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How to Get the Profitl Free Trial?

You can only get the Profitl free trial on its Profitl Lite plan, offering unrestricted access to a restricted feature set for 7 days. However, you can’t get the free trial on the DealFinder plan, which enables you to find reliable arbitrage opportunities to tap into.

That said, the Profitl free trial unlocks an Amazon FBA course. This extra allows beginners and even mid-level sellers to discover/re-familiarize with the basics of selling on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • The Profitl free trial provides a tutorial via an onboarding call with an agent.
  • After the Profitl free trial ends, you’ll automatically be signed up to the Profitl Lite plan.
  • You can test the iOS or Android app with the Profitl free trial.

How to Get the Profitl Free Trial?

Getting the Profitl free trial is a fast and easy process, and I’ll show you how: 

  1. Go to the Profitl website.
  2. Enter your email address, create a password, agree to the terms and conditions, and click “Create Account.”
  1. Congratulations, you now have access to the Profitl free trial, where you can test a limited number of tools to take your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

What Does the Profitl Free Trial Include?

The free trial is limited to the Profitl Lite subscription plan, which has the fewest features. 

However, there’s enough on offer to test Profitl and decide if you want to go ahead with a paid subscription.

Here’s a table showcasing the tools and features available with the Profitl free trial:

Profitl Free Trial Tools and Features
iOS/Android App
Community Discord Group
FBA Course
Onboarding Call
Deal Of The Day
Account Manager

How to Upgrade Profitl After the Free Trial?

After the 7-day Profitl free trial, your subscription to the Profitl Lite plan will begin, and you can continue to use the exact features you enjoyed in the free trial.

However, upgrade to a more extensive subscription plan if you want to use additional features at Profitl.

You can upgrade by logging into your Profitl account and navigating to your subscription settings within the dashboard. Here’s a table to help you compare the features of the Profitl subscription plans:

Combined Profitl DealFinder Profitl Lite
FBA Course FBA Course FBA Course FBA Course
Onboarding Call Onboarding Call Onboarding Call Onboarding Call
Account Manager Account Manager Account Manager Account Manager
Deal Of The Day Deal Of The Day Deal Of The Day Deal Of The Day
Community Discord Group Community Discord Group Community Discord Group Community Discord Group
Chrome Extension Chrome Extension DealFinder iOS/Android App
UNLIMITED Installs UNLIMITED Installs - -
iOS/Android App iOS/Android App - -
Wholesaler Scanner Access Wholesaler Scanner Access - -
DealFinder - - -

Best Practices With the Profitl Free Trial

In this section, I’ll share the best practices to take full advantage of the Profitl free trial. 

Therefore, you can thoroughly test the features and decide whether to use Profitl once the 7-day free trial ends.

Make Time in Your Schedule

The Profitl free trial lasts 7 days, so you’ll need time to maximize the limited period. 

The more time you put into using the free trial, the better your ability to decide if you can use the software solution to grow your Amazon FBA business.

Test the Right Tools and Features

There are some tools and features of the Profitl free trial you shouldn’t skip, and here’s a summary of the top ones:

  • Onboarding call: Use the onboarding call to learn how to use Profitl. The call brings you up to speed since you’ll get taken through different aspects of Profitl and Amazon. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to ask questions.
  • FBA Course: Take the FBA course for practical insights and learn new strategies to improve your business. It also shares the top mistakes to avoid to save yourself from frustration.
  • iOS/Android App: Explore the mobile app to see what information you can access on the move. This handy app is great for monitoring your FBA business while away from the desktop.

Active Business

Wait until you have a functioning Amazon business before signing up for the Profitl free trial. That’s because, with active Amazon sales, you can better understand how the features at Profitl can help grow and scale your business.

What Profitl Alternatives Offer a Free Trial?

The Profitl free trial is great for testing the Amazon seller’s software solution, but it has limited functionality and a time limit of just 7 days. Therefore, in this section, I’ve included a few alternative free trials that offer more.

Helium 10 Free Trial

The Helium 10 free trial has no expiry date, so you can test the features at your own pace. 

Also, you get access to advanced product and keyword research tools like Magnet, Cerebro, and Black Box. Therefore, you can find your first product with the Helium 10 free trial.

Follow my Helium 10 free trial guide to start testing the program today.

Viral Launch Free Trial

The Viral Launch free trial lasts for 14 days, double the time offered with the Profitl free trial.

During this time, you get to test Viral Launch’s targeted Amazon FBA features covering business aspects with its

  • Marketing tools
  • Listing optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Product research

Start with my Viral Launch free trial guide for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact Profitl customer service using the live chat feature available in the bottom left-hand corner of the dashboard. Also, you can email them at on Mondays – Fridays between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm GMT daily.

The Profitl free trial provides an onboarding call where a support team member will walk you through the tool’s features, and you can ask questions. Furthermore, you can use the FBA Course to learn more about using the Profitl tools to grow your business.

Is the Profitl Free Trial Worth Your Time?

The Profitl free trial is productive since you get support from the team to figure out how to use the tools and features. However, some more essential features, such as the Chrome Extension or the DealFinder tool, aren’t available with the free trial.

Still interested? Then sign up for the Profit free trial today.

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