage your ads effortlessly, offer insights to help improve your ACoS and other valuable metrics, and save you time.

That makes tools like Helium 10 (get discounts here) stand out, allowing you to create ads, set targets, monitor progress, set bulk custom rules, and see a better ROI from your ad spend.

But if you want more agency-focused features, prefer a single dashboard for cross-channel ad management, or desire custom Amazon PPC management tools, you’ll find a worthy alternative in the list above.

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