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Does Jungle Scout Offer an API?

Jungle Scout offers an API to brands, agencies, and investors seeking accurate Amazon marketplace metrics.

The Jungle Scout API enables Amazon businesses to track their share of voice for selected keywords, sales estimates, and keyword data accurately.

Furthermore, you get tons of real-time data on competitors and their performance in the market.

The API is offered exclusively to Jungle Scout Professional and Suite plan subscribers. So, Basic plan users must upgrade to either to get access.

Key Takeaways

  • The Jungle Scout API is exclusively for Suite and Pro plan subscribers.
  • Pricing is dependent on the number of API calls you make monthly.
  • The API allows businesses to access Amazon sales metrics on their industry and competitors.

How Much Does the Jungle Scout API Cost?

Jungle Scout’s API costs $29 – $199 monthly with no option for a yearly plan. The pricing is tiered according to the number of API calls you can make on the associated plans within one month.

If you choose a lesser tier plan and exhaust your calls before the month runs out, Jungle Scout will allow you to make extra API calls at $0.05 per call.

The table below details how many monthly calls you get per account tier.

Tier Price Monthly Calls
1 $29/month 1,000
2 $99/month 4,000
3 $199/month 10,000

There’s currently no provision for custom orders, which would have allowed users to get more than 10,000 calls per month. 

Likewise, the higher tiers are relatively cheaper than the lower tier plans. For example, a Tier 1 user would spend ($29 x 4=) $116 to make 4,000 calls instead of $99 if they went for the Tier 2 plan. 

In the same way, a Tier 2 user would spend $247.5 to make 10,000 calls, rather than the cheaper Tier 3 plan.

Sadly, Jungle Scout doesn’t allow the rollover of unused API calls. Hence, it’s best to stick within the category you need.

How to Sign Up to Use Jungle Scout's API?

Jungle Scout’s API is offered as a standalone service. Even so, you need an active Jungle Scout subscription to qualify for access.

Here’s how to buy and use the Jungle Scout API as a new or existing user:

  1. Go to the Jungle Scout web page. You can use these one-time discounts for savings.
  2. Click “Get started” on any of the Suite plans you prefer.
  1. Alternatively, click “Click here” to explore the Professional plan if you prefer that.
  2. Enter the email and password you want associated with your Jungle Scout account.
  3. Then, click “Next.
  1. On the next page, enter your credit card details.
  2. Enter your personal information.
  3. Click “Create Your Account.
  1. Now, log in to your Jungle Scout account. You’ll use the email and password you entered in Step 4 above.
  2. Click the accounts icon, then click “All Settings.
  1. Click “Subscriptions.
  1. Click “Purchase API.
  1. Click “Buy Now” on your preferred tier.
  1. Enter your credit card details.
  1. Enter your billing address.
  2. Click “Subscribe.”
  3. Start enjoying the Jungle Scout API.

What Features and Data Does the Jungle Scout API Offer?

Jungle Scout’s API isn’t a conventional solution because it doesn’t offer “features,” only benefits. Some of these benefits have been identified and grouped below.

Access to Reliable Amazon Data

Jungle Scout streamlined the essential Amazon data you need to make crucial business decisions and built them into its API. These include

  • Sales estimates: Get accurate sales estimates for the products and competitor items you track.
  • Keyword data: to make better decisions with reliable keyword volume, CPC cost, trends, and other relevant data.
  • Share of voice: to automatically monitor and compare how much of the market your products and marketing efforts reach compared to the competition.
  • Product database: This database gives you access to in-depth product data like BSR, reviews, number of sellers, listing quality score, and more across Amazon.

You can also get this data from your basic Jungle Scout subscription. 

But in that case, you’re limited to fetching the data via the Jungle Scout interface. Likewise, you might be unable to combine the data and get automatic insights from multiple data points in the way you want.

Hence, an API is needed to fetch these data and improve how you manipulate them.

Integration With Third-Party Apps

You can write or program scripts that automatically gather the data you want from the API and interpret them in the way you want.

For instance, the basic Jungle Scout account can show you the keyword search volume and estimated product sales (ASIN) in multiple dashboards. But with the API, you can write a script that pulls these data (ASIN keyword search volume and estimated sales) into a SINGLE dashboard.

Imagine running a script that does this for thousands of products at once. Armed with such data, you can make better decisions and faster!

The best part is that Jungle Scout’s API integration isn’t limited to scripts only.

Now, you can connect the API to automation tools like Zapier, Pipedream, Make, or Workato. From there, you can have various data points sent to your Slack channels, exported to an Excel sheet, updated to an Airtable project, etc.

This allows those managing multiple teams and tracking many products, competitors, or keywords to stay on top of everything with minimal manual effort.

How Are Jungle Scout API Calls Calculated?

Jungle Scout calculates the number of API calls you’ve made monthly by the number of result pages you pulled from searches.

For instance

  1. You searched for keyword data.
  2. The search generated 1,000 results, grouped into 10 pages.
  3. You only accessed the first page of 100 results.

In that case, it’ll count as 1 API call. Hence, checking ALL the results of that search counts as 10 API calls.

How Many Amazon Marketplaces Can the Jungle Scout API Work In?

Jungle Scout’s API works in 10 of its supported 17 Amazon marketplaces. These include the Amazon US, UK, Germany, India, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Japan. 

Thus, when setting it up, it’s best to specify what marketplaces you want the API to pull data from. Otherwise, you may get the wrong data and apply it to a marketplace it’s not meant for.

Thankfully, the Jungle Scout API documentation contains information on how to query the right marketplaces.

Does the Jungle Scout API Have Usage Limits?

Jungle Scout API usage limits are imposed according to the account tier you’ve purchased. For instance, you can only make 1,000 API calls monthly on the Tier 1 plan without incurring additional costs.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout throttles API calls to 300 requests per minute on every account. Once this limit is reached, you’ll have to wait for the next minute to get another 300 possible calls.

The software provider does this so that no one user hogs all the resources, ensuring minimal to no downtime and that every user gets their queries returned faster.

Can You Test the Jungle Scout API for Free?

There’s no standalone free trial or risk-free trial plan for the Jungle Scout API. However, the software provider includes 100 free API calls in every (Basic, Suite and Pro) plan.

This is a one-time offering to test the API and see if it’s the right fit for your business. While Jungle Scout Basic plan users can also get the first 100 API calls for free, they’ll need to upgrade to a Suite or Pro plan to purchase an API Tier plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Jungle Scout has API documentation that details how to access the API, what languages it supports, and what endpoints you can query.

The Jungle Scout API supports Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. It can also be accessed from a PC’s command line using curl.

Get Accurate Market Insights via the Jungle Scout API

The Jungle Scout API delivers accurate market insights to businesses, which they can use to build internal reporting tools and boost sales.

So, access the API to gain real insights into your share of voice plus data on your competitors to uncover their strategies and track their performances.

Grab these Jungle Scout Pro and Suite plan discounts to access its powerful API.

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