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Does Jungle Scout Work in Saudi Arabia? How to Use It?

Jungle Scout works in Saudi Arabia, integrating seamlessly with 

You can also integrate your Jungle Scout dashboard with foreign Amazon marketplaces, like Amazon US, from Saudi Arabia.

However, the Jungle Scout-Amazon Saudi marketplace integration doesn’t offer all the tools available in major marketplaces like the US or UK.

In the rest of this guide, I’ll show you how to sign up for Jungle Scout in Saudi Arabia, set it up, and get the most out of the tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Not all Jungle Scout tools are available in the Amazon Saudi marketplace.
  • You can connect your Jungle Scout account to other Amazon marketplaces from Saudi Arabia.
  • Jungle Scout costs the same in Saudi Arabia as elsewhere.

How to Sign Up for Jungle Scout in Saudi Arabia?

Signing up for Jungle Scout in Saudi Arabia takes just a few minutes. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Jungle Scout website (Use my DISCOUNT LINK to save money).
  2. Pick a plan and click “Get started.”
  1. Enter your email address and password, then click “Next.”
  1. Fill in your payment details, then click “Create Your Account.”
  1. There you have it! You now have access to Jungle Scout’s advanced feature set.

Can I Integrate My Account With Jungle Scout?

You can integrate your and Jungle Scout accounts to access more features like Review Automation, Inventory Manager, and Sales Analytics. This integration is essential since Jungle Scout streams data from your Amazon account to populate these tools for personalized insights.

Follow these steps to link your accounts:

  1. Log in to your Jungle Scout account.
  2. Click “Connect an Amazon Account” in the top-right corner of your dashboard.
  1. When the popup window appears, click “Get Started!”
  1. Select “Europe” as your region and “Saudi Arabia” as your primary marketplace. Then, click “Next.”
  1. Enter your account nickname to differentiate it from other Seller Central accounts if you add more. Then, enter your Seller Central email as registered on Amazon.
  1. Click “Authenticate Account Connection.”
  2. You’ll be taken to the Amazon Seller Central login screen. Enter your details and click “Sign in” to continue.
  1. Once you log in, you’ll be prompted to authorize Jungle Scout to access selling data. Check the tiny box and click “Confirm” to accept the Terms of Service.
  1. You’re done! You’ll be redirected to Jungle Scout, receiving a confirmation message.

You must have a Professional seller account to connect your and Jungle Scout accounts.

What Jungle Scout Pricing Plans Are Available for Amazon Sellers in Saudi Arabia?

Jungle Scout offers the same pricing plans under its Basic, Suite, and Professional packages. You can refer to my comprehensive Jungle Scout pricing and plans guide for in-depth information and specifics.

What Jungle Scout Tools Are Available in Saudi Arabia?

While the complete collection of Jungle Scout tools is available for users in the US and other major marketplaces, this isn’t the case in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, consider these restrictions before deciding if Jungle Scout fits your Amazon business needs.

Here’s a general overview of the Jungle Scout tools you can use with your local Saudi Arabia marketplace:

Category Available Tool(s)
Dashboard Dashboard
Suppliers Supplier Tracker
Marketing Review Automation
Sales Analytics Profit Overview, P&L Statement, Other Transactions
Advertising Ad Analytics
Manage Products Inventory Manager, Product Costs & Settings  

That said, here are the Jungle Scout tools you can’t apply to the Saudi Arabia Amazon marketplace:

Category Available Tool(s)
Toolbox Sales Estimator, Listing Grader, Review Analysis
Product Research Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Category Trends
Suppliers Supplier Database
Keywords Keyword Scout, Keyword Lists, Listing Builder, Rank Tracker
Marketing Promotions

You can access the full suite of Jungle Scout tools from Saudi Arabia if you connect your account to foreign marketplaces like Amazon US.

Can You Join Multiple Amazon Marketplaces on Jungle Scout From Saudi Arabia?

Jungle Scout allows you to join up to 10 Amazon marketplaces from Saudi Arabia. 

This flexibility makes it an excellent solution for international sellers managing accounts across multiple marketplaces.

I recommend exploring the list of Jungle Scout-supported Amazon marketplaces to know which of your international Seller accounts can be synced with the tool from Saudi Arabia.

How Can You Save Money When Signing Up for Jungle Scout in Saudi Arabia?

You can save money when signing up for Jungle Scout in Saudi Arabia with the following tips:

  • Use my discount: Grab my exclusive discount to save up to 80% on your Jungle Scout subscription.
  • Sign up for an annual subscription: If you’re sure you’ll use Jungle Scout for an extended period, purchasing an annual plan rather than a monthly one helps you save up to 55%.
  • Consider your needs and choose the right plan: Since Jungle Scout offers various pricing plans, consider your business needs and select a plan that aligns with them.

Alternatives to Jungle Scout for Sellers in Saudi Arabia?

While Jungle Scout can effectively enhance your sales in Saudi Arabia, it lacks a free trial, which may deter skeptical sellers seeking a risk-free method to test the platform before subscribing to a paid plan.

So, here are some alternatives that may be worth considering:

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers a variety of tools and features to help with different aspects of selling on Amazon, from product research to keyword optimization and listing management.

Some popular Helium 10 features in Saudi Arabia include Scribbles, Alerts, Inventory Protector, and Refund Genie.

Likewise, it offers comparable product research, keyword research, ad management, and inventory management tools to Jungle Scout for international marketplaces.

But best of all, Helium 10 provides an unlimited free trial, unlike Jungle Scout.


Sellerboard delivers a range of tools such as profit tracking, product research, keyword tracking, listing optimization, and inventory management to help you optimize your performance and maximize profits in Saudi Arabia.

It also offers accurate analytics and reports to help you gain valuable insights into your sales performance and make informed decisions.

On top of that, Sellerboard provides a 30-day free trial, and no credit card is required to access it.

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Skyrocket Your Sales in Saudi Arabia With Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers many features and functionalities to improve your e-commerce strategies and take your Amazon FBA business in the Saudi market to new levels.

A significant advantage of this robust tool is the seamless integration with several international marketplaces like the US and UK, which allows you to tap into its complete suite of features and effortlessly manage multiple aspects of your business.

Don’t let these unbeatable discounts slip through your fingers, either. Sign up for Jungle Scout and launch your business in Saudi Arabia in style!

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