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Does Jungle Scout Work in Australia? How to Use It?

Jungle Scout works in Australia, whether you’re using an account or other marketplaces. You can start using Jungle Scout by subscribing to one of the plans – Basic, Suite, or Professional. Also, you can receive more educational resources by subscribing to one of Jungle Scout’s Packages.

Furthermore, you can connect your Jungle Scout and accounts to increase the features available to you on the software.

Key Takeaways

  • Jungle Scout is an industry-leading Amazon seller’s toolkit for product research, keyword research, listing optimization, finding suppliers, and more.
  • You’ll need to connect your Amazon and Jungle Scout accounts to enjoy complete tool access.
  • The Jungle Scout browser extension is a great starting point for product research.

How to Sign Up for Jungle Scout From Australia?

Signing up for Jungle Scout from Australia takes just a few minutes, and I’ll share the steps to help you complete the process:

  1. Go to the Jungle Scout website (Use my exclusive coupon codes to save money).
  2. Select your desired Jungle Scout plan from the Suite (Suite Plus), Professional, or Master Bundle plans. Click “Buy Now” on your chosen plan.
  1. Enter your email address and password, then click “Next.”
  1. Share your payment details and click “Create Your Account.”
  1. Congratulations, you now have access to a Jungle Scout subscription. Use the tools and features to take your Amazon business to the next level.

Can I Integrate My Account With Jungle Scout?

It’s possible to integrate your and Jungle Scout accounts. 

This is required to access more features for tools like Review Automation, Inventory Manager, and Sales Analytics. Remember that you’ll need a Professional Amazon account to connect to Jungle Scout.

Additionally, all Jungle Scout plans allow you to connect with 10 Amazon marketplaces, including Australia. This is ideal for international sellers with accounts in multiple marketplaces.

Integrating your and Jungle Scout accounts is a fast process, and I’ll show you the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Jungle Scout online account.
  2. Click “+ Connect an Amazon Account” in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  1. Click “Get Started!” on the next screen to proceed. You can also watch the video tutorial by clicking the button on the top right-hand corner of the pop-up.
  1. Select “Far East” from the Region drop-down menu and Australia from the Primary Marketplace drop-down menu. Then click the “Next” button to proceed.
  1. Enter your Amazon Account Nickname and Seller Central email. Next, click “Authenticate Account Connection.”
  1. Next, you can complete PPC Sync and finalize your account setup to complete the integration process.

How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost in Australia?

Australia’s Jungle Scout pricing plans include Basic, Suite (and Suite Plus), and Professional. There are enough pricing plans for Amazon sellers at various budgets to make the right choice. Here’s a pricing table showcasing the prices for each Jungle Scout subscription:

  Basic Suite Professional
Monthly $49 per month $69 per month $129 per month
Annual $29 per month (Billed at $349 per year) $49 per month (Billed at $589 per year) $84 per month (Billed at $999 per year)
My Exclusive Discount None $149 for 3 months; $449 per year $649 per year
Get Discounts None Click here Click here

A Jungle Scout free trial isn’t available. However, you can use the money-back guarantee to test the toolkit and receive a refund if you’re unhappy.

Are Jungle Scout Tools Limited in Australia?

You’ll get limited access to the Jungle Scout toolset when subscribing from Australia. 

Therefore, you must remember this when evaluating the Jungle Scout software solution on the official website.

Here’s a table showcasing the tools you can and can’t use for different categories:

 Tools Available?
Home Dashboard Yes
Sales Estimator No
Listing Grader No
Review Analysis No
Product Research
Product Tracker No
Product Database No
Opportunity Finder No
Category Trends No
Supplier Database No
Supplier Tracker Yes
Keyword Scout No
Keyword Lists No
Listing Builder No
Rank Tracker No
Promotions No
Review Automation Yes
Sales Analytics
Profit Overview Yes
P&L Statement Yes
Other Transactions Yes
Advertising Analytics Yes
Manage Products
Inventory Manager Yes
Product Settings & Costs Yes

Note that the tools restrictions apply to the marketplace where you want to use them. 

For example, the tool restrictions above don’t apply if you use Jungle Scout from Australia but for the United States Amazon marketplace.

Can You Join Multiple Jungle Scout-Amazon Marketplaces From Australia

Yes, you can join multiple Jungle Scout-Amazon marketplaces from Australia. 

However, your Amazon account must be active in various marketplaces to forge the connection. The Amazon marketplaces that Jungle Scout supports are:

  • Amazon US (
  • Amazon Canada (
  • Amazon Mexico (
  • Amazon UK (
  • Amazon France (
  • Amazon Germany (
  • Amazon Italy (
  • Amazon Spain (

Also, there’s limited support for:

  • Amazon India (
  • Amazon Japan (
  • Amazon Netherlands (
  • Amazon Turkey (
  • Amazon Saudi Arabia (
  • Amazon UAE (
  • Amazon Australia (
  • Amazon Singapore (
  • Amazon Brazil (

How to Get Jungle Scout Cheaper in Australia?

Getting a Jungle Scout subscription cheaper allows you to allocate more funds towards other parts of growing your business. Therefore, pay attention to the following tips to save money while subscribing to Jungle Scout from Australia:

  • Choose the right plan: Jungle Scout offers multiple pans to help match your budget and required features. Hence, don’t choose a more expensive plan if you’re just starting. You can always upgrade at a later date when your business is ready.
  • Don’t subscribe too early: It’s a good idea to wait for your Jungle Scout subscription until you’re ready to start the Amazon business. Otherwise, you’ll waste multiple months’ worth of subscription fees.
  • My discount: Use my discount to save significant money with your Jungle Scout subscription.

3 Alternatives to Jungle Scout for Sellers From Australia?

Jungle Scout is one of the best Amazon seller software solutions for sellers from Australia. However, there are alternatives on the market offering additional stuff. 

Check out these alternatives if you’re looking for something different.

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers many of the same tools as Jungle Scout, including an excellent Chrome Extension for product research and advanced keyword research tools. 

Likewise, both platforms have case studies and educational material to help beginners get started.

However, Jungle Scout doesn’t provide a free trial, while Helium 10 offers one without an expiry date. Hence, you can test the features before getting out your credit card.

Check my Helium 10 free trial guide to learn what features and usage rights it includes.


ZonGuru’s wide range of features spans multiple categories, including product research, listing optimization, business metrics, monitoring & alerts, and customer engagement.

However, ZonGuru offers a few unique features, such as the ChatGPT-4 enabled listing creation tool. Therefore, you can quickly create product listings without worrying about copywriting. It’s especially great for Amazon sellers who don’t have English as their first language.

Check out my ZonGuru pricing plan guide to learn more about the features and tools available.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides a wide range of features comparable to what’s offered at Jungle Scout. 

This includes the Product Finder, which allows you to find excellent product-selling opportunities. Likewise, the product research tools at Viral Launch offer an Idea Score to help users understand what opportunities are worthwhile.

Furthermore, Viral Launch offers a 14-day free trial for any of its subscription plans

Therefore, you can give the tools a test run before committing money.

Read my Viral Launch free trial guide to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can email Jungle Scout customer support from Australia at Alternatively, you can use the live chat button from one of their landing pages.

You can pay for Jungle Scout in Australian Dollars, but the transaction will be converted to American Dollars. Therefore, you must use a competitive payment company for AUD to USD conversions.

Is Jungle Scout Worth Using From Australia?

Jungle Scout is worth using from Australia to grow your Amazon business. 

The Jungle Scout tools offered reduce the number of obstacles you’ll face with every aspect of the Amazon FBA business.

I recommend looking through the Jungle Scout pricing page to see what plans best fit your business.

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