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Does Helium 10 Work in Saudi Arabia? How to Use It?

Helium 10 works in Saudi Arabia, allowing you to connect your account effortlessly and access the platform’s advanced features. You can also connect your Helium 10 account to international Amazon marketplaces from Saudi Arabia to reach more shoppers.

While the Helium integration may not offer all the tools available in other marketplaces like the US and UK, the Saudi Arabian market still enjoys some essential features.

I’ll show you how to sign up for a Helium 10 account in Saudi Arabia, set it up, and get the most out of the tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Black Box, Trendster, Frankenstein, Cerebro, and other Helium 10 tools aren’t available on the Amazon Saudi Arabia marketplace.
  • You can unlock full feature functionality by integrating your Amazon and Helium 10 accounts.
  • Helium 10 costs the same for users in Saudi Arabia as elsewhere.

How to Sign Up for Helium 10 in Saudi Arabia?

Follow these steps to sign up for Helium 10 in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Go to the Helium 10 website.
  2. Click “Sign Up For Free” on the homepage.
  1. Enter the required details and click “Sign Up.”
  1. That’s it! You can now use your new Helium 10 account to grow your Amazon business.

Can I Integrate My Account With Helium 10?

You can link your account with Helium 10, enabling seamless data streaming and unlocking the platform’s full functionality.

To do so, you must have an active Helium 10 subscription plan, which provides the tokens for integrating your Amazon account.

Here’s how to integrate your account with Helium 10:

  1. Login to your Helium 10 account.
  2. Click “Upgrade” in the top-right corner of your dashboard.
  1. Enter REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10 in the coupon section and click “Apply” for discounted prices. There’s no discount for the Helium 10 Starter plan.
  1. Select a plan and click “SUBSCRIBE.”
  1. Enter your payment details and click “Complete Payment.”
  1. Once your subscription is confirmed, you’ll receive Helium 10 tokens to connect to your Amazon account.
  2. Return to your dashboard, click the drop-down menu near your account name, and choose “Connections.”
  1. Click “Connect Your Seller Account.”
  1. Choose the Amazon button on the new page. You can also connect your Walmart account, which is only available for US sellers.
  1. Select “Europe,” then click “Initiate in Seller Central.”
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You’ll require Helium 10 tokens to connect Helium 10 to Amazon, which you can obtain via the Starter (2 tokens), Platinum (2 Tokens), and Diamond (4 tokens) plans.

What Helium 10 Pricing Plans Are Available for Amazon Sellers in Saudi Arabia?

Helium 10 offers three pricing plans for Amazon sellers in Saudi Arabia – Starter, Platinum, and Diamond. Check out my comprehensive Helium 10 pricing and plans guide for further insights.

What Helium 10 Tools Are Available in Saudi Arabia?

While users can access the complete Helium 10 tools in the US, this isn’t the case in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you should consider these limitations before deciding if Helium 10 is suitable for your Amazon business.

Refer to my Helium 10 marketplaces guide to determine which tools are available in the Saudi marketplace.

Can You Join Multiple Helium 10-Amazon Marketplaces From Saudi Arabia?

You can join various Amazon marketplaces from Saudi Arabia using Helium 10. 

This includes the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Poland.

Instead of registering a new Amazon Seller Central account for each marketplace, just add a new region to your existing Seller Central account.

However, you must have an active Helium 10 subscription plan with free tokens to join multiple Helium 10 Amazon marketplaces. Once you’ve added the Amazon marketplaces you want, you can use Helium 10’s tools to help grow your business in Saudi Arabia and other marketplaces.

How Can You Save Money When Signing Up for Helium 10 in Saudi Arabia?

You can save money when signing up for Helium 10 in Saudi Arabia with the following tips:

  • Sign up for an annual subscription: If you’re confident you’ll use Helium 10 for the long term, purchase the yearly plan. It provides a discounted price of up to 20% compared to the monthly plan.
  • Use my Helium 10 coupon codes: Enter REVENUEGEEKS20 or REVENUEGEEKS10 during checkout to receive a discount.
  • Explore the free trial: Helium 10 provides a free trial that lasts as long as you want but with limitations on the tools you can use. This is a risk-free way to test the software and determine if it suits you before committing to a paid plan.
  • Consider your needs and choose the right plan: Helium 10 offers different subscriptions. So, assess your requirements and select a plan that aligns with your needs rather than getting the most expensive one outright.

Alternatives to Helium 10 for Sellers in Saudi Arabia?

Although Helium 10 is an excellent tool for sellers in Saudi Arabia, it’s a great idea to explore other options as they may cost less or offer unique features. Here are a few alternatives worth considering:

Jungle Scout

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout has limited features for the Saudi Arabian marketplace. 

Despite these limitations, it still offers a range of handy tools such as Supplier Tracker, Review Automation, Inventory Manager, Ad Analytics, and Sales Analytics for optimal operation and success in your Amazon FBA business.

And if you want to sell on Amazon US or other foreign marketplaces from Saudi Arabia, Jungle Scout allows you to connect it. In fact, this is the best way to unlock the platform’s full functionality.


Sellerboard can help you track your sales performance, optimize your ad campaigns and product listings, and make data-driven decisions to grow your Amazon business in Saudi Arabia.

Its biggest selling points are intelligent restocking alerts and reimbursement calculators for efficient inventory management and maximum profitability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon sellers in Saudi Arabia can sign up for a new Helium 10 account and enjoy a free trial. The trial has no expiration date, allowing you to test the platform’s features for as long as you want. However, several limitations exist when using Helium 10 tools and features during the trial period.

By effectively leveraging Helium 10’s features, sellers in Saudi Arabia may enjoy enhanced visibility, higher rankings, and overall improved sales performance on Amazon.

Unleash the Power of Helium 10 in Saudi Arabia

Helium 10 is a highly effective tool for Amazon FBA sellers in Saudi Arabia. 

Its diverse features and functionalities can positively impact your e-commerce strategies and boost your performance in the Saudi market.

The best part is that you can connect your Helium 10 account to foreign marketplaces, like Amazon US, to unlock its full range of features and manage multiple arms of your business.

Capitalize on these incredible discounts and sign up to start your Amazon selling journey in Saudi Arabia with a bang!

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