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How to Use the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder?

You can use the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder by registering a Jungle Scout account through the Basic, Suite, or Professional plan.

The tool allows Amazon sellers to find viable product-selling opportunities, saving tons of manual research that would have gone into the process.

Finally, you can evaluate results by looking at the data in columns or graph format. 

I’ll show you how in the stepwise guides below.

Key Takeaways

  • Enjoy unlimited Opportunity Finder searchers with the Jungle Scout Suite or Professional plans.
  • Use the Niche Score within the Opportunity Finder to evaluate niches at a glance.
  • Tweak the preset features to save a list of Opportunity Finder filters for future use.

How to Use the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to start discovering winning products via Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder:

  1. Sign up for Jungle Scout. I recommend the Suite or Professional plans for unlimited Opportunity Finder usage.
  2. Log into your Jungle Scout Account.
  3. Go to the Opportunity Finder tool.
jungle scout toolbox
  1. Enter a keyword phrase. Then, narrow your product search with filters.
  2. Click the “Search” button in the bottom right-hand corner.
jungle scout opportunity finder search filters
  1. Analyze the results by comparing important metrics like Niche Score, Seasonality, and Avg. Monthly Units Sold.
jungle scout opportunity finder dashboard

What Opportunity Finder Filters Are Available?

Filters help you streamline the overwhelmingly extensive list of potential Amazon products. 

Here are the essential Opportunity Finder filters to help locate products matching your criteria.

Filter Purpose
Marketplace Specifies the marketplace you want to search (United States, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom)
Average monthly sales Shows product ideas based on a minimum and maximum monthly sales volume.
Competition Evaluate niche competition from very low to very high.  
Monthly search volume Uncover products/opportunities by monthly search scale.
Niche score In-house metric scale between 1 and 10 to calculate a niche’s viability based on search volume, product demand, competition, and profitability.
Average monthly price Focuses on products that fall within a specific price range, helping sellers avoid cheap products with razor-thin profit margins and expensive ones that need a big budget to sell.
Keywords Do you have a particular product in mind? Narrow your search with one or more keywords.

What Information Is Provided by the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder?

jungle scout opportunity finder user review on x
JS' Opportunity Finder can help you do so much more

Here’s a list of the noteworthy information you can get via the Opportunity Finder and how to use it to find the right product-selling opportunity:

  • Niche: This provides the product name, the primary keyword you’ll use to sell the researched product.
  • Average Monthly Units Sold: An average number of monthly units sold for the last 12 months.
  • Average Monthly Price: Average price (in USD) the product sells for.
  • Monthly Search Volume: Estimates how often the entered keyword is searched monthly.
  • 30-Day Search Trend: Shows an increase or decrease in product demand over the last month, expressed as a percentage.
  • 90-day Search Trend: Same as the 30-day search trend, but for the past three months. This helps eliminate seasonality and prevent data-reading bias.
  • Competition: A healthy determinant of how niches are easy to break into, expressed as very low, low, medium, high, and very high.
  • Niche Score: Rated between 1 and 10 to help you decide the niche’s viability at a glance.
  • Seasonality: Shows how a product sells all year round. Spikes indicate seasonality, while close month-to-month volumes indicate an evergreen product.

What Jungle Scout Subscription Plans Offer the Opportunity Finder?

The Jungle Scout Basic, Suite, and Professional Plans provide access to the Opportunity Finder. However, the Basic plan has a 3 searchers per day limit, while the other plans offer unlimited searches.

Here’s a table showcasing everything else you get with each Jungle Scout plan to help you make the right choice.

  Basic Suite Professional
Monthly $49 per month $69 per month $129 per month
Annual $29 per month (Billed at $349 per year) $49 per month (Billed at $589 per year) $84 per month (Billed at $999 per year)
My Exclusive Discount None $149 for 3 months; $449 per year $649 per year
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Can You Use the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder With the Free Trial?

Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial, so you can’t use the Opportunity Finder for free. 

However, Jungle Scout offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can use the Opportunity Finder during this period and cancel your subscription for a refund if you’re unhappy with the service.

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder Best Practices

jungle scout opportunity finder best practices reddit post
Getting the filters right is key to finding the right products

Follow the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder’s best practices shared below to get the most out of the tool:

  • Minimum price: Consider setting the minimum average price at around $15-$20. That’s because anything lower and your profit margins become razor thin – especially if you’re using Amazon FBA.
  • Minimum sales volume: Aim for a minimum sales volume of around $10,000 monthly. That way, you know your uncovered opportunities can do this sales volume with the proper marketing and strategies.
  • Limit filters: Don’t add too many filters at once since you may miss out on excellent product-selling opportunities that way.
  • Product Tracker: Use the Product Tracker to keep an eye on niches you want to learn more about before starting. This is an excellent strategy to gather more insight into product niches that look promising but don’t meet your current criteria.
  • Save presets: You can save your search filters using the presets function. Therefore, you don’t have to enter every filter again for searches you make later.

What Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder Tutorials Are Available?

To get the most out of the Opportunity Finder, explore Jungle Scout’s tutorials. 

Start by watching the video tutorial hosted by Lenny Smith, Amazon Seller & Video Manager at Jungle Scout.

Furthermore, you can go to the Jungle Scout Resources section and check out the “How to Sell On Amazon” or “Million Dollar Case Study.” This educational content takes you through the entire process of how to sell on Amazon, including step-by-step guides on how to use the Opportunity Finder.

My Experience Using Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

I loved that Opportunity Finder is available with every Jungle Scout subscription plan. 

However, I was disappointed that the Basic package only offers 3 searches per month.

It’s counterproductive since the Basic plan is aimed at new Amazon sellers, and they need the Opportunity Finder to discover best-selling products.

Barring that, I found the tool simple with its self-explanatory filters and clean user interface. 

Also, saving presets was handy, especially after finding a sweet spot of basic filters to refine my searches.

Finally, I liked that Jungle Scout showcases the Opportunity Finder with its educational resources. So, I saw the tool used in real-life scenarios and got ideas for applying some features and filters.

3 Services Offering a Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder Alternative

The Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder is an excellent tool. Still, it may not provide you with every avenue to find the best products to sell on Amazon. Therefore, I’ve researched the marketplace to find services offering viable alternatives:

Black Box by Helium 10

Helium 10 is a top-tier software solution that provides many tools, including Black Box. 

It’s an excellent Opportunity Finder alternative that allows you to search for products with a wide range of filters.

You can see the complete list of filters provided by Black Box in the screenshot below.

black box by helium 10

You’ll notice a few filters offered here that aren’t available with Opportunity Finder. 

For example, review count and rating can be used to look for products with a specific competition level.

Check my Helium 10 Black Box guide to learn more.

Niche Finder by ZonGuru

ZonGuru offers the Niche Finder tool, a robust Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder alternative. 

One of the stand-out features of the tools isFeeling Lucky,” where you can receive random product suggestions with the click of a button.

Also, Niche Finder offers a few additional filters not provided by Opportunity Finder, like the minimum and maximum Launch Budget. Therefore, you can limit your search to products that match your available funds.

niche finder by zonguru

Learn more in my ZonGuru Niche Finder guide.

Opportunity Finder by Zoof

Zoof also has an Opportunity Finder, but with crucial differences to Jungle Scout’s tool. 

Firstly, you can use filters to select the product size based on Amazon categories like Large” or “Medium Oversize.” Also, you can specify the review count and BSR.

The image below shares the entire list of filters you get with Zoof’s Opportunity Finder:

opportunity finder by zoof

I recommend grabbing the Zoof free trial for a first-hand, risk-free look at what this Opportunity Finder can do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder can help you increase sales by uncovering low-competition products with a decent to high sales volume.

You can also use the Niche Score metric to determine products with good sales potential. Therefore, avoiding low-demand products that won’t lead to high sales numbers, regardless of your strategy.

Yes, the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder is beginner-friendly since the user interface is easy to understand. Likewise, plenty of educational resources teach you how to use the tool.

Finally, it’s easy to understand the Opportunity Finder results since they’re displayed in clear columns and graphs.

The Jungle Scout Opportunity finder is accurate enough to make decisions, but don’t expect 100% accuracy. The tool pulls data directly from Amazon, so you can trust the results you get after hitting the Search button to a reasonable extent.

Find Your Next Bestseller!

The Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers searching for new products to sell. There are many filters to play around with, and the filter preset features are handy to avoid entering them all manually every time.

Want to give the Opportunity Finder a try? Grab a Jungle Scout subscription discount and start looking for your next-best product.

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