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AmazeOwl vs Jungle Scout: Landslide Victory for ONE Tool

Not Recommended
amazeowl logo
2.5 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Poor
  • Pricing: $19.99 – $29.95
  • Data Accuracy: Poor
Best for FBA
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4.9 / 5
  • Ease of Use: Excellent
  • Pricing: $49 – $129
  • Data Accuracy: 85%+
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Jungle Scout has long fine-tuned its tools to provide potential Amazon FBA sellers with everything they need to advance in their market.

On the other hand, AmazeOwl niches down into product research while dabbling a bit into keyword research.

While both offer something unique for the Amazon seller, only one wins when compared.

After testing both tools on five distinct categories for four and a half weeks, I’ve uncovered unique insights to help you make the best pick!

AmazeOwl vs. Jungle Scout: Overview

  AmazeOwl Jungle Scout
Rating 2.5 ★★★☆☆ 4.9★★★★★
Price $19.99 - $29.95 monthly $49 - $129 monthly
Coupons Not Recommended Get Discounts
Ease of Use Low High
Data Accuracy Low 85%+
Key Features Product and keyword research Product research, keyword research, market research, competitor research, inventory management, supplier research, etc.
Support and Resources Live chat and YouTube videos Live chat, AI assistance, Help articles, YouTube videos, Email support

Plans and Pricing

AmazeOwl starts stronger by offering a forever free plan to counter Jungle Scout’s 7-day money-back guarantee. However, is that enough to declare either of them the best value for money?

Before we get into all that, here’s a quick overview of how their pricing strategy compares.

Plan AmazeOwl Jungle Scout
Free Version Yes No
Monthly Price $19.99 - $29.95 $49 - $129
Annual Price $12.99 - $19.99 $29 - $84
Risk-Free Trial No 7-day money-back guarantee
Discount Not Recommended Get Offers

But that table doesn’t tell the whole story!

After signing up for both tools, I quickly discovered that Jungle Scout offers far better value for money.

For instance, AmazeOwl’s starter plan (Growth) costs about half of Jungle Scout’s beginner plan (Basic). It also promises to allow you to do product research on 11 Amazon marketplaces. What you don’t know is that only two (Amazon US and UK) marketplaces are fully supported, and the rest are in beta mode.

In other words, you can’t trust the product research data you get from other marketplaces. Conversely, Jungle Scout allows you to do robust product research on 10 Amazon marketplaces, no beta!

While AmazeOwl’s basic plan edges out Jungle Scout’s by offering keyword tracking, you can only use it on ten keywords! When you move to both tools’ next plans, Jungle Scout allows you to track 3,500 keywords, compared to AmazeOwl’s meager 50.

Of course, the next Jungle Scout plan costs 2x what you get at AmazeOwl. 

But considering that this Jungle Scout plan also includes everything AmazeOwl offers plus unique tools like a Supplier Database, Sales Estimator, AI assistance, a listing builder, inventory management system, and more, the cheaper AmazeOwl is overpriced.

Let’s not forget that AmazeOwl offers the beta version of most of its functionalities in markets outside the US and UK.


Jungle Scout’s plans may look more expensive on the first take, but they offer more value to serious Amazon sellers interested in impacting all aspects of their business.

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The best justification for Jungle Scout’s pricing over the inexpensive plans at AmazeOwl can be found in its features. During my one-month test of both tools, I was surprised by the vast gulf in tools offered by both providers.

Short on time? I’ve summarized which tools are unique to both tools or shared by them in the table below.

Feature Jungle Scout AmazeOwl
Product Research
Keyword Research
Browser Extension
Product Tracker
Sales Estimator
Product Database
Supplier Database
AI Assistance
Review Management
Review Automation
Advertising Analytics
Rank Tracker
Sales Analytics
Listing Manager
Inventory Manager
FBA Reimbursements
Supplier Tracker

In short, Jungle Scout offers EVERYTHING you can get at AmazeOwl, then adds some on top.

The most exciting part is that Jungle Scout does better on most of the identical tools it offers with AmazeOwl.

Take the Product Research suite, for example. This suite on AmazeOwl was either not working or very slow most of the time. This is a serious turn-off for serious sellers who might be inspired to do product research at any time.

amazeowl product research error
AmazeOwl throws up this error on its product research suite and a host of other tools

I never encountered these issues on Jungle Scout, no matter when or how often I used its product research tools.

AmazeOwl’s keyword research suite brought up another disappointment. 

It was also plagued by the slow speeds I encountered on the product research suite

But beyond that, it was only available on five marketplaces.

You’re not told this on the pricing page, making AmazeOwl less transparent than Jungle Scout.

So, you’ll lose access to keyword research on Amazon Mexico, France, Spain, India, and Japan. If that’s not a deal breaker, remember that AmazeOwl’s product research is only fully functional for Amazon US and UK.

The biggest issue with the AmazeOwl product research tool was that it felt like I was simply browsing the live Amazon search page. Besides setting some filters in the backend, it doesn’t do anything special to justify the price.

Jungle Scout’s browser extension allows you to do the same and still includes robust product research tools, which are lacking in AmazeOwl’s offerings.

Besides product and keyword research, AmazeOwl doesn’t help you with much else.

Once I turned to Jungle Scout, I got the chance to

  • Manage my inventory in Amazon warehouses and get actionable insights on when to restock
  • Track my Amazon PPC analytics right from the dashboard
  • Source suppliers for products I get via its product research tools
  • Streamline my profits, loss, revenue, and other sales-related analytics on a single dashboard
  • Check the health of my listings and see recommendations to improve them
  • Create new listings from scratch using AI to save on copy costs
  • … and so much more!

The most interesting point was that AmazeOwl still imposed usage limits on all its tools. This makes it more challenging to get a lot of work done without quickly hitting your subscription limit.


AmazeOwl imposes severe usage limits on its tools across all tiers, suffers too many tool downtimes, and doesn’t match Jungle Scout on most offered tools.

Jungle Scout logo
Jungle Scout Offers

Data Accuracy

I like trusting a tool enough to make crucial decisions for my Amazon FBA business. 

Otherwise, the tool isn’t justifying its price.

To test for the most accurate tool between Jungle Scout and AmazeOwl was challenging. 

That’s for two reasons:

  • AmazeOwl doesn’t offer data-intensive tools (like Sales Estimator) similar to Jungle Scout.
  • AmazeOwl’s tools were often down, making finding time to test them challenging.

On many occasions, AmazeOwl’s tools would throw an error whenever I tried using them.

But how does that help us determine Jungle Scout’s data accuracy? It doesn’t. 

Thankfully, we’ve tested Jungle Scout against other robust tools like Helium 10, Viral Launch, and Zoof.

Jungle Scout’s tools recorded over 85% accuracy in all these tests!


AmazeOwl isn’t reliable enough to be tested due to unavailability. However, besides being available, Jungle Scout has recorded more than 85% data accuracy in relevant tests against trusted tools like Helium 10. Hence, it wins this round.

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Platforms, Interface, and Ease of Use

I was excited to see that AmazeOwl offers a dedicated PC app besides the web-based software, while Jungle Scout lacks one. However, extensive tests of the app after installing it threw up new insights, which I explain after the summary table below.

  AmazeOwl Jungle Scout
Browser Extensions None Chrome, Firefox
Dedicated App PC None
Usability Level Poor Easy

The only thing AmazeOwl’s PC app is good for is to use its Hunt For Products feature. 

The tool rarely works, and the only time it worked during my tests, there was nothing to justify having it in another app.

Likewise, the AmazeOwl app is the same as the web option. Hence, it would have been better to use the software only via the web if not for the artificially imposed limited functionality.

Conversely, Jungle Scout only uses a web-based platform accessible via browsers

I liked that I could access everything I wanted from the web version and didn’t have to download an additional app to unlock full functionality.

Regarding browsers, Jungle Scout doubles down with a Chrome and Firefox extension

Unlike AmazeOwl, which lacks a browser extension, Jungle Scout designed its extension with extra features in mind.

For instance, the extension can be used to research products directly on Amazon and estimate associated selling fees, among other things. Hence, the addition of this extension to its platform suite is justified.

I would have expected Jungle Scout to be the challenging tool. After all, it packs a lot more features. However, the cluttered AmazeOwl interface makes the tool confusing to even advanced intermediate Amazon sellers like myself.

How would beginners fare?

Finally, AmazeOwl was simply too slow on every tool. I discovered that it also tiers keyword and product research loading speed according to the plan you buy. This isn’t fair to new users as it’ll frustrate their research attempts simply because they don’t want to fork out a higher amount.

Thankfully, Jungle Scout maintains the same tool speed on all account tiers.


Jungle Scout is faster, more reliable, and offers a cleaner user interface than AmazeOwl. Conversely, AmazeOwl has an extra PC app version that’s not extra functional over its web app.

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Support and Resources

I wrapped up my comparisons and tests of both Amazon seller tools by checking

  • The support resources they provide
  • The depth of these support resources

That way, it’s easier to recommend that you pick the tool that won’t leave you stranded if you ever need help from customer support.

Here’s what I found.

AmazeOwl Support and Resources

AmazeOwl offers YouTube videos and a live chat panel for users seeking support.

That sounds impressive, especially since Jungle Scout lacks a live chat panel

But more on that later!

Sadly, AmazeOwl’s live chat might just be there for show. As of the time these tests and comparisons were run, AmazeOwl’s customer care agents hadn’t been active on the live chat for three months!

Instead of getting a response, it offered me the chance to “play a game” until the support reps returned online. Given that I was concerned about not being able to use any of the tools I paid for, playing a game was the last thing on my mind.

The worst part is that they don’t provide an email address or contact form to reach the team.

So, what about the YouTube videos? AmazeOwl only has five of those — and the most recent one is from three years ago!

Jungle Scout Support and Resources

Jungle Scout provides users with help articles, YouTube videos, a live chat, and an email support channel.

From the YouTube videos, Jungle Scout has 650+ relevant videos, and the last one was uploaded seven days before the publication of this comparison! You can always search the videos for insights on product research, keyword research, supplier sourcing, using the Chrome extension, and many more.

So, you might not even need to contact Jungle Scout support.

But if you don’t want to go to YouTube, you can use the AI Assist Chat on Jungle Scout to quickly find answers to the things you need. This AI is so robust that you’ll seldom be stranded.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout’s help articles aren’t just designed around its tools. 

They also form a knowledge base of information such as what features you get in what marketplaces, how to troubleshoot some issues and much more.

Even so, there are times when you need to speak with a human agent

In those cases, you should shoot Jungle Scout an email.

I would have preferred it if it had a live chat with a human agent. However, considering what we get (or don’t get) at AmazeOwl, I can’t complain about Jungle Scout’s offerings.

Thankfully, you can get a response to your email within a few hours during workdays. Depending on when you send your inquiry, you can even get a response within an hour!


Jungle Scout comfortably beats AmazeOwl in support and extra customer-facing resources with a functional AI-assisted live chat, email support, an updated YouTube channel, and in-depth help articles.

Jungle Scout logo
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AmazeOwl and Jungle Scout don’t support all Amazon marketplaces on all their tools. However, Jungle Scout is present in more Amazon marketplaces (17) than AmazeOwl (11). Likewise, Jungle Scout has most of its tools available in 10 Amazon marketplaces, while AmazeOwl is mainly focused on Amazon US and UK alone.

Final Verdict

Jungle Scout beats AmazeOwl on every conceivable metric and comfortably wins this comparison. Hence, I don’t even see any reason to recommend AmazeOwl.

Overview AmazeOwl Jungle Scout
Plans and Pricing
Data Accuracy
Platforms, Interface, Ease of Use
Support and Resources

The best part is that Jungle Scout is comparably better-priced than AmazeOwl

Once you compare the quantity and quality of features on both tools, you’ll realize that your money is better spent at Jungle Scout.

Speaking of spending wisely, save on your first subscription with these Jungle Scout discounts and enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Easily manage and grow a thriving e-commerce business with just one platform. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.

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